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LEGIDATECH airport cases of LED displays

    • We offer LED displays for Airport with different specifications ranges such as P2.5 P2, P3 and P4.
    • In the Nigeria airport, our company’s indoor H3 LED display was successfully lit. The area of this airport display is 60 square meters.
    • In Canada, 48m*1.44m indoor display was successfully lit.
    • In South Africa, 50square indoor P2 display was successfully lit  In Edinburgh, 120 square indoor P1.8 display was successfully lit. In Dominican Republic,8 square indoor P2.5 display was successfully lit.
    • In France, 15square indoor P2 display was successfully lit.

Why do airports need LED displays?

In recent years, the rapid development of civil aviation industry, airport operations are becoming increasingly complex, passenger service needs are more diversified, personalised, airports urgently need to make full use of modern technology and advanced facilities to improve operational efficiency and service quality. Airport LED displays are an important part of airports. They not only help to display important information, but also provide entertainment and contribute to effective advertising. Today, it is impossible to find any LED display in an airport. From stating instructions to providing flight information, LEDs play a huge role in the management and administration of airports.
Providing eye-catching directions. From the moment a traveller enters the airport, LED displays provide bright and eye-catching directional cues to guide the traveller exactly to the most convenient waiting area.
Timely update flight information, affected by weather or other factors, led display can provide timely flight information, relieve travellers’ anxiety, reasonable arrangement of travel.
Orderly guide travellers to take flights, LED display synchronous update airline planning, reasonable planning for travellers through security, queuing, baggage, etc., to effectively reduce the confusion of information, delivery of untimely caused by the chaos.

To provide convenience for travellers, for time constraints, the need to seek help for travellers, LED display can also be the first time to make coordination, convey information, timely solution to the traveller’s concerns.
To create revenue for the airport, LED display is diversified, creative billboards, choose to fly passengers are more willing to accept new things for the crowd. Famous brands at home and abroad will choose the airport LED display to promote their products.
 To create a creative airport, the airport is an important business card of a city, the diversity and creativity of the LED display is also invisible to create a more efficient and dynamic image of the city.
Most of the passengers who choose to travel by air belong to the crowd who are willing to accept new things, LED display for the waiting area of the passengers to ease the anxiety, show the airport has a vibrant side.

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Cases of This Solution

Most of the passengers who choose to travel by plane belong to the crowd who are willing to accept new affairs. The LED display relieved the anxiety of passengers in the waiting area and showed the vibrant side of the airport.

The airport is an important transportation hub of a city and also a business card of the city. The LED display activates the sense of spatial design of the airport, and different LED displays make it possible for the airport to create a unique image.

With its high stability and high refresh rate, the LED display can update the flight information in time and present the flight information in detail, so that passengers can arrange their itinerary reasonably.

In the dining area, duty-free shop and other areas of the airport, the LED display can also provide accurate direction guidance, so that passengers can accurately find the corresponding location in the airport and improve travel satisfaction.

LED display has brought advertising revenue to the airport. Unlike static advertising, LED display has high initial investment costs, but LED display is more flexible, and can accept advertising after installation.

The LED display screen reduces the workload of airport staff, and plays actions such as civilized promotional films through the LED display screen to effectively remind passengers and cultivate their quality.

LED display is bright in color and clear in picture quality , relying on the stable flow of people at the airport, the advertising effect is good.

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Related Products

In the airport, there are various display screens that can be applied. LEGIDATECH provides some display screen products in different scenarios for reference and selection

  • Pixel: P2.6, P2.9, P3.9, P4.8

    Flexible Screen Supports Customization of Different Shapes, provides a variety of display solutions for the airport, and can realize curved installation.

  • Pixel:

    The transparent LED display is suitable for duty-free shops. The box is light and simple, and the visual effect is good, which effectively attracts tourists to buy products.

  • Pixel: P4, P5, P6, P8, P10

    The high contrast ratio and high refresh rate of this green and energy-saving product make the picture quality more vivid. Maximize the publicity and display of an airport’s vibrant image.

  • Pixel: P2, P2.5, P2.9, P3.9

    The E-honor series is easy to install, light in weight and suitable for airports, which saves a lot of cost for customers in terms of production, installation and transportation.

