China LED display factory manufacturing, to provide LED display solutions for the world

           LEGIDATECH LED display supplier have 13 years of experience in LED display production and engineering projects. The aim of the LED display company is to provide customers with stable quality LED display. We strictly control the purchase of raw materials, real-time supervision of the production process, improve production yield, to provide customers with stable products.

Every year, LEGIDATECH LED factory interact with customers in different countries, and the customers give timely feedback on the needs of the local market and the problems they encounter. Our company will feed back to the LED display R & D department according to the questions and needs raised by customers, and continuously improve the LED display in various scenes. Such LED display products can better satisfy the local market of customers and make them gain greater profits.

We have established good partners in many countries, such as setting up spot warehouses in Malaysia, South Africa, the United States, and Nigeria, the largest economy in Africa, to cultivate installation teams and provide the fastest technical support for the local.

High quality LED displays have been exported to more than 108 countries.

LEGIDATECH LED screen manufacturer can customize LED display of different sizes, specifications and pixels according to your project.

  • LEGIDATECH Sales team
    LEGIDATECH sales team, with solution design ability, can timely communicate and understand the needs of customers, timely provide the real price.
  • Major Production Equipment
    We have enough advanced production machinery and equipment, with 10,000 square meters of production area, can timely complete customized production orders
  • Research and Development Department(R&D)
    Our R & D team develops different products according to different markets and different scenarios of LED screens, and designs LED screens of different sizes and specifications according to various data provided by customers.
  • SMT (2)
    SMT production equipment
    In order to improve the quality and quality of products, the LED screen company's main production equipment SMT machine is DECAN, a well-known brand. When producing LED modules, the pixel points of each module are more accurate. And then make the LED display uniformity.
  • Installation team
    Our installation team can make steel structures for different scenes on site according to steel structure drawings customized by different customers. And can provide customers with LED display installation, commissioning, maintenance and other requirements.
    installation team2
  • installation team
    After-sales team
    LEGIDATECH are 24 hours a day at any time online remote for customers to solve the problems encountered in the process of use, timely to provide customers with technical support, timely to provide customers with reliable methods of use.

LED Display Factory LEGIDATECH participated in the Canton Fair

LED Display Factory – LEGIDATECH

In this Canton Fair, our company installed 50 square meters of rental performance LED display screen, and showed the customers that the rental display screen can be installed in two ways, one is hoisting and the other is landing.

In addition to the LED display of the rental stage, we installed a transparent screen and a floor tile screen, which makes the stage perfectly display the beauty of the world’s colors.

We focus on the launch of church LED display.

Production shop display

Customer visits SMT workshop
The customer team is visiting our factory carefully, asking about the production process, and asking about the product yield.
SMT workshop
Special machines are used to complete the production and installation of modules, and special personnel review, with a 0% error rate
LED Module Brightness Testing 1
LED Module Brightness Testing
Our screen brightness will not falsely report to deceive customers, the brightness will be tested after the customer places an order
Aging Test
Aging Test
Before shipment, we will test each screen to check whether there is any broken light or lock, so as to provide customers with 100% high-quality screens.

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