LEGIDATECH Market Solutions

In smart cities, LED screens can broadcast real-time city monitoring, traffic navigation and other information to improve city management efficiency
In the 3D field, LED billboards can present more realistic 3D effects and provide an immersive viewing experience
In churches, LED video walls can play religious background videos, providing a more magnificent religious ceremony
In hotel meetings, LED display screens can display speech slides, meeting agendas and other content to improve the meeting effect
In virtual shooting, the LED display screen can be used for background projection to build various scenes to achieve the effect of virtual shooting
At the airport, LED displays can display flight information and advertisements to facilitate passengers to obtain information
On the stage, the LED display can present wonderful and gorgeous lighting effects, adding more highlights to the performance
In shopping malls, LED panels are an ideal medium to promote products and attract customers' attention
In the bar, the LED display can flash colorfully, pushing the atmosphere to a climax
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