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Top 40 LED Screen Suppliers in Malaysia-Ultimate Ranking

Help you easily find TOP 40 LED display suppliers in Malaysia

Malaysia’s economic growth and urbanization will drive an increase in infrastructure construction and business activities. This will drive the demand for LED display, especially outdoor advertising LED display, rental LED display, stadium LED display, indoor LED display, conference all-in-one, small-pitch LED display is widely used. LED display market space is growing. LEGIDATECH sorted out this article of Top 40 LED Screen Suppliers in Malaysia-Ultimate ranking through the research and investigation of the Malaysian LED display market. These LED display suppliers can provide local LED display with stable quality, and stop to provide LED display insallation services and sustainable after-sales service.

1. bigscreen.my led screen supplier in Malaysia

Main Product:indoor led screen,outdoor led display,Fine pitch led display




Bigscreen.my is a well-known local LED display supplier in Malaysia.Bigscreen.my offers a wide range of LED display products and solutions, including smartboards, aiming to revolutionize audience engagement in businesses and educational institutions. They are committed to delivering high-quality products with industry-leading customer service. Additionally, they provide Indoor LED Display Rental Services.

bigscreen led screen supplier Malaysia
EXCEL LED screen supplier-2

2. EXCEL LED screen supplier Malaysia

Main Product: LED screen supplier with indoor LED screen; outdoor LED display; rental LED wall; LED poster

Website: EXCEL-LED.com

Email: Email: excel@excel-led.com

EXCEL LED is a highly skilled LED screen manufacturer that specializes in providing exceptional sales, rentals, and production services for all types of audiovisual events. Boasting an impressive thirteen years of experience in the industry, they offer state-of-the-art equipment and unparalleled industry knowledge. What sets them apart is their direct sales approach, offering competitive prices and an extensive inventory of both indoor and outdoor LED screen modules.

3. LEGIDATECH LED Screen supplier Malaysia

Main Product: LED screen supplier Provides LED displays for sports, transportation, and digital out-of-home advertising,rental led screen,outdoor led screen.



LEGIDATECH LED screen factory provides a variety of LED display products including custom and special-shaped screens for indoor and outdoor use, as well as rental displays. We also offer free solutions for different scenarios such as smart cities, churches, hotels, XR, airports, stages, shopping centers, and clubs. Our services include system solutions and steel structure installation.

With extensive experience in LED screen factory production and thorough market research, our company is dedicated to delivering a diverse range of LED display products that will exceed customer expectations. Our main offerings include custom LED displays, special-shaped screens, indoor LED screens, outdoor LED screens, and rental LED displays.


LEGIDATECH LED Screen factory-2
isrrk malaysia led screen supplier

4. israk malaysia led screen supplier

Main Product: Digital signage, LED display, smart board, video conference,LED Modules,led video wall and other products

Website: https://www.israk.my/led-screen/

Address:No 16, Wisma Arvia, Jalan IMP 1/1, Sinar Meranti Technology Park, 47120 Puchong, Selangor, malaysia.


Founded in 2010, israk has undergone constant technological change. israk is already able to provide LED display integration solutions for customers in Malaysia. Contains Digital signage, indoor LED display, and outdoor LED display, stage LED display, smart board, video conference, video wall and other products. israk provides LED display installation services and LED display repair services in Malaysia.ISRAK is a recommended local LED display supplier in Malaysia.


5. HELOLED malaysia led display supplier

Main Product: indoor led display,outdoor led screen,Mobile LED Event Truck rental,led screen rental

Website: https://heloled.com/



HeloLED is a well-known local LED display supplier in Malaysia. Through 10 years of development and the accumulation of LED display expertise, we can provide suitable LED display for different LED display application scenarios. HeloLED has been adhering to the principle of performance activities and international standards, and can provide LED display engineering and LED display rental services for Malaysian customers. In general, HeloLED can meet customer customization needs.

heloled supplier in malaysia
ledtronics led display supplier in malaysia

6.LEDTRONICS LED screen supplier in Malaysia

Main Product: indoor led display,outdoor led display,transparent led display


Tel: +60361586688


Address:E-3-3, Garden Office @ Encorp Strand,Jalan PJU 5/1, Kota Damansara,47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Founded in 1997, LEDtronics has more than 26 years of experience in LED display design and installation in Malaysia. There have been thousands of LED display cases, has become the pioneer of LED display and video screen in Malaysia, to provide customers with indoor LED display, outdoor LED display, transparent screen, stadium LED display. And to provide customers with continuous after-sales service.

