LED Screen for Shopping Mall

The diversification of display screens in shopping malls is coming

  • The Arcade is a unique and memorable zero-cost purchase of centerpieces.
  • To create unique and memorable retail and shopping mall experiences, it is imperative to engage customers and drive revenue.
  • The digital led display can well show the power of publicity, and use different types of display to reflect different functions and attract customers’ attention.
  • Thereby increasing the flow of people and strengthening the brand image at the same time.

LED Display Screen- Necessity Of Every Shopping Mall

Led Display Screen has become an attractive point for all. Earlier traditional and printed posters and banners were used in shopping malls to advertise offers etc., but now the time has changed ,these methods have now been replaced by a full color LED screen.

People are watching led TV at home and led screen in the streets. Public places are all complied with a guided video wall, led displays, window pixel at night and so on. Everywhere we are used to digital media such as media players, play stations, PCs, netbooks, ATMs and so on. This is the reason why the traditional or the standard billboards in places such as metro, elevators, and public buildings are now even converted into digital panels and electronic boards.

In many shopping malls, shopping centers, or brand stores, the commercial LED display screen are often used to display product information, daily activities, news announcements, etc., which can bring greater benefits to their own marketing.

Since shopping malls, shopping centers or brand stores are places with a lot of people, various types of information can be better promoted and displayed through multimedia materials such as images, text, videos, and small plug-ins to guide customers’ consumption.

The large screen combined with lighting equipment such as LED light strips  and projectors, you can create a brand new audio-visual shocking experience, and the high-definition and bright display effect brings people a stunning visual experience, It often becomes a new urban landmark that consumers tend to “check in”.

Product Feature Box

High refresh rate screen
Wide angle display
Light weight screen
Easy maintenance
New product display

For example, when there are new products or new stores in the mall, using LED display screens for extensive promotion can bring much higher advertising benefits than to directly using real product at the store entrance. It can advertise newly added products and stores, and at the same time bring greater benefits.

Promotion effect

Merchants can display their own products in a circular way, which can provide consumers with a comprehensive understanding and avoid the links of sales guides, effectively reducing labor costs. In some stores, customers often encounter overly enthusiastic promoters, which always gives people a feeling of not being insincerity, but not being enthusiastic can not have a promotional effect. Here, the use of super-sized LED displays can not only avoid these shortcomings, but also reduce daily operating costs.


LEGIDATECH LED is the right place for you.

Legida LED display attracts more and more users every day in shopping mall .If you are looking for any Outdoor led screen wall or other types of display options, Legida LED is the right place for you. You can completely rely on LEGIDA for any display options. LEGIDA offer a vast variety of LED display products, and all of them adheres to all quality standards.

Types of an LED Screen for Shopping Mall:

◆Rental event screens

◆Flexible screens

◆Curved screens

◆Floor LED display screens

◆Store window displays

◆Retail indoor advertising screens ·

All these different types of screens may be used in different areas inside a shopping mall/retail shop/supermarket. Hence, you can use multiple types of displays in multiple sectors to grab the attention of different types of customers of your commercial store.

There’s no doubt that these LED screens are more of a cost-efficient investment.Hence, invest in the right LED screen for shopping mall to increase your business performance. So ahead, grab the perfect LED display for your commercial business, and gain the most benefits out of it!

To achieve a win-win situation

With the help of LED display screens, customers can obtain timely and useful information, and product operators can carry out brand promotion, promotional products, etc. For the store managers who operate this advertisement, they can also obtain more economic returns.

Hence, as we are living in the digital era, the advertising must also be in digital. The advertising screens are environment-friendly, big and deliver better quality. It’s such a pleasure to watch ads on these mediums.

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