Rental LED Display

Rental LED Display

LEGIDATECH LED offers a full line of indoor and outdoor rental LED display products for events, stages, stores, television studios, conference rooms, professional AV installations and other venues. You can choose the right series according to your rental needs. The pixel pitch of the indoor rental LED display is from P1.8mm to P4.81mm, and the pixel pitch of the outdoor rental LED display is from P2.976mm to P6.25mm.

stage video wall

Pixel: 2.604, 2.976, 3.91,4.82

Size: 500*1000mm(1:2)

Advantage: Turdy pull handles; protective corners;Internal Wiring for Enhanced Connectivity

Pixel: 2.604, 2.976, 3.91,4.82

Size: 500*500mm(1:1)

Advantage: Front and rear maintenance dual channels; corner protector; anti-collision device;

indoor led display

Pixel: 2.604, 2.976, 3.91,4.82

Size: 500*1000mm(1:2)

Advantage: Wireless hard connection, quick installation; High refresh rate, outstanding display

RA series

Pixel: 2.604, 2.976, 3.91,4.82

Size: 500*500mm(1:1)

Advantage: Front and rear maintenance, double protection; Magnetic suction module and handle

Pixel: 2.604, 2.976, 3.91,4.82

Size: 500*1000mm(1:2)

Advantage: Die-casting aluminum cabinet frame applies latest molding workmanship

Right-angle rental display

Pixel: 2.604, 2.976, 3.91,4.82

Size: 500*500mm(1:1)

Advantage: It can be used as a floor tile screen. one screen for two purposes, saving customers’ budget.

Pixel: 2.604, 2.976, 3.91,4.82

Size: 500*1000mm(1:2)

Advantage: Signal backup ; Plug and play type power supply;Anti-collision PCB

stage led screen

Pixel: 2.604, 2.976, 3.91,4.82

Size: 500*500mm(1:1)

Advantage: Never-go-black LED screen display; current -sharing stage video wall

Pixel: 2.604, 2.976, 3.91,4.82

Size: 500*500mm(1:1)

Advantage: Curve screen support; internal wiring for enhanced connectivity

Pixel: 2.604, 2.976, 3.91,4.82

Size: 500*1000mm(1:1)

Advantage: Fast- lock system with ergonomic design, 5 seconds’ instant installation.

Pixel: 2.604, 2.976, 3.91,4.82

Size: 500*500mm(1:1)

Advantage: Integrated power and signal individual box; advanced inner and outer curve lock systems.

Pixel: 2.604, 2.976, 3.91,4.82

Size: 500*500mm(1:1)

Advantage: strong handle, exquisite appearance.The size allows it to adapt to various shapes

1 .What is rental LED display?

2. What are the characteristics of the rental LED screen

3 .Why do you want to buy LED video wall panel

4.Rental LED display types

5.LED video wall display application scenarios

6.Lease the main installation method of rental LED display

7.Precautions for buying stage led screens

8.How to control the rental LED display

9.The price of led stage screen

10. Choose LEGIDATECH LED as LED screen rental manufacturers for 4 reasons

11. Rental LED display FAQ


1.What is rental LED display?

Rental led display (LED screen rental) is a kind of LED display specially designed for stage performances and artistic activities.

It is usually provided in the way of rental, so it is called LED rental screen.

The application range of LED rental screen is more and more extensive, in many large evening parties, commercial performances and events need to use LED display to create a scene atmosphere, and for the on-site and off-site audience to convey a clear performance picture.

Sometimes “LED display rental” refers to “LED video wall rental”, which means that the rental display is often larger to meet the requirements of large-scale viewing at the same time.

2.What are the characteristics of the rental LED screen

1.Convenient installation and disassembly: Due to the special installation environment of the rental screen, it is necessary to install and disassemble several times. In this process, a lot of time and labor costs are consumed, so the market for the installation of LED rental screen requirements are more convenient.

2.Quick replacement and maintenance: When the LED rental screen fails, it must be able to respond quickly, partially removable, and ensure that the replacement action is rapid to ensure the smooth progress of the performance and activity site.

3.LED rental screen often needs to be transported on various means of transportation, which means that it is likely to encounter bumps in the transportation process, resulting in a collision on the LED display.

In order to ensure that the use of the LED  stage screen is not affected, the rental LED screen must have strong damage resistance to ensure that the screen can be displayed normally.