7.qlleddisplay led screen supplier in Malaysia

Main Product: Q&L Trading was established in 2014 with a strong focus on the distribution of QiangLi Modules and LED Display products.




Address: 21, Jalan Pelanduk, Taman Pertama, 81000 Kulaijaya, Johor,Malaysia.

Q & L LED DISPLAY SDN. BHD. is a supplier of LED display boards. We mainly focus on both large and small projects. Our products are manufactured by Qiang Li, which is one of China’s top ten LED brands. We are the only dealer for Qiang Li in Malaysia. Our showroom and office are located in Kulaijaya, Johor, Malaysia.

We offer a variety of LED display boards, including large displays, indoor and outdoor full-color modules, semi-outdoor full-color modules, single and dual-color modules, and an innovative signboard system.

Our LED display boards are widely used in commercial projects, such as school displays, stage and ballrooms, outdoor advertisements, and shopping centers. With the LED boards, important messages can be easily displayed and quickly captured by people passing by.

qlleddisplay led screen supplier in Malaysia
ziyong led screen supplier in Malaysia

8. MegaScreen led manufacturer in Malaysia

Main Product:Provider indoor&Outdoor digital signage solutiongsWebsite:https://www.megascreen.com.my/

TEL:+6010-388 6233

Megascreen is Malaysia’s leading digital signage display solution, system integrated LED display manufacturer. Whether indoor or outdoor environments, Megascreen can provide customers with 3D LED displays and commercial LCDS and smart digital signage. And can accept customers to customize different shapes of digital signage. The services provided are LED display installation and maintenance.

9.Zoom visual Malaysia led screen supplier

Main Product: Zoom Visual also offer variety of LED screens from Outdoor LED Display Screen, Indoor LED Display Screen,

led screen NAKE 3D,Transparent LED Display Screen and many more in Malaysia

Website: https://zoomvisual.com.my/


Zoom Visual has extensive experience in installing LED displays and conducting research and development. We offer a wide range of LED display solutions for our customers in Malaysia, including outdoor, indoor, transparent, poster, and court LED displays. Our dedicated sales and after-sales team is focused on enhancing the branding and marketing efforts of Malaysian businesses to drive better results. Drawing from our successful track record in the LED display market in Singapore, we are poised to deliver exceptional service to the Malaysian government.

Planar led screen supplier
REV Interactive led screen display supplier

10. REV Interactive led screen display supplier

Main Product: The provided LED display screen includes Smart Film, Smart Glass, Smart Touch LED screen, Smart LED video wall, and Digital signage.


Tel: +603-5882 6216


REV Interactive is a global developer of Multi-Touch solutions, providing innovative hardware and software that eliminates the need for a keyboard or mouse in future computer applications. Their focus is on developing natural user interface solutions for the computer industry. They serve a wide range of markets with their advanced Multi-Touch technology.

11.PIXEN LED SCREEN SDN. BHD. led display supplier

Main Product: Provides  Grille LED Screen, Indoor LED Screen, Outdoor LED Screen, Rental  LED Screen, Scratch Proof  LED Screen and Transparent LED Screen.




Address:No. 18, Jalan USJ 7/3, USJ 7, Subang Jaya, 47610 Selangor, Malaysia.

PIXEN LED SCREEN SDN. BHD. established in 2004, is a leading LED screen supplier in Malaysia. They expanded into manufacturing automotive electronics in China and formed partnerships with technology companies. Their products are certified and exported worldwide.

pixen led display supplier in Malaysia
Interlight technology led screen manufacturer in Malaysia

12. interlight led screen manufacturer in Malaysia

Main Product: We offer Interactive Digital Signage, Standing LED Display, Touch Digital Display, DIP LED Screen, and Stadium Perimeter Screen.

Tel:+03-8071 8893

Address:2-2, Jalan Puteri 7/15,Bandar Puteri Puchong,47100, Selangor, Malaysia

Interlight is a leading LED display manufacturer in Malaysia, offering a wide range of indoor and outdoor display systems with strong materials and high project management standards. They also provide integrated LED display solutions and a variety of LED products for different industries. Their products are sleek, intelligent, and dynamic, offering exceptional content transmission. The Interlight Stadium Perimeter Screen is a cutting-edge, thin, transparent LED film that can be applied to any glass surface.


13. LEDKING LED screen supplier in Malaysia

Main Product:  LED King Company excels in LED Text Scrolling, LED E-Bunting, Stadium LED, Transparent LED, LED screen for XR, Digital Display, etc.


