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Affordable Price Church Led Display From Manufacturer

  • Pixel pitch: P2.6/P2/9/P3.91
  • Panel size: 500x500mm
  • Brightness:800-1000cd
  • Material: aluminum
  • Cabinet resolution: 128x128dots/panel
  • Refresh rate:3840hz

Large led screens for churches Features and details

Super light and slim

Lightest Weight and Slimmest indoor LED display Panel in LED Screen industry.

Easy to carry and with less packages volume and weight.
To save both Transportation cost and installation time and cost .

Unique Frame Design

With magnetic screw panel , indoor LED display’s installation can be done from front side of structure.
Within 5 seconds can install one Panel.
To install 100SQM of H series Series just takes an hour to help save installation time and labor cost .


Plug and play

Indoor LED display screens is easily connected and disconnected using a plug-and-play power signal line.
This feature eliminates any potential risks or hazards associated with complex wiring and ensures a hassle-free installation process.

Fastest Installation with front service

Indoor LED display screens offer the advantage of full front maintenance, allowing for easy and seamless splicing.

This feature simplifies the maintenance process, as any necessary repairs can be performed from the front without the need to dismantle the entire screen.

This ensures a consistent and uninterrupted display performance, minimizing downtime and enhancing user satisfaction.


Perfect Wall Mounted

This LED display screen are designed to be wall-mounted offering aesthetics and space-saving benefits.

By fixing them on the wall, they seamlessly blend into the interior design while also maximizing the available space.

This feature is particularly valuable in areas where space is limited, such as retail stores or conference rooms.

Large Viewing Angle

In terms of viewing experience, indoor LED display screens boast a wide viewing angle, optimal visibility from various positions and reducing the risk of distortion or diminished image quality.

Whether it is a large conference hall or a compact retail store, attendees can enjoy an immersive and clear visual experience regardless of their position in the room.


Indoor led display screen parameter

Value P2.6 P2.9 P3.9 P4.8
Pixel Pitch 2.6mm 2.9mm 3.91mm 4.81mm
Pixel Configuration SMD SMD SMD SMD
Colors 281trillion 281trillion 281trillion 281trillion
Refresh Rate ≥1920/3840hz ≥1920/3840hz ≥1920/3840hz ≥1920/3840hz
Pixel Matrix Per Panel 192*192 168*168 128*128 104*104
Pixel Matrix Per Sq.m 147456 112896 65536 43264
Viewing Angle(H/V) 140/140 deg 140/140 deg 140/140 deg 140/140 deg
Power Consumption 710/240 710/240 710/240 710/240
IP Rate IP40/IP20 IP40/IP20 IP40/IP20 IP40/IP20
Input Voltage(AC) 110/240 110/240 110/240 110/240
Panel Size(L*W*H) 500*500*80mm 500*500*80mm 500*500*80mm 500*500*80mm
Panel Weight 4.2Kgs 4.2Kgs 4.2Kgs 4.2Kgs
Panel Material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum

Detail of indoor LED display-H series

Magnet screen panel
Plug and play signal port
Plag and play power port
Easy maintenance
Door to door shipping
All in one equipment

Information available for reference and download

LEGIDATECH provides all the indoor LED screen data customers need

Why a church need a church display screen?

1.Through the LED display screen, you can display poems and scriptures, so that the last line believers can see the words and more intuitively understand the Bible and prayers’ speech. It can also help improve believers’ faith, pastors’ visibility, also the church’s reputation locally.

2.When a church will have an activity, the church screen can display the poster and the activity process in advance so the
activity perfectly move.

3. Install the church LED display on the four walls of the church to provide clear pictures and text for the believers, adding a solemn and pious atmosphere for the program.

4. Release the church’s fundraising information through the LED display to increase the church’s income. And LED video wall can create scientific and technological elements for a solemn church and facilitate information spreading widely.

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What is a indoor led display screen?

Indoor display screen is a large screen built with modular display boxes. It is generally used for permanent installation, such as conference rooms, churches, exhibition halls, etc. Because it is fixed most of the time, its main feature is durability.

How does a church display screen work?

Church display screens are usually connected to a computer or media player that stores the content to be displayed. The content is then controlled and managed by church staff or volunteers software, allowing them to update and change the displayed information as needed.

What are the benefits of using church display screens?

Church display screens enhance the worship experience by making it easier for attendees to follow along with prayers, Bible verses, and song lyrics. They also allow for dynamic and visually engaging presentations, enhancing the overall worship atmosphere.

Can church display screens be used for live streaming?

Yes, many church display screens are equipped with live streaming capabilities, allowing churches to broadcast their services to remote viewers who cannot attend in person.


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