In order to meet this requirement, LEGIDATECH has designed a thin and stable and reliable box, which has excellent damage resistance.

3.Why should you buy a rental LED display

1. the changing scene change

Multiple scenes are usually used on the stage to match different programs, and the stage LED rental screen can achieve this effect well. Flexible and varied scene transformation, instantly complete the led screen switch, while showing a clear picture, rich content and realistic effect, to bring the audience the enjoyment of the United States.

2.Create an atmosphere

On a traditional stage, the audience can only see the dancers’ dance moves, and the eye will be drawn to the dancers’ gorgeous costumes. It is difficult for users to really feel the deep meaning of the dance. Now, by using the stage LED rental screen on the stage, during the performance, the stage LED rental screen will play the corresponding background led display, thus creating an atmosphere in line with the theme of the dance and allowing users to be more immersed in the performance.

3.Stunning visual effects

When the dancers perform, people will be shocked by the dancers’ uniform movements, especially when the stage LED rental display is integrated with the stage, through the fine and lifelike pictures and musical dance movements, the audience and the actors are closer, presenting a shocking performance, bringing more sensory experience to the audience.

4.The stage through the background led video wall, can sell more performance tickets, create more profits. At the same time, the leasing business can also get more profits.

5.More revenue can be generated through advertising and sponsorship.

4.Lease LED display types

LED rental screen is a kind of LED display specially designed for stage performances and artistic activities. It usually appears in the form of rental, so it is called LED rental screen. There are mainly the following types of LED rental displays:

1, LED indoor or outdoor full color led screen: P3.91, P4.81, P2.976, p2.604 and so on.

2, LED-COB screen: P1.5, P1.875, P2.0, P2.5, P3.0 and so on

3, rental stage LED display has a variety of types, can be applied to different scenes. For example, indoor stage LED screen, outdoor rental LED display, transparent LED display, flexible LED display, HD LED display and so on. In other words, these screens can help us increase profits and passenger traffic in multiple usage scenarios.


5.Rental LED display application scenarios

Rental LED display Widely used in stage rental, singing and dancing activities, various conferences, exhibitions, stadiums, theaters, auditoriums, lecture halls, multi-function halls, conference rooms, performance halls, disco halls, nightclubs, high-end entertainment halls, TV stations and other important cultural activities.

 6.The main installation method of rental LED display screen

Hoisting method: The size of the LED rental display should be determined according to the bearing capacity of the steel structure and the stability of the LED display box. The hoisting led stage screen should not be too large, usually required to be below 6 meters *10 meters, except for special box material. The top should be equipped with a hanging beam, the bottom should be equipped with a bottom beam, and the hanging beam can hang the led screen. The boxes between rows should be connected using a lifting mechanism, and the locks need to be installed and pulled tight between the horizontal boxes. The lifting mechanism is divided into gear type, cone rod type and bolt type. Gear type lifting mechanism is more expensive, but beautiful in appearance. Cone-rod lifting mechanisms are affordable and reliable. Bolt-type lifting mechanisms are the cheapest and reliable, but are more cumbersome to assemble and are suitable for situations where frequent disassembly is not required.

Second, the installation of the truss

Moving mode:

1.The screen body can be moved in real time according to actual needs.

2. The screen body can be moved according to the display picture and the scene situation.

3.Adopt truss guideway design.

4.Can build a curved LED display and a variety of shaped LED display.


7.Pay attention to the purchase of rental display

When buying a rental LED display, pay attention to the characteristics of the rental LED screen. :

1.ultra-light — the weight is only 4kg, a single person can carry a single hand, the installation is extremely easy;

2.ultra-thin — the box adopts die-cast aluminum molding, high strength, toughness, high precision, not easy to deform, saving labor for transportation;

3. high precision — the size is mechanical and electrical machining accurate to 0.1mm;

4. compatible — new structural design, to meet the requirements of lifting, stacking, indoor and outdoor requirements;

5. fast — the upper and lower parts of the box are connected with a fast locking mechanism, 10 seconds to complete the installation of a box, high installation accuracy;

6. reliable – high strength and hardness, good heat dissipation effect;

7.the cost — the box weight is light, the required installation cost is low; Low power consumption of the box, saving operating costs and reducing labor costs.


8.How to control the rental LED display

The concert LED screen consists of a video source (computer, laptop, camera, DVD) and an LED control system and video processor.