Tel: +6012-3172468 (Jordan)

Email: ledkingpj1@gmail.com

LEDKING SDN BHD offers diverse LED display products for indoor and outdoor useincluding single-color and full-color displays. They also provide rental services for events and professional lighting and sound system installations, with a dedicated customer service team.

ledking led screen suppier in Malaysia
symphony led screen supplier in malaysia

14.symphony led screen supplier

Main Product:Free and flexible customization of different sizes of LED display, to provide different creative LED display

Website: https://www.symphony-led.com/

Tel:  +603 6189 9696

Symphony Illuminates, established in 2007, is a leading visual media company in Malaysia specializing in LED screens. Growing rapidly, we meet the increasing demand for LED in Malaysia and neighboring countries. Our team of specialists is dedicated to uncovering new technologies and maximizing the benefits of LED for our customers. We prioritize after-sales service and believe in maintaining LED to maximize customer investment. With services ranging from design to repair, Symphony Illuminates is a one-stop solution for the market.

15.VASTCOMP HOLDINGS SDN BHD led screen supplier in Malaysia

Main Product: provide excellent digital products and led display

Website: https://www.vcgroup.com.my/index.html

Tel: +603-5131 3929

Vastcomp Group has been providing advanced technology solutions and professional services to clients since 2005. Our team of skilled IT professionals is passionate about developing high-quality enterprise software and maintaining strong relationships with our clients. Based in Malaysia, we specialize in customizable self-service machines and enterprise software solutions. Our software is created by our expert in-house engineers who take a consultative approach to development. We talk to our customers to understand their needs and goals, so we can create software that boosts performance and productivity.


vastcomp led screen suppier in Malaysia
LEDSCREENEXPERT LED screen manufacturer

16. ledscreenexpert led sceen supplier

Main Product: led screen rental ,sports led screen,LED screen for club


Tel: +6019-820 9343

Email: africkhaw@gmail.com

LEDSCREENEXPERT specializes in indoor & outdoor LED screen, digital signage, digital kiosk, interactive smartboard, video wall. Headquarters: Bukit Mertajam, Penang, Malaysia. Consider investing in LED screen for brand image and customer engagement.

17.DOREMI LED screen manufacture in Malaysia

Main Product: DOREMi led screen supplier offer services such as indoor LED display screen rental, outdoor LED display screen rental, and LED truck rental,led screen for stage

Website: https://www.doremievent.com/led-screen/

Email: online@doremi.com.my

DOREMi has 40+ years of led screen manufacture experience, focusing on creating positive, unique, and memorable experiences for your target audience. We offer comprehensive event management services, allowing you to focus on other matters while we take care of the production. Our team will be present at your event, ensuring its success. DOREMi Services & Rental is a worldwide company that specializes in event production and management. They offer a range of services, including audio systems, lighting systems, music instrument rentals, truss, and staging. We have supported over 38,000 projects and have a strong presence internationally.

DOREMI LED Manufactruer
PROSIGN LED screen supplier in Malaysia

18.Prosign led screen in Malaysia

Main Product:lightbox, 3D Signage led display, Neon Signage, outdoor led display

Website: https://www.prosign.com.my/

Tel:  +6012-333 2474

Email: prosign2005@gmail.com

Pro-Sign Advertising Sdn Bhd manufactures signboards and LED screens for the advertising industry. We also serve the catering industry, retailers, government sectors, and offer a variety of customized signboards such as lightboxes, 3D signage LED displays, neon signage, and outdoor LED displays. Contact us for inquiries..

19.Altaas led screen

Main Product: shelf led display,indoor pop mete display,indoor LCD display for retail and showroom,LED screen for church


Tel: +6016-396 6868

Email: info@altaaslogies.com

altaasl of Management team in Data Communication & R&D industry since 1992. Managed projects in various sectors with System Integrator & Networks PartnersAnalog Data V.34, FSO Wireless, Fiber, VoIP, TDM Mux, xDSL/HDSL solutionsImplemented projects in Telco, Government, Banking, University, Power Plant, Oil & Gas, North-South Highway and more. Expanded to help clients & resellers with Interactive Flat Panel, LCD/LED Display, Facial RecognitionSmart Solutions, ProjectorsWindow Smart Film.Implemented projects with Retail Showroom, Hospital, Transportation, Builder and Housing Developer. Alliance with SAMSUNG, ALMEDIC, LG, MOXA, VISUALEADER, MEANWELL.


