Buy LED display precautions

Product type design

There are many kinds of LED display, for different working environments and display content, as well as the special requirements of customers, it is necessary to finalize the product and determine the indicators of the product to better meet the needs of customers. The stereotyping mainly involves the following points:

1, determine the product specifications and models

a, according to the installation environment of the display screen, determine the use of indoor or outdoor products; If it is indoor, it is necessary to determine the humidity of the indoor environment, because the humidity also determines what kind of production process to take. If it is outdoor to determine the direction of the installation of the LED display, because the sunlight determines the brightness of our LED display.

  1. According to the customer’s use scenario to decide to purchase the LED display of the same model. If you only need to display text, you can choose a single primary color or double primary color LED display. If you need to display text, graphics and video, you need to choose a full-color LED display.
  2. According to the size of the display area and viewing distance, determine the specific model of the display spacing.


  1. Determine the brightness of the product

Determine the brightness of the LED display based on the installation environment. If it is an outdoor installation environment, when we produce the first module of the LED module, the brightness of the module will be tested to be higher than 5500CD/m², and the waterproof test experiment needs to be done. Only when the first module meets the demand, we will mass-produce it. If it is an indoor environment, when we produce the first module, the brightness of the indoor module can be adjusted from 500CD/m² to 1000CD/m² according to the needs of customers. If the humidity is too high, our first indoor module needs to be treated by moisture-proof process.


  1. Determine the installation method of LED display

Determine the installation method according to the environment and use scenario of the customer’s installation. Some things to consider:

  1. If the customer is outdoor advertising LED display, our box is limited to consider the light and simple iron box, especially the price of the simple sticker box is very cheap. Or the use of high price aluminum waterproof box is also possible.
  2. If the customer bought to engage in leasing. The box consider using die-cast aluminum box. Because the pressure aluminum box installation speed is particularly fast, and the weight of the Asian aluminum box is lighter than the iron box. The packaging should be an aviation box with wheels, which is conducive to handling and protecting the LED display.
  3. The structural design of the display screen should consider the following points.


The structure is stable as the premise, combined with the actual situation of the site, balance the force fulcrum, the structural bearing capacity should be greater than 20% of the weight of the display body itself; According to the area of the steel structure, choose the appropriate steel.


The flatness of the structure surface directly affects the flat surface of the display screen after installation, and has an important impact on the display effect of the display screen.

To ensure the flatness, it is necessary to combine the structure surface frame and the installation box of the display completely. When welding, it is necessary to ensure the flatness of the welding.


Display structure in addition to the installation of the screen body itself, but also includes other ancillary equipment, such as audio, exhaust fan, air conditioning, etc., the location of the outer structure of the edge area, outdoor lightning protection facilities placement. In the early design of the structure must consider these, to ensure the quality and use of the premise, but also the appearance of the display is beautiful and comfortable. Whether it is indoor or outdoor LED display, it is necessary to consider the temperature of the display screen, whether it is lightning protection measures. As long as this is necessary, the service life of the LED display can be better extended.

Easy installation and maintenance

The outdoor LED display should be done after the maintenance channel, in terms of later maintenance. Indoor LED display as far as possible to purchase the LED display before maintenance, to facilitate the fastest speed maintenance.

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