Poster led display is a new kind of advertising way, because led poster also has many installation methods and it is more economic than advertising led screen.

What is LED poster?

LED Poster is an advertising display device, by placing it in high traffic areas, LED Poster can display a variety of advertising content to attract the attention of the target audience.

LED digital poster displays are lightweight, bezel-less design, easy to operate, easy to place, portable, moveable, and can be easily operated via network or USB, etc. LEGIDATECH LED screen factory offers a wide range of Poster led display for different applications such as shopping malls, showrooms, and exhibitions.

Compared with purchasing the screen equipment by yourself, LED poster costs less and saves the capital investment of enterprises. As a new type of advertising, LED posters bring more business and market opportunities for enterprises.

LED Poster Product Categories

LED poster screen futures

LED poster display for rent
The poster LED display can be spliced with different shapes
Profiled Stitching
The poster LED display is supported by a movable stand
Flexible Bracket
Poster LED display high resolution
High Definition
Poster LED display ultra-slim
Ultra Slim
The poster LED display has a variety of control methods
Various control methods
Poster LED display viewing Angle is large
Viewing Angle & Distance
Poster LED display is easy to move
Easy To Move

Multiple Choices in size and Pixel Pitch

Poster led display,  come in various sizes and pixel pitches to cater to different viewing distances and resolutions.

A wide range of pixel pitch options allows for customization based on the specific application requirements, ensuring optimum visual clarity and image quality.


Diverse Control Methods

Led poster display can be controlled using different devices and platforms. Whether it’s through Android devices, Apple smartphones, or computers, users have the flexibility to manage the content on the led poster display conveniently. This compatibility with multiple control ensures ease of use and accessibility for different users.

Control media player playback content via Wi-Fi, USB, HDMI update with built-in Novastar. Built-in 4G storage.

Synchronous and Asynchronous Control

LED poster display  support both synchronous and asynchronous control methods. Synchronous control refers to real-time updates of content, making it suitable for live events or situations where immediate changes are required.

Asynchronous control allows for pre-programmed scheduling, giving operators the ability to plan and manage content ahead of time.


Various Installation Methods

LED poster display offer multiple installation options, including floor-standing, wall-mounted, suspension, and even portable solutions.

This adaptability provides convenience in various indoor and outdoor applications as exhibitions, conferences, theaters, shopping malls, and broadcasting studios.

Why choose LEGIDATECH?

LEGIDATECH has 13 years of experience in LED display production and engineering projects. LEGIDATECH has more than 1000 square meters of factory in Shenzhen, with a complete assembly line of man-machine co-operation in the production of displays.
Our company’s aim is to provide customers with LED displays of stable quality. We strictly control the purchase of raw materials, real-time supervision of the production process, to improve the production yield rate, to provide customers with stable products.

Where to use led poster?

poster led display case-4
Commercial places

LED poster display can be used for advertising in shopping malls, commercial streets, restaurants and other places to attract customers’ attention and increase brand awareness and sales.

Some stores also use led posters as vertical advertising machines to promote their products.

poster led display case-1
Stage/ Concert

LED digital displays are also very popular on  stage/concert. Many display customers who don’t have enough budget to sell displays will use multiple poster LED display to splice them together, which can also display wonderful images.

Traffic stations

LED poster screens can be used in transportation hubs such as airports, railway stations, and subway stations to provide flight and train information, driving guidance, passenger tips, etc., to facilitate travel and navigation.

poster led display case-3
Entertainment venues

LED poster displays can be used in cinemas, concert venues, sports venues and other entertainment venues to play movie posters, concert information, real-time scores and other content to enhance the viewing experience.

