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Hotel LED Display:

 Enhancing Your Stay with Modern Technology
  • The well-designed hotel display shows endless luxury and comfort. The high-definition large screen and delicate and clear pictures bring a visual feast to the guests.
  • The smart touch function allows you to instantly understand the various services and activities of the hotel with just one touch. The information is updated in real time so that you will not miss any important news.
  • The unique design highlights the personality and taste of the hotel. Whether it is a business trip or a leisure vacation, this hotel display is your best choice.
  • Make your stay experience more perfect and enjoy the infinite charm of the hotel.

Hotel LED display is necessary

People can always see all kinds of high-tech products in their lives, which makes us feel dazzled. We not only enjoy the efficiency and convenience brought by technology, but also better communicate with the outside world. The LED display mainly conveys effective information to the audience through the presentation and playback of information and videos. When people travel or travel on business, they often stay in hotels, and they can also see the use of hotel LED displays.

Hotel entrance/front desk and lobby

Hotels can use LED screens for advertising, such as broadcasting travel guides and recommended routes for scenic spots, to attract guests to stop and watch and stay. It can also promote hotel or local special dishes, preferential activities, meeting rooms and auditoriums, etc., to attract more guests to stay.

Display and publish hotel information: such as hotel name, address, phone number, website, etc. As well as meeting room reservations, restaurant menus, weather forecasts, etc., it is convenient for guests to understand various information about the hotel.

Meeting room

The Led screen can display the speaker’s PPT, video and other content to improve the effect and participation of the meeting. It also means that you can display high-quality images and videos in meetings, making meetings more vivid, intuitive and effective. This is very important both internally and externally as it helps you communicate better and understand the other side’s point of view. Secondly, the LED display can also provide real-time information updates, such as weather forecasts, news reports, etc., so that participants can better understand the current situation and trends.

Hotel hall

By playing exquisite pictures and videos, setting interactive games and other careful design and layout, the LED display can become an important visual element in the hotel wedding venue, adding a romantic and unique atmosphere. Can be combined with other decorations and lighting effects to create an unforgettable wedding or banquet scene.

The use of LED display screens in hotels can provide a variety of functions and effects, provide better service and experience for hotels, and at the same time improve the brand image and market competitiveness of hotels.

LEGIDATECH has 13 years of experience in display screens, and has designed hundreds of indoor display screen projects. For hotel display screens, we have professional high-end customized solutions.

Cases of This Solution

Size: 2m×5m

Product: H series p3.9

Location:led screen in Russia

Size:  7m×3m; 84panels

Product: E-Pround P2.6

Location:  Davao, Philphines

Size: 6m×3m; 72 panels

Product: EDI  P2.5

Location: Videotran in Indonisia

Size: 9m×5m; 180panels

Product: E-Honor P3.9

Location: Led screen in Argentina

Size:  5m×3m;×3; 180panels

Product: E-Pround P2.9

Location:  in Davao, Philphines

Size: 3m×2m

Product: H series p2.9

Location: Logos, Nigeria

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KTV, hotels and other places generally use indoor display screens. LEGIDATECH is very experienced in this area. We recommend some indoor display screens, as well as some stage screens.

Product Feature Box

The brightness of the church LED display
High brightness
Easy to maintainance
Refresh Rate
3840 high refresh rate
light weight

A successful presentation of LEGIDATECH factory

Customer visit

Russian customers have been in contact all the time, and finally decided to come to China to visit LEGIDATECH factory and confirm the quality of our products. We also explain to them the details of each production step one by one.

Discuss long-term cooperation matters

After a series of visits and explanations, the customer thinks that LEGIDATECH are a trustworthy supplier and also has high-quality display screens, so they decided to talk about cooperation

Successful signing

After 2 hours of negotiation, we successfully signed a 3-year cooperation period, and LEGIDATECH became the customer’s only display supplier, and also provided customers with priority services and high-quality screens.

How do your products ship to my country?

LEGIDATECH are a professional foreign trade company with 13 years of experience. We have forwarder who can ship the product to your country port or even your address.

It is our duty to solve problems for customers,all you need to do is choose a good product

What type of screen is suitable for the hotel to install?

Different displays can be installed in different locations of the hotel.

Auditorium: stage rental screen

Hall: poster machine/hanging screen;

Conference room: indoor fixed installation screen with small spacing – clearer office;

Where can I find your company?

LEGIDATECH has offices in Shenzhen and Hunan, overseas offices and partners in Nigeria, the United States, Malaysia and South Africa. We can receive visiting customers to see products.

What kind of hotel display should be chosen?

There are countless couples getting married in hotels every year, and in order to be more competitive, hotels have purchased LED displays. But for those who are not familiar with it, what display should the hotel choose?


It is the middle of the stage installed a LED video wall. Both sides of the stage can be decorated with KT boards, spray paint or cloth curtains and yarn, LED screen in which the proportion is not a lot, just so that people can see the picture only. This indoor LED display is common in hotels, before booking the hotel can let them light up the LED screen to see the picture quality, but most of the hotel models in the P4, P5 or even P6, the picture quality is relatively backward. It is recommended to choose P3 to improve the display effect.
Conference, a small meeting is also used this indoor backdrop screen.


The main LED screen is placed in the centre, and with the auxiliary screens on both sides, it forms a stage backdrop with a holistic design. The visual enjoyment when playing video is awesome, and the LED screen has the effect of atmospheric integration. After the wedding starts, the main screen is used for live broadcasting the wedding, and the auxiliary screens on both sides can play photo videos or gorgeous videos to create an effect.
The annual meeting of major companies usually choose this type of  led display screen

Big Mac style

The background of the whole stage is a huge LED screen, all the logos, images and pictures are displayed through this oversized LED screen, guests can see the LED screen 360° without dead angle.
The launch party used this type of screen.


The background of the stage is still integral, the centre is set to open and close, and the LED screen is set on both sides of the face. Convenient for both sides of the audience to see to watch.Many meetings in order to take care of both sides of the audience will also choose such a screen.

How to choose the size of the display screen?

Generally speaking, we recommend that customers follow the ratio of 16:9, and it is better to choose a rectangular size, such as 4m:3m. For good results, we suggest that the size of the display screen should not be smaller than 3m:2m.

can I be your local distributor?


We welcome every friend who intends to cooperate with us. If you feel that our screen is very good after purchasing and using it, and want to discuss cooperation with us, we will show the greatest sincerity to reach a cooperation with you. You help us open up the market in your area, and we become your supplier and the support behind it, no matter in terms of price, quality or transportation, we will do our best.

Because in our opinion, your invitation is a manifestation of high recognition of our products.

I got an offer from someone else for a lot cheaper than your screen

Our company welcomes customers to compare our products with others, but I hope not only to compare prices, but also to compare quality, so that you can know why others are cheaper.

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