Hot outdoor 3D billboard, any special requirements?

Hot outdoor 3Dbillboard, any special requirements?


The hot outdoor 3D billboard, once again came to the spotlight of the industry and society, especially all links of the industrial chain, for the outdoor naked eye 3D LED display and conventional LED display, the difference in hardware and software and special requirements are very concerned. At the same time, the relevant building owners have also begun to consult the expert platform about the technical principles, products and prices behind this 3D display.

To this end, the expert said specifically investigated LEGIDATECH, LEYARD, UNILUMIN, LIANTRONICS, LEDMAN, NATIONSTAR 6 LED display leading representatives, And the most critical light source and driver IC, control system link of the leading representative NATIONSTAR RGB super division, Macroblock, NOVATSTAR, in order to uncover the relevant mystery.

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Question 1:

What is a naked-eye 3D LED display? From what dimensions to measure its good or bad?

LEGIDATECH: There are two types of 3D modes: passive 3D display and active 3D display. Traditional naked eye 3D display viewers, the left and right eyes to see the video content has a certain poor vision, forming a 3D effect, many popular naked eye 3D display cases, through the display installation scene, combined with the production of creative content to form an immersive experience, not the traditional sense of naked eye 3D display. We believe that the current naked-eye 3D display effect needs to evaluate the 3D display effect from the display product display effect, installation scene, and the combination of creative content.

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LEYARD: The naked-eye 3D display first appeared in the LCD display technology, through the way of grating or slit to form multiple views, to ensure that the viewer in any external viewing, the left and right eyes have poor vision, so as to form the naked-eye 3D display effect. Leyard has long launched the naked eye 3D LED display based on the LED small pitch, and has been applied to many exhibition projects. At present, the popular naked eye 3D display, the accurate description is “with the naked eye 3D effect of the display”, its essence is 2D LED display with specially produced 2D video content, formed the naked eye 3D effect. “Burst red” is a good illustration of the viewing effect of the display device is the need to perfect the combination of hardware and content.

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LEDMAN: Naked eye 3D is a kind of space and three-dimensional interaction without wearing glasses. The quality of naked eye 3D can be judged from two dimensions: viewing distance and content. In different installation environment, the point spacing of the display determines the viewing Angle and viewing distance of the audience. The higher the clarity of the content, the more video content can be displayed; In addition, the design of the content is also very key, according to the display “tailored” naked eye parallax video, more can let the audience have immersive interaction.


NATIONSTAR: The current stage of LED large screens to achieve naked-eye 3D, in fact, most of the object in the two-dimensional picture with the aid of distance, size, shadow effect, perspective relationship to build a three-dimensional effect. The SM Building 3D Wave Screen, which has been an Internet hit since its debut, uses the background shadow as a static stereoscopic reference line, giving the feeling that the moving waves are breaking through the screen. That is, the display screen folds the picture 90 degrees, uses the video material that conforms to the perspective principle, the left screen shows the left view of the image, and the right screen shows the main view of the image. When people stand in the front of the corner to watch, they can see the side and front of the object at the same time, presenting a realistic three-dimensional effect. However, this seemingly amazing display effect is also backed by countless technical polishing and strong product support.


Macroblock: A naked eye 3D display is an optical structure added to the display, so that the presented image enters the left and right eyes respectively to create parallax, without wearing any special glasses or other devices can see the 3D picture. There are two kinds of naked eye 3D display technology: one is Parallax Barrier (Parallax Barrier), the use of transparent and opaque (black) interval distribution of straight stripes to limit the direction of light travel, so that the image message produces parallax effect; And the other is a cylindrical Lens (Lenticular Lens), using the focus and light refraction technology of the cylindrical lens to change the direction of light travel will be light splitting, and then the image information produces parallax effect the common disadvantage of the two technologies is that the resolution is halved, so LED lights need more than twice, and parallax barrier technology will reduce the brightness of the stereoscopic display screen; Therefore, the outdoor naked-eye 3D display media is most suitable for the use of LED small-pitch display.


Question 2:


Compared with conventional LED display, what are the differences/difficulties in hardware and software of outdoor 3D LED display?

1) Our conventional display is two-dimensional, 2D and 3D content will not have a three-dimensional sense, now the use of 90° right Angle arc installation, to achieve a non-two-dimensional display surface, radian this part of the product (PCB, module, box) are customized development products.

2) The video content played is customized with the display resolution, and the price is higher.

Juji Technology: The naked eye 3D LED display in order to present the best display effect, the software should need to support high-definition, high color and deep video coding, and can be adapted to play on the atypical screen such as polygon or curved surface. And in the hardware, the naked eye 3D LED display more emphasis on detailed images, so the display in gray scale, refresh and frame rate have higher requirements.

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EXCEL LED: Compared with the traditional LED screen, in order to achieve a better naked-eye 3D experience, naked-eye 3D LED screen has higher requirements in hardware and software configuration, product specifications and design requirements are also higher. It is mainly reflected in several aspects:


1) Content design and creativity that can generate parallax;


2) integration of display color and ambient light;


3) Integration of LED display installation structure and installation scene.




1) In hardware: Compared with traditional products, 3DLED display paid more attention to high refresh, high gray scale, high dynamic contrast, and smooth transition of surface/corner; In addition, the playback server needs to connect to professional graphics workstations, as well as configure multiple graphics card frame synchronization cards;




2) In the software: need a more professional decoder, the decoder must be able to support the material mapping and correction of the special-shaped display carrier, and support the underlying optimization of high stream decoding;


3) Playback materials: there are certain stresses, the selection of the main Angle of view needs to be three-dimensional construction according to the perspective relationship of the display model, and the resolution is customized point-to-point, in order to ensure the best display effect, HAP format is recommended;


4) Technical progress: in recent years, in addition to the progress of hardware and software cooperation, mainly the improvement of the production level of the material has also played a greater role, and the current video manufacturing is polished in accordance with the requirements of fine products. In addition, the artistic shape of the structure also makes the traditional flat screen no longer limited, with more imagination space.


LEGIDATECH: In order to achieve a better display effect, the display hardware needs to achieve better contrast and HDR high dynamic range, which are two important directions. For example, in the micro-pitch products, LEGIDATECH’s COB LED, the contrast is greatly improved, can support the highest order of HDR capabilities, provide a higher dynamic range, can be the dark and light details expressed incisive. Viewers enjoy the content to achieve an immersive experience with scenery in their eyes and no screen.

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