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Naked-eyed 3D billboards in China

  • 3D Naked-eyed outdoor billboard is a major innovation in the LED display industry. Since the first naked-eye 3D display exploded on social media, 3D displays have begun to bloom everywhere.
  • Based on research, global 3D display shipments and market size will reach 280 million units and $83 billion, and the future 3D Naked-eyed market penetration will reach more than 50%.
  • A qualitative leap has been made in 3D Naked-eyed outdoor billboard. In the future time, 3D Naked-eyed outdoor billboard screen integrated into offline activities + online large-screen interaction, advertising creativity and mobile short video application geographical positioning function of the combination of marketing products, create a new interactive cross-screen interaction with consumers, covering the mainstream consumer groups.

what’s the meaning of 3D naked-eyes billboard screen

3D naked-eyes billboard screen is like 3d movie. when we go to see the 3d movie, usually we will wear a 3d glass to have a immerse experience, like we are the role of the movie. 3D naked-eyes billboard screen is the same theory. It gives a stereoscopic environment and brings the viewers to the screen.

This combination of optical structure and high-definition LED display technology allows the audience to see different pictures from different angles, producing a strong sense of three-dimensional and depth, so that people feel as if they are in the image.

In fact, it mainly uses a technique called Parallax barrier. In simple terms, it is to add some opaque layers and a series of precisely spaced gaps in front of an ordinary LED display, so that each eye can see a different set of pixels, thereby creating a sense of depth through parallax.

This technique dates back to anamorphosis, proposed in the Renaissance, which is a distorted projection that requires the viewer to occupy a specific vantage point to see a recognizable image.

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The brightness of the church LED display
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LEGIDATECH smart workplace in ShenZhen

In order to improve the quality and quality of products, LEGIDATECH ‘s main production equipment SMT machine is DECAN, a well-known brand. When producing LED modules, the pixel points of each module are more accurate. And then make the LED display uniformity.

LED display aging test

Before shipment, we will test each screen to check whether there is any broken light or lock, so as to provide customers with 100% high-quality screens.

Package and shipping

After testing and aging the screen, we will pack all accessories and screen separately. After counting the quantity, take pictures to perceive the customer, and then transport it to the forwarder’s address to wait for shipment.

LEGIDATECH——your realiable partner

What’s the 3D naked-eyes billboard screen commercial value?

With the technology and social media development, led screen users are not only works in normal 2d billboard screen, they want the billboard screen can create a immersive environment like 3d movie. in this way 3D naked-eyes billboard screen is not a commercial tool, but also can be a sightseeing place, can be a mass media.

3D naked-eyes billboard screen are mainly in the CBD area because that places more clients come and by, so they have higher chance shown at clients eyes. What’s more , CBD areas even scenic spots, have the ability to afford bigger 3D naked-eyes billboard screen than small cities.

3D naked-eyes billboard screen content are very attractive. as a new trend in the outdoor billboard advertising area, 3D naked-eyes billboard screen can attract visitors take photos and videos and publish it at social media with a rapid speed. So this place will be more famous and more media company will put their ads at this 3D naked-eyes billboard screen rather than other plane screen.

3d screen has the same widely use like normal screen, it can not work only indoors like shopping mall, lobby, shops, airports, stations, etc but also outdoors, like streets, shopping centers, tall buildings, etc. 3D naked-eyes billboard screen has the same commercial and media value like normal screen, but functions and effect stronger and wider.

Based on a research, LED screen display enters into a rapid development period. In 2023, global 3D display shipments and market size will reach 280 million units and $83 billion, and the future 3D Naked-eyed market penetration will reach more than 50%.

What’s the advantage of 3d screen? Compared with normal screen ?
  1. Higher resolution & refresh rate / no rigid requirement, based on the site place and usage
  2. Higher brightness: work day and night, brightness adjustable , smart phone can take pictures at any time /
  3. Energy saving 50-60% save electricity bill
Where need a 3D naked-eyes billboard screen?
  1. Landmark
  2. City CBD area
  3. Education
  4. Museum
  5. Medical
  6. Agriculture
How to get a high quality 3D naked-eyes billboard screen?

Normal plane screen can play 3d pictures or videos too, but the effect is not immersive. when you want to get a 3d billboard , what you need is

(1) 3D naked-eyes billboard screen size is big enough

  • High resolution, the smaller pixel pitch, the higher resolution, more clear picture and videos
  • High refresh rate: 380hz or higher
  • Suitable building: the installation placecorner with curve angle
  • Strong steel structure
  • Easy maintenance way
  • Customized 3d content (depends on what you want to play )
  • Professional display software

With all the factors together, you can get a 3D naked-eyes billboard screen.

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