what is the refresh rate of LED dispaly

1.What is the refresh rate of LED display

2.The difference between refresh rate and frame change frequency

3.The refresh rate of LED display is determined by which factors?

4.The refresh rate of LED display affects the imaging effect of LED display

5.What are the common refresh rates of LED display?

6.Refresh rate affects the price of LED display

1.Refresh rate is the number of times per second that the LED display screen is repeated by the display screen, in Hz (Hertz). Refresh rate is an important indicator of the stability of the LED display screen without blinking.

The higher the refresh rate, the clearer the picture displayed on the LED display screen, the eyes of the audience are no longer tired, and the content displayed is more able to attract the eye of the audience.


2.Another concept that is easily confused with refresh rate is the frame change rate.

The frame change rate is a video file property that is defined as the number of times the picture information is updated per second, in Hz (Hertz).

In other words, the frame change rate indicates how many frames a video has per second.

Due to the visual retention effect of the human eye, when the frame change rate reaches a certain level, the discretely switched frames appear to be continuous.

The frame change frequency is an important index of video continuity.

Both refresh rate and frame change frequency affect the image quality. Refresh rate is the parameter index of the LED display device itself, and frame change frequency is the property of the video file itself.

The higher the refresh rate, the lower the flicker of the picture and the higher the clarity of the image; The lower the refresh rate, the more likely the picture will flicker and shake.

The higher the frame change rate, the better the picture continuity; The frame change frequency is low, the picture may appear flicker and jitter phenomenon.

When the refresh frequency value reaches no flicker, the frame change frequency has no effect on flicker.

Of course, the human eye’s ability to perceive “flicker” is limited and presents individual characteristics.

Generally, when the flicker frequency is greater than 24Hz, the human eye will not perceive the flicker.

When the refresh rate and frame change frequency reach the limit critical value, then increasing its value does not help improve the display quality, but the cost performance decreases.

Therefore, the refresh rate and frame change frequency are not the higher the better


3.The refresh rate of the LED display directly affects the effect of the display screen. So many customers are concerned about what factors determine the refresh rate.

According to LEGIDATECH’s many years of production experience and research and development investment, there are 3 main determining factors for LED display. First, LED module circuit board design, LED module PCB design has an important (scanning mode) parameter, scanning mode parameter value and LED display refresh rate value is inversely proportional.

Second: the LED module of the LED display adopts the constant current integrated driver IC, and the chip IC directly affects the refresh rate.

Third: LED display control system, what kind of control system determines the LED display refresh rate. We recommend LED display control system NOVASTAR,LINSN and COLORLIGHT and so on.


4.The new rate of LED screen agent mainly affects the smoothness and uniformity of the image display, and the image transition is more natural.

The audience is also better at watching the LED display with high refresh rate, especially when watching at regular time, our eyes will not be easy to fatigue.

The effects of the above two points are subtle after all, and they are not obvious from the macro surface.

But the most obvious difference in LED refresh rate is in the use of a mobile phone or high-definition camera to shoot the image of the LED display, the low-brush LED display will appear obvious water ripples, the industry is known as Moore grain, the entire LED display will appear a strip of black and white stripes.

As a result, the shooting effect is not good, not conducive to publicity.

3840Hz high refresh rate ultra-thin small pitch display


5At present, there are three kinds of refresh rate of LED display.

5.1 Gene.oor advertising LED display and indoor advertising LED display.

Generally the refresh rate ≥3840Hz LED display is called high brush LED display.

The refresh rate of the middle and high-end LED display on the market can be as high as 3840Hz, that is, the display screen is refreshed 3840 times in 1 second.

The current movie frame change frequency is generally 24Hz, that is, there are only 24 frames in 1 second. Put the 24Hz frame rate movie on the LED display with 3840Hz refresh rate to play, 3840/24 = 160 times, that is, each frame of the movie is refreshed by the display 160 times.

Such a high refresh speed, the human eye is unable to perceive the picture flicker, so the display fluency is very good, the clarity is very high.

High brush LED display is generally used in TV stations, traffic halls, churches, schools, meeting rooms, stage and other scenes.

5.3. LED display with a refresh rate of 7680HZ is widely used in virtual production movie studios.

Because shooting the movie scene requires the picture to be more realistic, so as to make the movie effect better.



6.The higher the refresh rate, the higher the cost of LED display IC, and the higher the refresh rate, the higher the quality requirements of LED lamp beads will be, which makes the manufacturing cost of LED display higher.

So when we choose to buy LED display, we should choose the right refresh rate.

6.1 Outdoor advertising LED display to choose a low brush 1920HZ is the most appropriate.

Because it only plays advertising videos and images, it does not require the audience to watch for a long time. Outdoor advertising 3D display must be high-brush 3840HZ LED display, because to play 3D video.

6.2 Church LED display, conference room LED display, stage LED display, banquet hall LED display, traffic hall LED display, monitoring LED display, etc., need to use high-brush LED display.

Because this should be able to better convey the propaganda content to each audience, so that the activities and meetings are more wonderful.

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