  • Pixel:P1.2/1.5/1.8/2/2.5/3

    The EDI Series can be installed in a variety of ways, with high-resolution features, installed at airport entrances, security checkpoints and baggage conveyor belts to provide information support for passengers

  • Pixel: P2.6, P2.9, P3.9, P4.8

    The rental series is flexible to install and has an anti-collision design. Compared with other products, the rental series used in the airport is more cost-effective.

Product Feature Box

High brightness of the LED display

High, uniform and stable brightness.

Good stability

The LED screen has strong durability, long life, anti-interference, etc.


High-definition, detailed and vivid colors.

Flexible size

Customized design, various shapes.


Reliable behind the scenes manufacturers

We co-operate with trusted raw material suppliers in the industry and use raw materials such as lamp beads, masks and accessories of well-known brands in the industry, and we also welcome you and your friends to visit our production workshop.

Human-machine cooperation

In every production position, there are our colleagues to adjust and supervise the production progress of the corresponding products in time, which provides a guarantee for the orderly and efficient production of LED displays.

Clean and tidy workshop

Workshop is clean and tidy, adequate equipment is the prerequisite for mass production, and is also the material support of the company’s continuous innovation and expansion.

Composition and function of airport LED display

Airport LED displays usually consist of a series of high-quality LED displays, which are distributed in every corner of the terminal building to provide passengers with a full range of information services. The display screen is connected through a computer network to realize real-time transmission and update of information, providing passengers with accurate and real-time information such as flight, boarding time, and baggage carousel status.

Technical characteristics of airport LED display

1. High definition: The airport LED display adopts high-quality LED display with extremely high resolution and color reproduction, which can provide passengers with clear and realistic visual effects.

2. High brightness: The airport LED display screen has high brightness, which can clearly display information in different light environments and provide passengers with a good visual experience.

3. Good stability: The airport LED display screen has been carefully designed and strictly tested, has extremely high stability, and can run for a long time and efficiently.

4. Flexible size: The airport LED display can be adjusted in size according to needs, adapting to different scenes and spaces, and providing passengers with the best information display effect.

Airport LED Display-Demonstrate the era of wisdom

Airport LED displays play an important role in today’s aviation industry. These large screens can provide passengers with a variety of information, including departure and arrival times, flight numbers, boarding gate information, and more. Airport LED displays not only provide useful information, but also bring a lot of convenience to passengers.

First of all, the biggest advantage of the airport LED display is its high definition and bright colors. Passengers can clearly see the information on the screen so that they can quickly get the information they need. These displays provide a clear and visible image, day or night.

Secondly, the airport LED display presents information in different ways, including text, images and videos. In this way, passengers can not only see concise and clear text information, but also watch some interesting short films, advertisements and current news. In this way, the airport becomes not only a hub for air traffic, but also a place for entertainment and education.

In addition, the layout and location of the airport LED display is also very important. Large screens are usually located in high-traffic areas such as departure halls, arrival and departure halls. These display screens are set up not only to provide information, but also to guide and direct passengers in the direction of travel. This is very important for air passengers to quickly find the information and flights they need at the airport.

Moreover, airport LED displays can combine virtual reality and augmented reality technology to provide passengers with a more immersive travel experience. The airport LED display can also cooperate with smart devices such as smart robots and smart navigation systems to build a smart travel service system to provide passengers with more convenient and personalized travel services.

As an intelligent display platform, the airport LED display has the advantages of high definition, high brightness, and high stability. Combining virtual reality and augmented reality technology will provide passengers with a more colorful travel experience.

It is worth mentioning that the use of airport LED displays also depends on security. Since the airport is a key unit of national security, the installation of large screens in the airport must be strictly controlled. Content shown on the big screens must be vetted and screened to ensure it does not pose a threat to national security.

In short, airport LED displays play an important role in the aviation industry. Passengers can easily access the information they need through these displays, and can also be entertained and educated while waiting to board the plane.

By laying out these display screens, the airport can better guide passengers and ensure national security. With the advancement of technology, airport LED displays will continue to improve the experience of passengers and play a more important role in the future aviation industry.

Let us look forward to the new trend of travel brought by airport LED displays

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