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Outdoor LED Screen for Sale

LEGIDATECH LED display manufacturer produce a variety of outdoor LED billboard and digital LED signs, including pixel pitches P2-P10.  If you have outdoor digital signage needs, you can contact us to develop a plan for you.

  • Provide a full set of solutions and quotations
  • Support factory visits to see samples
  • More than 600 outdoor billboard projects

What is an outdoor LED advertising screen?

Outdoor LED advertising screen is a modular screen composed of LED lamp beads, modules and boxes. It can display text, pictures and dynamic videos infinitely and seamlessly.

Outdoor LED billboards are highly protective and highly adaptable to the environment. They can play normally regardless of the scorching sun, rain or snow. It is an advertising method with a high return rate.

P2.5,P3,P4,P5,P6, P8, P10           Size:  960×960mm

It is 28KG, 20% lighter than ordinary iron cabinets; supports six common installation methods

P5,P6.667, P8, P10         Size: 960×640mm, 960×960mm, 960×1280mm

Advantage: Multi panel size;Front and rear double maintenance;Super energy saving;3D large billboard can be realized.

P2.5,P3,P4,P5,P6, P8, P10       Size: Customized

Advantage: Flip screen is easy to maintain; supports single and double-sided screens

Especially DIP P10    Size: 960×640mm, 960×1280mm

While it is bright, it is environmentally friendly, consumes little energy and saves energy;

led display screen for advertising outdoor SLP Series

P3.3,P4,P5     Size: Customized

Advantage: Remote group control; Multifunctional; Smart control with 4G/Wifi; Quick cooling

P3,P4,P5,P6, P8, P10       Size: 960*960mm, 960*1280mm

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Features of Outdoor LED Signage

The outdoor LED display screen has bright colors and rich graphics and text, which can bring good visual effects to the audience. It is also waterproof, anti-corrosion, wind-proof and shock-proof, so the LED display can work stably and long-lasting in bad weather.

Today’s digital LED signs are not only easy to install and maintain, they are also energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Extend the life of your advertising screens while consuming less energy.

Unique advantages of outdoor LED billboard

Compared with static billboards and LED light boxes, dynamic LED displays have more advantages in advertising. It has high brightness, rich colors, and can be very eye-catching in the sun, so it has high visibility and interactivity, increasing advertising exposure. Attract the attention of passersby.

The most important thing is that it can play dynamic pictures and videos, and just listening to the sound can bring advertising effects. Moreover, the vivid video can attract passers-by to stop and watch or even take photos, making the advertisement deeply rooted in people’s hearts…

Get a return on your advertising investment

Outdoor advertising screens can generally be installed in squares or buildings with a large flow of people, traffic arteries or neighborhoods. Capture your audience’s attention with vivid videos and achieve greater reach

The playback content of the advertising display screen can be switched at will and can be controlled remotely. There is no need to manually change the main body, which reduces advertising costs and improves efficiency.

In the long run, the investment cost of outdoor waterproof led screen is low, it has a long service life and low maintenance costs. And it can serve ads for multiple advertisers at the same time, with better publicity effect and higher return rate.

How to Choose a Good Digital LED Sign?

Many LED display customers are buying outdoor  LED billboards from China for the first time, and they need to consider a lot if they want to choose a good led sign from thousands of products. Suggestions are mainly made from two aspects: suppliers and products.

1. Check whether the supplier is experienced and professional enough

  • Is the supplier an LED display factory?
  • Can the supplier understand your needs and provide professional suggestions during the chat?
  • Whether the quotation is complete and fully equipped

2. Check whether the product information is professional and credible

  • Ask about the cooperative brands of product materials, such as lamp beads and control systems.
  • Understand the performance of the product, such as brightness refresh and waterproofing
  • Whether the product has a warranty period

In addition to the above, you cannot choose similar products if the price is too low, and the quality will not be very good.


Thirteen Years of LED Screen Supplier

LEGIDATECH is a LED signage manufacturer with many years of experience in display screens, with dealer offices overseas in South Africa, Malaysia, the United States and Nigeria.

In the past 13 years, we have completed nearly 400 outdoor display projects with various installation methods.

Automated Factory

LEGIDATECH has offices and factories in Shenzhen and Hunan.

Shenzhen has more than 1,000 square meters of fully automated machine production and assembly lines, with manual quality inspection to ensure compliance.

Premium Product Quality

There are basically no negative reviews, and we only sell products of medium and above quality.

In order to ensure brand reputation and reputation, cheap and low-quality products are not our scope.

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