ALTAAS LED screen supplier
digitalite led screen supplier Malaysia

20. digitalite led screen in Malaysia

Main Product:LED Screen Panels Rental,Stage and Structure Design,Lighting and led display control System Design,AV and Lightings Systems Rental


Tel:  +6012- 641 6388


digitalite led screen supplier provide AV lighting system and equipment rental services. We provide professional advice on LED screen panels, audio, lighting, and special video projection systems. digitalite led screen company offer LED screen rental and permanent installation in Malaysia, specializing in customized events and maintaining professionalism and confidentiality. digitalite led screen manufacturer  are ideal for outdoor and night events due to their visibility and clarity.

21.Twin City Advertech Sdn Bhd led screen Malaysia

Main Product: led slimlight box,led indoor display panel,LED outdoor display panel,LED screen for shopping


Tel: (+60)6 763 0628


Twin City Advertech Sdn Bhd, established in 2002, specializes in manufacturing innovative LED light boxes, LED display TVs, and various signages. We have expanded our production and distribution in Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia to meet local and international market needs. We are the sole manufacturer in Malaysia for various LED products, including slim light boxes, flashing light boxes, crystal light boxes, and more. Our commitment to exceptional services and quality products gives us a competitive edge in the market.

Digital Media Systems in Malaysia
LED Vision Sdn Bhd led screen in Malaysia

22.LED Vision Sdn Bhd LED screen in Malaysia

Main Product: LED TRUCK,LED billboard


Address:Malaysia Office: 24-2 Jalan 14/149L, Bandar Baru Seri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.

LED Vision Sdn Bhd is a prominent LED display screen company in Malaysia. They offer a wide range of LED products and services for various industries, including oil & gas, transportation, and electronics. LED Vision has grown over the years and introduced the AdvanLED brand for LED application products and AdvanCTi for IoT products. Their core businesses include LED display, LED traffic products, LED lighting, and smart lighting solutions.

23.LEDSIGNAGE ENGINEERING led display in Malaysia


Website: https://ledsign.com.my/index.html


Email: info@dvsledsystems.com

LEDSIGNAGE ENGINEERING (MA0240928-T) was established and is led by a team of experienced and highly skilled professionals. At LED Sign, we specialize in turning your visions into reality by providing a diverse range of customized LED displays designed to meet your specific requirements, for both indoor and outdoor use. LEDSign boasts a robust technical team with over 10 years of expertise, dedicated to developing truly captivating and interactive LED visualization solutions.

LED Sign led display in Malaysia
JS led display in Malaysia

24.JS LED display supplier in Malaysia

Main Product:  Provides led screen/led wall and lcd display solution


Tel:+604-398 5188

J S LED (M) SDN BHD is a premium Digital display provider in Malaysia. Our products can be seen in various locations such as hotels, retail stores, conference rooms, and overhead bridges. We offer LED signage, LCD signage, LED parts, and customizable solutions. Our goal is to provide high-quality signage solutions at a low cost. We are the leading LED supplier in Malaysia and our vision is to create a colorful and vivid world. Contact our customer service team for custom orders and assistance.


25.Prostage led display in malaysia

Main Product:Various meetings, performances, and conference planning include stage, lighting, and LED screen production and rental services.

Website: https://www.prostage.com.my/

Tel: +6012 – 223 0291


ProStage Entertainment is a company that can organize any kind of event, including corporate, private, or school events. We are known for our creativity, attention to detail, and professionalism, making us one of the top event companies in Malaysia. We offer LED video screen rental with high resolution and light weight. We also provide different kinds of dance performances and short dance courses. Additionally, we provide excellent stage performances from live bands for functions, hiring only the best musicians.

prostage led display in malaysia


Main Productled screen panel ,professional audio system,lcd monitor


Email: kevinesh.rana@gmail.com

CK Event Organizers is a leading event management company in Malaysia with offices in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Johor Bahru. They specialize in fulfilling customer needs and organizing various occasions. Founded in 2003, the company has served local clients, business companies, educational institutes, research conferences, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, and corporate functions. They also provide services in nearby states and major cities of Malaysia.

27. avsolutions led screen in Malaysia

Main Product:  provides audio, led video wall and lighting


Tel: +603.6272.8905/6


Address:AV Solutions Integrated Sdn. Bhd.No 2 Jalan Tembaga SD 5/2F
Bandar Sri Damansara ,52200 Kepong Kuala Lumpur

AV Solutions Integrated is a national, full-service supplier of audio-visual, staging and technical support for conferences, meetings, exhibitions, trade shows and other events. Offering the latest in video, audio, and lighting equipment, AV Solutions is committed to providing a superior audio visual staging experience for the MICE Industry. Trust us for competitive pricing and outstanding experience.

