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Creative LED Screen

Creative LED Screen includes magic cube LED, flexible LED screen, spherical screen, etc. These screens are works of art embodying creativity and technology.

LEGIDATECH has been deeply involved in the LED screen panel industry for 13 years, specializing in providing creative LED screens of various types, colors, and sizes.

Supporting customization and factory visits to confirm quality.

What is creative LED screen?

The creative display screen is a screen with a special shape, which breaks the conventional rectangular shape and characteristics of the LED screen panel.Creative LED screens can be round, semi-circular, magic square, long strip, or soft, transparent, and foldable.

It has different shapes, gorgeous colors, excellent display effects, and is easy to install. It is a product that many customers are willing to pursue.It is more suitable for gorgeous and technological places, bringing visual shock.

magic LEDdisplay

The Cube LED display is a hexahedron composed of LED lights, but it can display text, patterns and videos.

It has the characteristics of high brightness, high definition, low energy consumption and so on.

soft screen

Flexible LED display is an LED panel that can be flexibly bent and deformed, and is easy to install and maintain.

Soft LED screen is highly adaptable and customizable,  and is suitable for surfaces of various shapes and curves.

The shelf edge screen is an elongated strip-shaped LED  panel that also has high brightness and high resolution.

Shelf LED screen main application area is the shelves in supermarkets.

folding LEDscreen

Folding  LED screens are an astounding display technology.

They serve as high-definition displays and can also be stored, providing great convenience to users, especially rental event customers.

Sphere LED screen is an LED panel with a spherical or hemispherical display surface that can display content within 360 degrees.

The most successful case is the Las Vegas spherical screen.

A transparent screen is a screen that has a certain degree of transparency but can play pictures and videos.

It can be installed on window glass and building exterior walls, without affecting the original background, and can be used for advertising.

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Creative LED Screen Hightlight

Creative LED screen advertisements have high brightness and bright colors, as well as unique shapes and technological aesthetics, which can make the advertisements more prominent and eye-catching, and increase the interactivity of the audience.

When creative LED screens are used for advertising, unique shapes and dynamic content can convey more information in a shorter period of time, attract more viewers’ attention, and improve advertising effectiveness.

creative LEDscreen case

Many usage scenarios

The brightness, full color, stability and eye-catching nature of creative LED displays make creative LED screens popular.

Customizability also allows it to adapt to the display needs of various scenarios.

Creative LED screens can be seen in museums, science and technology museums, shopping malls, squares, concerts, and even various streets and stores.

Why choose LEGIDATECH creative screen?

creative LED screen-case
sphere LED display-.jpg

LEGIDATECH professionally provide and only provide various Special-shaped screen. The professionalism of the service and the quality of the products are guaranteed.

We have a factory of more than 1,000 square meters in Shenzhen. From modules to boxes, they are all produced by automated machines and manually inspected and installed to ensure the quality and speed of shipments.

We have a dedicated production and R&D team and unique products designed by ourselves, which can reduce costs while ensuring material quality, and reduce price worries for customers.

LEGIDATECH’s LED displays cover the world, with thousands of cases. Moreover, the screen can be flexibly customized according to needs, including designs of different shapes, sizes and resolutions, which is something that many other screen suppliers cannot do.

LEGIDATECH——Your reliable led display factory

Focus on the R&D and sales of LED screen panels

How to choose different types of creative screens?

This needs to be decided based on usage scenarios and purposes. For example, to attract people, you can choose magic cube screen, spherical screen, or flexible screen.

Which creative LED display is the most advertising?

Each special-shaped screen is a great choice in the scene they fit. It depends on the purpose of your purchase. For details, you can ask LEGIDATECH to recommend it for you.

How to choose the pixel pitch of a creative screen?

Generally speaking, no matter what screen, you need to choose it based on the screen size and minimum viewing distance. The smaller the screen or the closer the viewing distance, the smaller the pixel pitch required.

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