1 Video source mainly provides HD images and videos for LED video wall panel

The main function of the control system is to collect video data, and then the LED sending card sends the LED receiving card.

The main brands of LED control system are: Linsn Technology, LTD., Nova star, Colorlight.

3, video processor is responsible for the switching and processing of various video signal sources.

9.The price of rental display screen

Do you think the led rental display looks tall and worry that it is too expensive to use? I tell you the price of led display , mainly related to the following three factors. First, the use of the environment, outdoor led display is more expensive than the indoor led display. And then the second is the display spacing, that is, the smaller the spacing, the more expensive; the larger the spacing, the cheaper price. And then the third, is the installation method, you say the flat of led screen, it is cheaper than the curved led display, because the curved led video wall it is more complex materials and processes. And then the fourth is the led display of the screen partition, you say a single screen display, it is certainly more expensive than a multi-screen display. How to negotiate the best price for your rental display project? After looking at the relevant factors that determine pricing, we’ll give you some other insight tips for getting the most cost effective rental LED display.

If you still want to know more, pay attention to Hunan Legida Technology Co., LTD., I recommend you a more cost-effective display.


10.Choose LEGIDATECH as LED screen rental manufacturers for 6 reasons

1.Sufficient supply of goods: large-scale, standardized, mass production, in the industry to establish the “cost-effective” advantage.

2. Strong technical team has many international senior technical personnel, 20% of turnover into product research and development.

3.Provide free pre-sale program, you only need to provide demand, LEGIDATECH provide free pre-sale service, super clear effect drawing and fast proofing.

4.Tailor-made engineering customization: combined with different use scenarios, customize high-quality engineering projects suitable for the scene.

5.24H after sale service: strictly adhere to the delivery time, lifelong project protection. Training guidance:

6.Professional engineers remote technical support, training guidance, major project on-site support, to ensure the normal use of products

11.Rental LED display common problems and maintenance methods

Solution to the black LED screen problem:
1.please ensure that all hardware including the control system has been correctly powered on. (+5V, do not reverse connection, wrong connection)
2.check and double confirm whether the serial cable used to connect the controller is loose or falling off. (If it turns black during the loading process, it is likely to be caused by this reason, that is, in the communication process due to the communication line loose and interrupted, so the led screen turns black, do not think that the led display body is not moving, the line is not possible to loose, please check it, it is very important to want to quickly solve the problem.)
3.check and confirm the connection of the LED screen and the HUB distribution board connected to the main control business card printing is closely connected, whether the plug is reversed.

LED display screen screen flower solution:

1. After the led screen controller is properly connected to the computer and HUB distribution board and screen, it is necessary to provide +5V power to the controller to make it work normally (at this time, do not directly connect with 220V voltage).

2. Power on the moment, there will be a bright line or “flower screen” on the led video wall  for a few seconds, the bright line or “flower screen” are normal test phenomena, reminding the user that the led screen is about to start working normally. Within 3.2 seconds, the phenomenon will be automatically eliminated, and the led display will enter the normal working state.

screen is not bright and dark solution:

1. Visually check whether the power gets wrong
connection line, 26P line between the unit board and the power module indicator light are normal.

2. Use a multimeter to  measure whether the unit board has a normal voltage,

and then measure whether the voltage output of the power module is normal,

if not, it is judged that the power module is bad. 3, measure the low voltage of the power  module,

adjust the fine-tuning (the fine-tuning of the power module near the indicator) to make the voltage reach the standard. Loading and communication can not work

normally solution:

1. ensure that the control system
if the hardware has been correctly powered on.

2. Check and confirm that the serial cables
to connect the controller is a straight line, not a cross line.

3. Check and confirm that the serial
cable is intact and both ends are not loose or falling off.

4. check the rental LED display
control software and their choice of control card to choose the correct product model, the correct transmission mode, the correct serial number, the correct serial transmission rate and control system hardware to provide the dip switch diagram correctly set the address bits and serial transmission rate.

5. Check whether the jumper cap is loose or falls off;

If the jumper cap does not appear to be loose, make sure the jumper cap is oriented correctly.

6. If it still fails to load after the above check and correction,
please use a multimeter to measure whether the serial port of the connected computer or control system hardware is damaged to confirm whether it should be returned to the computer manufacturer or the control system hardware is returned for testing.



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