Indoor P2.5 LED Display Panel

Indoor P2.5 display screen is an advanced display , widely used indoors , such as commercial places, conference rooms, exhibition halls, etc. Pixel pitch is one of the important factors to consider when choosing a P2.5 indoor display. P2.5 means the pixel pitch is 2.5 mm, which means there are 160,000 pixels per square meter of display. This high-pixel-density display can have a better and clearer image effect, allowing viewers to have a good visual experience . Whether they are watching from near or far.

In the past, indoor led panels used to choose p3.9. Now the technology is becoming more and more advanced, and customers are increasingly pursuing the display effect of the screen. Now p2.5, p2, p1.8 such small spacing screen are entering the public’s field of vision.

P2.5 indoor LED video wall are cheaper than screens with smaller spacing display. But the display effect is one level higher than that of 3.9 screens. so at this stage it is the new favorite for indoor fixed installation screens.  How to accurately choose a high-quality P2.5 led display screens is crucial for users. This article will introduce LEGIDATECH’s different styles of indoor displays. Help customers to choose screen, according to their needs and budget.

we designed some light weight indoor led cabinets, to save customers transportation and installation costs. Our screens have long-term performance and stability. So that the P2.5 indoor display screen can still maintain a good display effect after a long period of use. There will be no door light, bright lines, popping dots and other common problems.

We also considered indoors to ensure viewers can see the image clearly in a variety of environments. Each indoor display has high brightness, contrast and grayscale. The brightness of a monitor determines how visible it is in a bright environment. Contrast, on the other hand, is the difference between a dark background and bright white content. Grayscale refers to the color depth of an image the display is capable of rendering. High gray levels mean that the display can present more color levels, making images more realistic and detailed.

EDI series, a project we just completed in South Africa some time ago. EDI is a small pitch pitch product. The size of 640*320mm is a golden ratio of 4:3, can build more diverse sizes. Moreover, its cabinet is very beautiful, and the front maintenance mode is very convenient to install. It is suitable for installation in places such as conference rooms , churches and other places for close viewing.


H series weighs 4.2kg. This is the first version of LEGIDATECH’s magnetic screen. Its appearance received and opened the magnetic screen market. Most of LEGIDATECH’s church projects use H series, it can directly attach to the steel structure from the front.

If you are no special requirements and it is for your own use, we recommend purchasing H series indoor p2.5 screen . Because it has been tested by hundreds of projects, the user experience is very good in all aspects.


After the H series, LEGIDATECH has developed two new indoor displays, each with a different focus. In addition to being a thin and light magnetic screen, E-Honor also adds commercial functions. It supports horizontal, vertical and ceiling-mounted installation methods and logo printing.

Because some customers are also local suppliers, and they need to print logos to protect their project ownership. Or their local customers have different installation requirements, then the E-honor series is a very good choice for them.

Another E-pround, its biggest feature is seamless splicing. To achieve a truly seamless fit, we use a special seamless combination lock. It designs to allow indoor fixed installation screen LED panels to fit seamlessly. The surface is also relatively flat. These locks specifically design to provide a secure connection between screen panels.

it can ensure there are no visible gaps or uneven lines between each panel. This technology can provide viewers with a more uniform and smooth visual experience. The seamless connection also enhances the overall aesthetics of the screen, making it visually appealing and attractive.

These two new products are front maintenance boxes. The modules can remove directly from the front, very quick and convenient. The most important thing is that we are looking for suitable distributors for these two cost-effective products. If anyone is interested, please contact us.

LEGIDATECH hopes to bring good products to every customer who needs indoor display screens.

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