A Ultimate Guide of P2.5 LED Screen

As LED display production technology becomes more and more mature, the pixel pitch of LED displays is getting smaller and smaller, and the resolution is getting larger and larger. p2.5 LED display has become the mainstream indoor or outdoor LED display.

the pixel pitch for p2.5 led screen is 2.5mm. This p2.5 led screen ultimate guide contains all the information about the p2.5 led screen you are looking for. Hope you can read this guide patiently.

Key technical parameters of indoor p2.5 LED screen:

Indoor p2.5 LED display point spacing: 2.5mm
Indoor p2.5 LED display brightness: 550CD/㎡
Indoor p2.5 LED display LEDS:2121 nationstar
Indoor p2.5 LED display refresh rate: 3840HZ
Indoor p2.5 LED display viewing angle: H/V160 degrees/160 degrees

Because the indoor p2.5 LED display screen has low brightness, it is only suitable for use in indoor places such as conference rooms, hotels, and bars. The advantage is that the price of indoor p2.5 Led display is relatively low.

Key technical parameters of outdoor P2.5 LED screeen:

Outdoor p2.5 LED display electrical spacing: 2.5mm
Outdoor p2.5 LED display brightness: 5500cd/㎡
Outdoor p2.5 LED display LEDS: SMD1415
Outdoor P2.5 LED display refresh rate: 3840HZ
Outdoor p2.5 LED display viewing angle: H/V160 degrees/160 degrees
Outdoor p2.5 LED display waterproof grade: IP65

Because the outdoor brightness is 4500CD/㎡ and the waterproof level is ip65. Whether it is sunny or rainy, the outdoor p2.5 LED display can still clearly display images and videos, and can work stably and continuously.

p2.5 LED screen is classified according to process production:

There are three types of p2.5 LED displays according to the production process: SMD p2.5 LED display, GOB p2.5 LED display and HOB p2.5 LED display.

The advantage of SMD p2.5 is mature production technology and low production cost.

The disadvantage is that during the installation of p2.5, the SMD2121 LED lamp beads can easily fall off and damage the integrity of the LED display.

Both GOB p2.5 LED display and HOB p2.5 LED display are based on the SMD p2.5 LED module. GOB or HOB glue is filled between the LED lamp beads.

The purpose of filling the glue is to protect the LED lamp beads. .

The price of GOB p2.5 LED display is higher than the price of SMD p2.5 LED display, but the price of HOB p2.5 is higher than the price of GOB p2.5 LED display.

Soft p2.5 LED display module:

Soft p2.5 LED display module means that the p2.5 LED module can be bent and folded arbitrarily without damaging the p2.5 LED module.

In this way, rolling and swing display effects can be designed according to customer needs, and arbitrary surface splicing can be achieved.

Suitable for making internal and external arc LED displays, cylindrical LED displays, sphere LED displays, and ring LED displays.

p2.5 Curved LED display


p2.5 cylindrical LED display

p2.5 LED screen cabinet:

LEGIDATECH provides customers with p2.5 LED display cabinets made of two different raw materials: 480×320mm cabinet and 640×480mm.

Advantages of P2.5 480×320mm front maintenance LED display: The LED cabinet uses a flame-retardant plastic bottom shell, which has low production cost, light weight and simple installation.

This saves customers transportation and installation costs.

P2.5 LED screen-ehonorIndoor P2.5 LED display-ehonor 

The advantage of p2.5 640×480 front maintenance LED display cabinet is that the LED cabinet use aluminum alloy material.

And the splicing accuracy is higher and the installation is simple.

The disadvantage is that the raw materials are expensive, which leads to an increase in production costs.

P2.5 LED screen-EDI

p2.5 640×480mm LED display cabinet-EDI

p2.5 Power supply for LED display:

Input voltage 110V-240W
Output: 5V 40A/5v 60A

P2.5 LED screen (2)

LEGIDATECH provides customers with power supplies for p2.5 LED displays of different brands.

For example, MEAN WELL Power Supply, G-energy Power Supply, Chuanglian Power Supply, etc.

p2.5 LED screen control system:

We provide customers with a variety of brands of p2.5 LED screen control systems. For example, LINSN, Novastar, Colorlight and many other brands.

These p2.5Led display control systems include synchronous LED display systems and asynchronous control systems. Meet customer needs in all aspects.

p2.5 LED display packaging:

In order to better protect the p2.5 LED display during transportation.

Our first step is to pack the p2.5LED display in cartons, and the second step is to pack the p2.5LED display in wooden boxes.

P2.5 LED screen-package

package by Carton

P2.5 LED screen-shipping

Wooden packing

Why choose p2.5 LED display produced by LEGIDATECH?

LEGIDATECH has 13 years of production and market experience.

According to different market needs, we have developed p2.5 rental LED display, p2.5 fixed LED display, p2.5 cylindrical LED display, and indoor p2.5 poster screen. , outdoor p2.5 poster screen, p2.5 conference all-in-one machine and other different types of p2.5 LED displays.

Our p2.5 LED display can support customization and custom production of creative LED displays of different shapes.

p2.5 Ultimate Guide to LED Display:

By reading the p2.5 Ultimate Guide to LED Displays, we have more options to better serve your customers and ultimately choose the right LED display.


1. Which places are indoor P2.5 LED screens suitable for?
Indoor P2.5 LED screens are suitable for places with good indoor environment waterproofing, such as business centers, shopping malls, exhibition halls, conference rooms, churches, etc.

2. Why does my indoor P2.5 LED screen have a black screen?
Power failure, poor signal line contact, control card failure and other reasons may cause a black screen. It is recommended to check the power and signal line connections. If a problem occurs, the relevant parts need to be replaced or repaired.

3. What are the installation methods for indoor P2.5 LED screens?
The installation methods of indoor P2.5 LED screens mainly include hoisting, wall hanging, ground support, etc. Choose the appropriate installation method according to the specific site requirements.

4. The indoor P2.5 LED screen I purchased is not bright enough. How can I adjust it?
You can adjust the brightness through the LED screen controller. Generally speaking, adjusting the brightness can solve this problem.

And If the brightness cannot be adjusted or the brightness is still insufficient, it may be caused by insufficient quantity of LED lamp beads or quality problems. It is recommended to contact the manufacturer for maintenance.

5. What is the lifespan of the lamp beads of the indoor P2.5 LED screen?
The lamp life of indoor P2.5 LED screens is usually more than 50,000 hours, and has the characteristics of long-term stable operation.

6. Can the indoor P2.5 LED screen be remotely controlled?
Yes, indoor P2.5 LED screens usually have remote control functions, and parameters such as screen brightness and content display can be adjusted remotely through the control system.

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