P6.67 Outdoor LED Display to Malaysia

Today, the sales manager of LEGIDATECH will guide customers on how to purchase p6.67 outdoor LED display! Below I will use the actual case of an Malaysia customer purchasing a p6.67 outdoor LED display from our company to understand how to purchase an p6.67 outdoor LED display.

The story:

The Malaysia customer said: We needs to make an 8m×6m outdoor waterproof led screen.

Sales manager SAM said: We recommend you the OK series p6.67 outdoor led display. The outdoor LED display cabinet size is 960×960mm!

Because your display area is not large enough, you use high-resolution outdoor p6.67. The size of your display is finally determined to be: 7.2m×5.76m.

Then Malaysia customer said: How bright should our LED display be when exposed to the sun?

Sam said: Our recommended brightness is 7500CD per square meter! It can still display clear images and videos clearly under the sun!

shopping mall LED display

And then said: Please go to the site and take a photo. Through the photo, we can determine the installation method of the outdoor advertising LED display!

Finally, through the on-site photos, we know that the installation method was to be installed on the wall of a shopping mall!

The sales manager said: LEGIDATECH will draw steel structure drawings for you through CAD software! This way you can clearly know how to install it.


P6.67 Outdoor LED Display Key technical parameters:

outdoor led display Cabinet size: 960×960mm

outdoor led display Brightness: 7500cd per square, can clearly display advertising videos!

Refresh rate: 3840HZ, so that our eyes will not be hurt when watching advertising videos!

High-quality p6.67 outdoor  LED module: The size of the LED module is 480×320mm. The frame of the module is an aluminum frame, which can better dissipate heat for the LED display circuit board!

p6.67outdoor LED display

p6.67 LED screen cabinet:

LEGIDATECH’s p6.67 LED screen cabinet is made of the latest one-piece molding technology, and the material is aluminum!

In this way, the p6.67 outdoor LED display can work normally and stably under good temperature conditions!

p6.67outdoor LED display-
Control system of  P6.67 outdoor display screen:

The control system of the p6.67 outdoor LED board is NOVASTAR, and the name of the receiving card is nova 5AS PLUS.

p6.67outdoor LED display-receiving card
p6.67 Power supply for outdoor waterproof led screen:

Input voltage: 110V-220V
Output voltage: 4.2V-5V


p6.67 outdoor LED display is aging for 72 hours in LEGIDATECH’s workshop.


p6.67outdoor LED display-aging (2) p6.67outdoor LED display-aging p6.67outdoor LED display-cabinet
P6.67 Outdoor LED Display to Malaysia:

p6.67outdoor LED display-packing


During the process of communicating with customers, we need to know the size of the screen wall, its purpose, installation location, and any special requirements the customer has, etc.

LEGIDATECH will provide customers with pre-sales consulting services, produce a complete set of quotations, free CAD structural drawings and after-sales training, etc.

Through OK series of p6.67 outdoor LED display trading and production processes!



1. ) What is P6.67 LED display?
P6.67 LED display is a type of full-color LED screen with a pixel pitch of 6.67MM. Generally referred to as P6 LED screen.


2. ) When to choose P6.67 LED screen?
(1) When the minimum viewing distance is about 6 meters.      (2) When the screen is larger.

Still need to consider the comprehensive budget, installation location, and resolution issues.


3. )Where can P6 LED screen be used?
Shopping malls, outdoor advertising, stadiums and other places with high traffic.

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