Outdoor p10 LED display project in USA

Today, LEGIDATECH technical engineers will introduce an outdoor p10 LED display project in the United States!

American customers send us emails!

The content of the email is that they need to install an outdoor LED display with a length of 19.2 meters * 10.56 meters.

And this outdoor p10 LED display does not need to install an air conditioner to cool the outdoor LED display!

outdoor p10 led display

In order to meet theled display solutions needs of customers, we recommend our outdoor LED display OK series  P10 panel to customers!

1.Outdoor p10 LED display key technical parameters:

In order to allow the P10 panel to display videos with better colors, we use an integrated circuit with a refresh rate of 3840HZ.

And the brightness of our outdoor p10 LED screen reaches 7000CD per square to allow the LED display panel to still display clear images under sunlight,

2. Outdoor P10 LED display module:

The size of the outdoor LED module is 480mm*320 mm.

outdoor p10 led display-1

As for the customers do not need to install air conditioners, our module frame adopts a one-piece aluminum frame, because LED modules made of aluminum are easier to dissipate heat.

3. Cabinet of outdoor p10 LED display:

Our P10 LED panel cabinet size is 960mm*960mm.

In order that customers do not need to install heat-dissipating air conditioners, our LED display cabinets are also made of aluminum cabinets formed in one piece.

This can better dissipate heat for outdoor LED displays in a large area.

outdoor p10 led display-2

4. Outdoor p10 display power supply and control system

LEGIDATECH’s P10 LED panel cabinet equips with two 300W ultra-thin energy-saving power supplies!

In order to better dissipate heat, we installed a heat dissipation turbine fan inside the LED display box, so that the outdoor LED video wall can work normally under high temperatures!

For the control system, we use the control system of the brand NOVASTAR to ensure the stability of the control system!

outdoor p10 led display-

5. The outdoor LED video wall adopts energy-saving technology

LEGIDATECH’s P10 LED panel uses energy-saving LED lamp beads.

Firstly, the power supply uses energy-saving voltage dividing technology.  Secondly, we design energy-saving circuit board PCB.

Then the control system can automatically adjust the brightness of the outdoor LED video wall according to the brightness of the sun!

So, our OK series P10 panel is an energy-saving LED display! It can help the customer saves 50% of power energy!

How to install an outdoor LED video wall that does not require air conditioning?

The connection between the box and the box is fixed on the 40mm*40mm square tube through the connecting piece! Installation is also very simple!

 P10 LED panel is aging in 72 hours:

The reason why 72 hours of aging is required is to ensure led screen wall quality and led screen wall stability.

outdoor p10 led display-3

The p10 LED display has been packed and ready to be shipped to the United States!

outdoor p10 led display-4



1. what is the p10 led display price?

Don’t worry, the price of this OK series outdoor p10 LED display is about 600USD per square meter. Compared with conventional outdoor LEDs, the price is also very advantageous!


what is the voltage of p10 panel?

LEGIDATECH is aimed at the US market, the voltage of p10 panel is 110v to 240V.


what is the viewing distance for p10 LED display?

The best viewing distance of the outdoor advertising screens is 10m. If the display area is very large, the viewing distance is greater than 10m!


what size is the p10 led board?

The size of LEGIDATECH’s LED board can be customized according to American customers. There is no uniform size!


Where is the outdoor p10 generally used?

Outdoor p10 is generally installed in places with a lot of outdoor traffic, such as busy shopping malls and busy highways!



LEGIDATECH’s outdoor p10 uses energy saving and special heat dissipation design to enable our outdoor LED display to work truly stably at high temperatures.

Save electricity for customers and greatly reduce usage costs! While saving usage costs, it also saves installation costs!

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