LED Type SMD2020 SMD1010/1515
Pixel Pitch 2.5926mm 2.1875mm
LED Module Size 210*280mm 210*280mm
Resolution(H*W) 81*108 128*96
LED Driving Method 1/27 1/32
LED Module Layout(HxW) 9*2 9*2
Resolution(HxW) 729×216 864×256
Display Area 1.06m2 1.06m2
Cabinet Size 1902*572x33mm 1902*572x33mm
Net. Weight/set 27kg 27kg
Ingress Protection Front IP40/Rear IP40 Front IP40/Rear IP40
Power AC 240/100t 10% AC 240/100t 10%
Serviceability Rear Service Rear Service
Max. Power 420w 450w
Avg.Power 120w 130w
Viewing Angle(H/V) 160*/160 160*/160
Brightness 1000-1100nits 800-900nits
Pixel Density(Pixel/Cabinet) 157464 221184
Contrast ratio 4000:1 4000:1
Temperature/ Humidity(Operation/Storage) -10℃ to +40℃; 10% to 90% -10℃ to +40℃; 10% to 90%
Lifetime(50% brightness) 80,000hours 80,000hours
Processing -16bit -16bit
Colors >281 trillion >281 trillion
Refresh Rate ≥3840Hz ≥3840Hz
Frame Rate 60fps 60fps
  • “The most important thing in shopping is to choose a trustworthy partner in all aspects and not just a product with the right price.”


LED Poster Display

Digital ledposter

LED posters

Poster led display

Q: What are the installation methods of LED poster display?

A: There are many options for the installation of LED poster display. Indoor LED poster screens are generally installed by wall mounting, hoisting or bracket support.

The common installation methods of outdoor LED poster screens include column installation, wall installation, roof installation, etc. The choice of installation method will be determined according to the specific application scenarios and requirements.

Q:How to carry out the maintenance work of digital poster display?

A: The maintenance work of LED poster display mainly includes regular cleaning, inspection and repair. Regular cleaning is an important part of ensuring the display effect of the screen, and special screen cleaning appliances are required.

Inspection is to find and solve problems with the screen in time, for some common failures, such as a single pixel failure, can be repaired or replaced.

Q: What factors need to be considered when choosing an LED poster screen?

A: There are many factors to consider when purchasing LED poster screens.

First of all, the pitch, pixel pitch determines the resolution and visual effect of the display, and it is necessary to choose the appropriate pixel according to the actual application needs, followed by brightness and contrast, and choose according to the ambient brightness of the place of use to ensure that the display effect is clearly visible.

In addition, factors such as the size, durability, and price of the display need to be considered.

Q: Can multiple led poster displays be seamlessly joined?

A: Yes, multiple LED posters can be seamlessly spliced. Most of the LED poster display on the market now support splicing functions, which can connect multiple poster led display  together to form a larger display area. When splicing, the distance between digital poster display will be reduced as much as possible, so as to achieve a seamless splicing effect and present a broader picture.

How to choose poster LED display for your business
When choosing an LED poster display suitable for your enterprise, you can consider the following aspects:

– Size: Choose the right size based on your needs and the size of your display space, taking into account the proximity and viewing distance of your audience.
– Resolution: Choose a poster led screen with high resolution to ensure a clear display and good picture and video quality.
-Brightness: Considering the brightness of the environment where the poster  led display is placed, choose an digital poster display with appropriate brightness so that it can display good effects in different brightness environments.
– Reliability and durability: Choose brands and products with high reliability and durability to meet the needs of long-term operation and reduce the number of failures and repairs.
– Control system: Choose a control system that is convenient and easy to use, such as supporting remote control and mobile APP control.

Can the LED poster display be controlled with a mobile phone?
Yes, some LED poster can be controlled using mobile phones. By connecting to WiFi or using a special mobile phone APP, you can control the switch, brightness adjustment, content switching and other functions of the poster display through your mobile phone. This control method is flexible and convenient, allowing you to update and manage the content of the LED poster in real time, improving operational efficiency.
What are the sizes of the poster LED display?
LED poster display come in many sizes and can be selected according to actual needs. Common sizes include but are not limited to the following:

– Small: Generally 20 inches to 40 inches, suitable for displaying content in smaller spaces, such as store windows or offices.
– Medium size: usually 40 inches to 80 inches, suitable for advertising or information transmission in shopping malls, exhibitions or indoor large venues.
– Large: Common sizes are 80 inches or more, suitable for outdoor billboards, stadiums, large shopping malls or squares, etc. where long-distance viewing is required.

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