Indoor P3.9 LED Stage Rental Video Wall Display

Indoor p3.9 led screen means that the distance between every two pixels is 3.9mm. So one square meter of led screen has 65536 pixels, with higher resolution and clearer display.

In general,  a temporary indoor conference stage, wedding stage or a performance stage, it generally requires soft lighting, clear projection and an appropriate viewing distance for the audience.In the past two years, most of the customers used P4.8 and P5 indoor rental screens, because there were not many who could produce P3.9 video walls at that time and the prices were quite much more expensive.

But now things are different: small spacing display are appearing more and more, and the P4 and P5 indoor led display have been gradually withdrawn from the market due to lack of clarity and resolution.

In addition, the minimum viewing distance of the P3.9 is 3 to 4 meters, which means that viewers even in the front row can see the clear content on the screen.It solves the clarity problem at close range. That’s why LEGIDATECH recommends choosing P3.9 for indoor stage rental screens.

The 3.9 pixel size provides higher resolution and image clarity. Smaller spacing means more pixels are placed on the screen, increasing the screen’s pixel density.

This means that images have better detail and clarity, especially when viewed up close. Whether it is a billboard in a shopping mall or a performance platform on a stage, the indoor LED displays with a pitch of 3.9 pixels can present a more vivid and realistic image.Second, the 3.9 pixel LED indoor screen has a wider viewing angle. This is very important, especially for shopping centers, stations and other places.  it is necessary to display advertising information.

Smaller pixel size ensures stable image quality when viewed from different angles. Whether looking from the left, right, top, bottom or side, viewers get the same clear, distortion-free image. In addition, the 3.9 pixel indoor LED panel has better color performance capability. The continuous development of LED technology has led to great advances in the color reproduction of indoor LED panels.

A smaller pixel size allows more LED lamp beads to be placed on the screen, resulting in a wider color gamut and more accurate color reproduction, making the image color more realistic and complete.

Finally, the 3.9 pixel LED stage display is also more convenient in terms of maintenance and management. The smaller pixel size makes each pixel smaller and easier to repair and replace.

In addition, the modular design of the indoor LED rental display allows only the problematic module to be replaced during maintenance, instead of the entire display, saving time and cost.Regarding the price, for the past two years, the price of P3.9 led screen for concert was much more expensive than P4.8, but now it is different: P3.9 has become popular and the price is not much more expensive than 4.8 . So, whether in terms of price or display effect, p3.9 stage rental screen is a very suitable choice for indoor.

LEGIDATECH has selected some p3.9 indoor rental display for everyone, let’s see them together.

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