AV SOLUTIONS LED screen in Malaysia
e.colossal led display in Malaysia

28. e.colossal led screen supplier in Malaysia

Main Product:LED display system,digital printing ,led display


Tel: +60182527826


 E.Colossal offers trusted services as LED screen suppliersThey provide a wide range of indoor and outdoor LED screens, digital billboards, and fabric light boxesContact them with your requirements and their team of professionals will take care of installation.

29. vseries led display supplier in malaysia

Main Product: outdoor led screen,indoor led screen,facade led,

LED screen for airport


Tel:+6011-1011 1181

V-Series was founded in 1999 by Stone Foo as a touch screen design company for mobile phones and monitors. It gained international recognition and expanded its services to phone and LED display manufacturers. Despite early success, V-Series moved away from touch screen design and found a new opportunity in the karaoke systems market. They created the world’s first digital karaoke system, which led to significant business growth and advancements in the industry. As the market shifted towards online industries, V-Series adapted once again and became an IoT Solution Manufacturer, helping businesses transition to the digital world.

vseries led display in Malaysia
gigsmore led screen in malaysia

30. Gigsmore led screen supplier in malaysia

Main Product:Stage Entertainment, LED screen Entertainment,Foyer Entertainment

Website: https://www.gigsmore.com/

Tel: https://www.gigsmore.com/

Email: hugoteoh126@gmail.com

Gigsmore is Malaysia’s leading event entertainment booking agency, dedicated to ensuring unforgettable experiences. Gigsmore has done over 5000 LED display events in Southeast Asia, so they are the best choice for any occasion.
Whether you’re planning a corporate function or a private gathering, Gigsmore has you covered. We offer a variety of gigs, talented performers, LED display performances, engaging activities, delicious food options, carnival booths, and event support. We go above and beyond to bring joy and excitement to your event, making it a truly unforgettable experience.
Choose Gigsmore for your next corporate or private event, and let us transform your vision into a spectacular reality.

31. MAXLED led screen supplier in malaysia

Main Product: LED Message Displays,LED Custom 3D Logo & Letter Signs,
Soldr Powerec LED Road Safety Signs


Tel: +603-3290 4092


MAX LED DISPLAY TECHNOLOGIES (M) SDN. BHD. provides high-quality LED screen display technologies in Southeast Asia through a joint-venture with Speedy BestMalaysia. The company utilizes advanced technology and machinery to produce a wide range of LEDs for various applications. The LED screen factory covers 10,000 sq. meters and boasts a first-class automatic LED production line. Max LED’s team is dedicated to providing top-notch products and customer service, offering warranties on all its LED products.


32. sengeco led screen supplier in Malaysia

Main Product:  LED Display Module,Control ManagementSystem,

Video Processor,LED Video Player,Interactive SmartboardTV




Established in 2014, SENGECO (M) SDN BHD has been the trendsetter in the LED display industry in Malaysia by offering an incredible breadth of custom, quality, durable, innovative, and award-winning solutions that capture the imagination and surpass our client’s expectations.

33. ids beyond media led screen supplier in Malaysia

Main Product: Bringing all businesses’ visions to life with high-performance LED display for both indoor & outdoor in any size & shape.


Tel:+6010-388 6233


IDS is a LED display supplier in Malaysia. We collaborate with SMEs on important projects. SME provides us with a range of Samsung products, including Smart LED Signage, Smart Signage, LED video wall, Magic Info CMS, and Samsung Flip. We are a leading service provider for digital signage solutions in Malaysia

ids beyond media sdn bhd led screen supplier in Malaysia
luxtac led display supplier in Malaysia

34.luxtac led display supplier in Malaysia

Main Product:Indoor led screen ,outdoor led screen ,led light,

hotel LED display


Tel:03-7865 6683


LuxTac specializes in enhancing residential and commercial spaces with stunning LED screen ambience. We specialize in turning our clients’ LED display ideas into reality through expert consultancy and design services. We elevate every aspect of your living space with LED display designs that perfectly match your desires.
Lighting doesn’t simply improve visibility; it extends your architectural design, complements your interior decor, influences purchasing behavior, and much more. This is our expertise: bringing life to spaces through luminosity.

35. Allo led screen supplier in Malaysia

Main Product:  Outdoor led screen,indoor led screen,stair led display



Address: Level 3, Left Wing,College of Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT) UNITEN,43000 Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia.

