Smart Rental Hanging LED Screen Highlights

  • Module size: 250 mm * 250 mm.
  • 360° folding and hanging installation.
  • IP43 rated for indoor use.
  • Eliminates the disadvantages of traditional LED panels such as large thickness, heavy weight and restricted appearance.
  • Reduces installation, transportation, storage and labor costs.
  • Reduces footprint and space.
  • Optional remote control to realize one-button automatic lifting.

Smart Rental Hanging LED Screen

Easy and Flexible Installation:

One of the remarkable features of foldable displays is their ability to be easily installed and adjusted. With a foldable display, you can effortlessly join multiple screens together, allowing you to create a larger display area without any hassle.

This not only saves time but also reduces the effort required during the installation process. For instance, a team of two people can install a 100 square meter screen within one hour, making it incredibly convenient for businesses and event organizers.


Versatile Modular Design

Foldable displays consist of smaller modular units that can be easily connected or detached. This modular design allows for greater versatility in terms of screen size, shape, and layout.

Whether you need a large rectangular screen or a custom-shaped display, the modular units can be rearranged and connected to cater to your specific requirements.

Moreover, these modular units can be quickly replaced or upgraded, saving both time and money.

Portability and Mobility

Foldable displays are designed to be lightweight and portable, making them ideal for applications where mobility is essential. The modular units can be folded and stored in compact cases, allowing for easy transportation to different locations.

Additionally, the foldable design enables the screens to be easily lifted and moved around, facilitating flexible usage in various settings such as trade shows, conferences, and outdoor events.


Diverse Range of Shapes and Designs

One of the standout features of foldable displays is their ability to adopt a variety of shapes and designs.

With flexible panels, these displays can be curved or bent to form unique shapes like waves or circular rings.

This versatility in design allows for more creativity and in visual presentations, making foldable displays a popular choice for businesses looking to stand out from the competition.


Enhanced Viewing Experience

Foldable displays offer an improved experience compared to traditional flat screens. The absence of bezels or borders between the modular units enables seamless content display, providing audiences with a more immersive visual experience.

The larger screen area, along with the flexibility of adjusting the curvature, ensures that every viewer gets an optimal viewing angle without any distortions.


Technical Data

Application Environment Indoor Application Environment Indoor
Model Smart 3 Smart 5 Smart 7 Model Smart 3 Smart 5 Smart 7
Pixel Pitch (mm) 3.9 5.2 7.8 Output Voltage (V) DC24/48 DC24/48 DC24/48
IP Rating IP43 IP43 IP43 Input Voltage (V) AC100 ~ AC240 AC100 ~ AC240 AC100 ~ AC240
LED Type SMD 1010 SMD 2020 SMD 1921 Max Height of a Panel(m) 6 8 12
Pixel Density ( pixel/㎡) 65536 36864 16384 Best Viewing Distance (m) ≥4 ≥5 ≥8
Driving Mode 1.12 1.16 Brightness adjustment (levels) (digital) 256 256 256
Gray Scale (bit) 16 16 16 Brightness adjustment (levels) (analog current) (option) 64-256 64-256 64-256
Max Brightness (nits) 1400 1500 1800 Contrast 2500:01:00 2500:01:00 2500:01:00
Max Refresh Rate (Hz) 4000 5000 4000 Connection Type (standard) (spare) 2+14pin Soldering 50pin Connector 2+14pin Soldering 50pin Connector 2+14pin Soldering 50pin Connector
Module Resolution (pixels) 64 * 64 48 * 48 32 * 32 Short Circuit Protection Yes Yes Yes
Module Size (mm) 250 * 250 250 * 250 250 * 250 Quick Maintenance Yes Yes Yes
Screen Thickness (mm) 14 14 16 Controlling Mode synchronous asynchronous synchronous asynchronous synchronous asynchronous
Weight  (kg/㎡) 12 12 12 Installation Method Hanging Magnet mounting Hanging Magnet mounting Hanging Magnet mounting
Folding Angle 360° 360° 360° Operation temperature (℃) -40 ~ 65 -40 ~ 65 -40 ~ 65
Viewing Angle (H/V) 110° / 110° 120° / 120° 120° / 120° Operation humidity (RH) 0% ~ 90% 0% ~ 90% 0% ~ 90%
Max Power Consumption (w/㎡) 900 670 220 Certificate ROHS           FCC           TUV          CE

What is a folding display screen?

A folding display screen is a type of display technology that can be folded or bent without damaging the screen. It allows for more flexible and portable devices such as foldable smartphones and tablets.
A folding display screen usually consists of multiple layers of flexible materials, such as plastic or OLED panels, that can be bent without breaking. These layers are engineered to be thin and lightweight, while still providing a high-quality viewing experience.

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What are the advantages of a folding display screen?

Folding display screens offer several advantages, including increased portability, as the device can be folded into a smaller form factor for easy transportation. They also provide a larger screen size when unfolded, allowing for a more immersive viewing experience. Additionally, they can enable new form factors and designs for electronic devices.

Are there any drawbacks to using a folding display screen?

One of the main drawbacks of folding display screens is their durability. Since the screens need to be flexible, they may be more prone to damage or wear over time compared to rigid screens. Additionally, folding display screens are currently more expensive to produce and may have limitations in terms of resolution and color accuracy.

What devices use folding display screens?

Folding display screens are commonly used in smartphones and tablets, where they enable larger screen sizes in a compact form factor. They are also being explored for use in other electronic devices such as laptops and wearable devices.

Is the technology for folding display screens new?

While the concept of folding display screens has been around for some time, the technology has advanced significantly in recent years. Companies like Samsung and Huawei have introduced foldable smartphones, showcasing the progress made in the development of folding display screens.

What can we expect in the future for folding display screens?

In the future, we can expect folding display screens to become more durable, affordable, and widely available. As the technology improves, we may see folding screens being used in a variety of applications, including in automotive displays, home appliances, and even clothing.

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