P2.5 Indoor Front Maintenance LED Display to Malaysia

Malaysian customer ordered P2.5 indoor front maintenance LED display from LEGIDATECH.

The size of the LED display is 4.8mx3.2m, and a total of 100 cabinets of 480mm×320mm need to be ordered.

Thank you to our customers for their trust in our company. We will continue to work hard to improve quality and reliable LED displays and deliver them within the production delivery date specified by the customer.

Complete production tasks within the time limit.

1. Key technical parameters of high-quality indoor p2.5 rental LED display module:

Indoor rental LED display module size: 320×160mm
Indoor LED display refresh rate: 3840HZ
Rental LED screen brightness: 800cd/㎡
Indoor rental LED display module resolution: 128×64
LED display module point spacing: 2.5mm
Indoor LED display LED module: nationstar 2121

2. p2.5 480×320 indoor front maintenance LED display cabinet

In order to provide customers with cost-effective products, we provide finished product p2.5 LED displays. The cabinet body is as shown in the figure:

The biggest advantage of this indoor p2.5 front maintenance rental LED display is that it is adsorbed on the iron and steel structure through strong magnetic force.

Even if your installation space is very small, it can be easily installed.

3. High-quality p2.5 rental LED display power supply

power input voltage is 220V, power output is 5V, 40A. The brand of power supply can be customized by customers.

4. High-quality control system

we provide customers with the familiar Nova control system, matched with Nova video processor V960. Nova receiving card is MRV412. As shown in the picture:

5. Indoor p2.5 For more production details of rental LED display screen

LEGIDATECH puts production quality first to ensure the quality of customer products.

6. p2.5 indoor front maintenance LED display screen to Malaysia

LEGIDATECH have prepared all accessories for customers and are waiting for customers to inspect the goods through video.

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