Digital signage LED billboard-OK series

OK Series outdoor led billboard screen is a 7-star level product. Its a high brightness led billboard screen with IP65 waterproof level.

  • Pixel pitch: P5.7/P6/P8/P10
  • Configuration: SMD
  • Customized module size: 480x320mm
  • Cabinet size:960x960mm
  • Cabinet material: aluminum cabinet
  • Resolution: 3840hz
  • High brightness: 6500cd
  • Service way: front &rear service

Outdoor big digital led screen billboard-OK series


Front and rear double maintenance

To help customers better maintain their outdoor led screen billboard, LEGIDATECH have designed front and rear dual maintenance channels for the OK series, no maintenance access, low installation and maintenance cost.

The module and power box can be quickly assembled and maintained from the  front

Super energy saving

Considering the energy consumption of outdoor advertising led screen, LEGIDATECH specially developed an energy-saving advertising billboard, which saves 40% compared with ordinary screens.

Outdoor advertising displays are designed to be energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. They consume low power, reducing energy costs and minimizing their carbon footprint.

What is special about the OK series

480×320mm private die-casting sealed module; Unique cabling with customized circuit box;

Slim body only 77mm ,Half thinner than ordinary screens; Double input all works

Multi panel size: 960×320mm, 960×640mm, 960×960mm, 960×1280mm

IP 65 Waterproof

IP65 Waterproof level+ vehicle used waterproof reinforcement rubber rings, double waterproof barriers, never afraid water leak in and work for longer lifespan

The connection between led module and cabinet is made of side waterproof ring

3D large billboard can be realized

Ok series supports right angles and curved angles, the best choice for creating 3D large screens

Six common installation methods

Single column installation method: suitable for small screen applications

Double column installation method: suitable for large screen applications

Cantilever type: This method is mostly used indoors and semi-outdoors

Roof type: Wind resistance is the key to this installation method, and it is generally installed with an inclined angle

Wall-mounted: This installation method is usually used indoors or semi-outdoors

Mosaic type: the entire LED large screen is embedded in the wall, and the display plane is at the same level as the wall

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Outdoor LED screen parameter

BRIGHTNESS 6500CD 6500CD 6500CD 6500CD
GRAY SCALE 65536 65536 65536 65536
REFRESH RATE 3840HZ 3840HZ 3840HZ 3840HZ
PIXEL PER PANEL 168×168 144X144 120X120 96X96
PIXEL PER SQM 30625 22498 15625 10000
VIEWING ANGLE 140/140 degree 140/140 degree 140/140 degree 140/140 degree
POWER COMSUNPTION 250W/650W 250W/650W 250W/650W 250W/650W
VOLTAGE 100/240V 100/240V 100/240V 100/240V
CABINET SIZE 960X960X77MM 960X960X77MM 960X960X77MM 960X960X77MM
CABINET WEIGHT 28kgs 28kgs 28kgs 28kgs

Details of the 3D led display panel

3D big billboard
Die-casting aluminum cabinet
Dust-proof sceen
40% energy saving
Fire-proof display
Brightness up to 10000cd
Die-casting sealed module
IP65 waterproof
Moisture-proof screen

Information available for reference and download

The commercial value behind the naked eye 3D screen billboard

Compared with traditional LED outdoor large screens, the development of naked-eye outdoor 3D big screens not only further enhances the image of the city, empowers the local economy, and revitalizes commercial vitality under the new consumption trend, but also enhances visual shock and interactivity, and can greatly Improve advertising effectiveness.

For the city, the large outdoor billboard with great imagery and the surrounding buildings have already evolved into a symbol of the city. The outdoor 3D billboard technology has a sense of space, which successfully attracts traffic to business districts and commercial complexes, and enhances audience participation. Activating the commercial value of the business district has also promoted the improvement of the city’s soft power and local economy.

Judging from the landing locations of 3D billboards screen, they are all distributed in important business districts such as cities. Big cities in various countries have begun to realize the importance of 3D screens and are competing to introduce  3D outdoor advertising led display screens.

LEGIDATECH LED screen display cases

What is outdoor 3D display?

3D display technology is a new type of display technology, compared to the common 2D display technology (such as LCD , LED screen, projection screen, etc.), 3D LED display technology can make the picture become three-dimensional realistic, the image is no longer confined to the screen, as if out of the outside of the screen, so that the audience have the feeling of immersion.

How Can We Guarantee Quality?

A: Seven quality control steps ensure your ordered screens good:
1).Suppliers are long-term cooperated large famous company.
2).Material check by professional workers and machines.
3).Debug every modules.
4). 48-hour aging test for all modules before assembling.
5).Test every cabinet’s function after assembling by engineers and machines.
6).72-hour aging test for whole screen before shipment.
7). All details final inspection again before package.

What's your payment term? How long is your delivery time ?

A: We accept T/T ,ALIBABA Trade Assurance ,Paypal ,Western Union. At least 50% deposit in advance, and the balance should be paid before delivery. Our average Production time is 7-15working days after receiving the           deposit.If your order is rapidly urgent, we can arrange your order firstly.

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