Allo Technology Sdn. Bhd. is excited to introduce our brand new full motion landscape outdoor LED screen and indoor LED screen, strategically located at the main junction of Enterprise Building 3. Situated amidst a breathtaking living wall, this exceptional location is strategically positioned to capture the attention of traffic from Persiaran Multimedia and Persiaran APEC, which are renowned as the busiest streets in Cyberjaya.

Allo led screen supplier in Malaysia


Main ProductPre-event Planning and Conceptualization, 3D Design and Technical Plans,Event Production,Event Day Management and Coordination,  Rental Services



Email: niceeventsasia@yahoo.com

Nice Events Asia is a top LED display event production and management company in Malaysia. They are well respected in the LED display industry and known for their expertise in providing excellent LED screen solutions for events and entertainment. It has a unique approach that sets it apart from the competition, leading to over 15 years of success. Nice Events Asia has grown a lot and now has over 100 skilled employees. It is looking for dynamic and talented individuals to join its development team.

37. tisen led screen in Malaysia

Main ProductDigital Screen,Exterior LED Screen,Interior LED Screen

 Tel: +6018-233 3500


TISEN is a well-known LED display screen supplier in Malaysia. The company offers products such as Digital Screen, Exterior LED Screen, Interior LED Screen, and also provides custom LED display screen services. They have a first-class installation team and after-sales team.

digital outdoor led screen supplier in Malaysia

38.digital outdoor led screen supplier in Malaysia

Main Product:Glasses-Free 3D Billboard,outdoor led screen,

led billboard,Airport Digital Screen


ledscreenads.com is a website that specializes in digital out-of-home advertising. Advertisers can place ads on digital screens in our network with our assistance. Digital outdoor advertising allows for ads with movement, like video ads seen on platforms such as YouTube and social media. Digital OOH is more attractive due to its ability to display moving ads.

39. Powerscreen led screen supplier in Malaysia

Main Product: outdoor led screen ,rental led screnn,indoor led screen

Website: https://www.powerscreen.com.my/

Tel:+6 03 7955 8000

Address:  A-L2-01 ,Empire Damansara,2, Jalan PJU 8/8A, Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Hi-Q Media is a subsidiary of Prolexus Bhd and the first LED Screen Owner & Operator in Malaysia. We proudly oversee the largest Digital Out-Of-Home TV network, consisting of 14 PowerScreens strategically placed across 7 market centers. They support freedom of speech and ideas and are characterized by passionate individuals who are dedicated to discovering a better path.

Powerscreen led screen supplier in Malaysia
BigStar led screen supplier in malaysia

40. BigStar led screen manufacturer in malaysia

Main Product:global leading led display manufacturer,indoor commercial LED Display,outdoor 3D LED display,rental led display,DOOH led display

Website: https://www.bigstarled.com.my/

Tel:603-6731 0744

Email: enquiry@bigstarled.com.my

Address: No. 10, Jalan Tago 6,Taman Perindustrian Tago,52200 Kuala Lumpur,

Bigstar LED is a global leader in LED display manufacturer. We have expanded to Malaysia to improve after-sales support for our customers. We are proud to announce that we have become the regional distributor of Colorlight LED controllers, allowing us to offer customized displays that can accurately reflect local weather conditions. We also provide quality after-sales service, warranties, consultations, and repair services in Malaysia.

Conclusion of Top 40 LED Screen Suppliers

After conducting research and data analysis on the LED display screen market in Malaysia, we have come up with the “Top 40 Ultimate List of LED Display Screen Suppliers in Malaysia”. This ranking comprehensively evaluates various dimensions such as product quality, technological innovation, market share, customer feedback, and brand influence, with the aim of objectively revealing the leading brands and top products in the LED display screen industry in Malaysia.
In the “Top 40 Ultimate List of LED Display Screen Suppliers in Malaysia”, we are pleased to discover that leading brands in the industry continue to invest in technological innovation and product quality, driving rapid development in the LED display screen industry in Malaysia. These brands not only include a few LED display screen brands from China, but also include local LED display suppliers and manufacturers in Malaysia, demonstrating strong competitiveness in the international market.
Through the “Top 40 Ultimate List of LED Display Screen Suppliers in Malaysia”, we can clearly see the strengths, weaknesses, and overall development trends among various brands. At the same time, this ranking provides valuable reference information for consumers, helping them make wise choices among numerous brands and models.。
Choose LEGIDATECH, Choose Quality.  Good Luck!
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