Shelf LED Display for Supermarkets

Nowadays, supermarkets are the most common business entities in large, medium and small cities all over the world.

We observe that the supermarket inside the shelves of many cards written, goods introduction, details, barcode.

For supermarket employees, each time you replace and adjust the goods need to reprint the goods barcode, replacement!

This is a huge workload for the supermarket, and cumbersome, a waste of labour, waste of time.

Shelf LED Display for Supermarkets-5

In the LED display industry, there is now a kind of LED screen suitable for shelves, Shelf LED Display , which solves this tedious work and releases more labour and time.

It can display product details, dynamic and gorgeous video animation, more stimulate consumers to buy. It is more to play the role of advertising.

Shelf LED Display for Supermarkets-5

1.LED Shelf Screen Product Parameters

Thickness: 2cm

Weight: 1.5KG

Spacing: 1.875

Screen shell material: aluminium profile

Connection between the screen body: hard connection, support for hot-swap

Installation: small holes in the back cover of the screen body to support hanging, also supports magnet adsorption mounting

Shelf LED Display for Supermarkets-5

2.LED Shelf Screen Product Details

2.1 All-aluminium construction design with external power adapter. It can be installed independently or in cascade.

It is possible to display the inventory, display the layout and control the equipment, and actually manage the various connected items such as 4G, WIFI, USB, etc.

The main configuration of our Led shelf screen is P1.875 LED module and Novastar control system.

The products are available in four sizes, W300mm x H65mmx24.0mm; W600mm x H 65 mm x 24.0mm; W 900mm x H 65mmx 24.0mm; W 1200mm x H 65mmx24.0mm.

The modules are shockproof, waterproof and dustproof due to the lamp face filling process.

The main features are quick installation, independent control, and multi-end control integration is possible.

Shelf LED Display for Supermarkets-5


It means filling glue on the surface of lamp face.

The production process is, firstly, we produce P1.875 LED module according to normal procedure, then we fill the surface of LED module with glue.

When the glue dries, a strong protective layer is formed on the surface of the module.

Therefore, the LED shelf screen produced with GOB LED module will be shockproof, waterproof and dustproof.

Shelf LED Display for Supermarkets-5

2.3 LED Shelf Screen Fuction

LED shelves can display pictures, text, clocks and other contents at the same time;

Picture formats – mp, PG, PNG, g and other moving pictures.

Text format – xT,mtf,w.rd,PPT,Exce

Video formats – A,WA,MPG,RM/RWVB.M0V,MP4,FLW, etc.

Text display – single line text, static text, multi-line text

Screen division – can play two windows at the same time, multiple graphics, moving words, moving pictures, L0G0, date, time and week, weather forecast and other simultaneous playback, but also to achieve the

Free calculation function, different content in different districts.

OSD support – supports 32B true color 050, can choose any position to display, supports video/graphic and text integration, can also choose video and text overlay, supports different options such as full brightness, non-clearness and so on.

Synchronisation/choreography control–Support USB, W1F1, 4G, same port for debugging, uploading programmes, choreographing festivals, etc.

3.Advantages of LED shelf screen

3.1:LED shelf screen consists of GOB unit board, which is waterproof, dustproof, moisture-proof, anti-static and bump-proof, etc.

In the public places such as supermarkets and convenience stores with high flow of people, it is not only not afraid of touching, but also avoids damages caused by bumping.

Even in the fresh food area with high humidity, it can be used normally.

3.2:The near-surface light source GOB unit board plays high-definition price or promotional information of various commodities.

The picture is clear, soft and glare-free, which is more in line with the visual characteristics of the human eye.

3.3:Light weight, small thickness, compact size, the small holes in the back cover of the screen body support mounting on shelves, can also be mounted by magnet adsorption, easy to install and maximise space saving.

3.4:Single screen body using a hard connection between the connection with 4 screws reinforcement, support for hot plug and play, plug and play, assembly is simple and convenient easy to operate.

3.5:Adopting external 5V60A switching power supply, DC power supply, safer in use, providing reliable protection for the screen.

3.6:The outer shell is made of aluminium profiles and insulating rubber to provide multiple protection for the bar screen.

The inner part of the screen is made of heat dissipating resin, which keeps the normal working temperature of the bar screen at about 40℃.

3.7: Omit the traditional handwritten labels, loaded into the plastic sleeve cumbersome procedures.

In addition to the bar screen can play the price of goods in addition to pictures, but also rotating advertisements, more able to attract the attention of customers, stimulate customer desire to consume, and promote to enhance the turnover rate.

Shelf LED Display for Supermarkets-5

Author: Lucy Huang

1, What is the control system used for the LED shelf screen?

LED shelf screen with built-in NOVAX receiver card (same asynchronous), can be used with NOVAX transmitter card or multimedia control box (TB series) or video processor to control the display.

That is to say, you can regard the LED shelf screen as a regular display, with the control system to light up the screen.

The USB stick is inserted in the multimedia control box or video processor.


2,How to choose the number of control systems such as transmitter cards used for LED shelf screens?

Just calculate based on the number of points.


3,What kind of power supply is used for LED shelf screen?

Power supply external. You can use regular LED display power supply. A 30cm long shelf screen with maximum 20W.

200W power supply can take 8 to 10 strips. 60cm long shelf screen with maximum 40W. 200W power supply can take 4 to 5 strips. And so on.


4,Can I use power adapter for LED shelf screen?

According to the customer’s installation requirements fitted, the unit price is more expensive than ordinary LED display power supply.

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