The era of 5D club is coming!

LEGIDATECH Indoor LED screen for KTV club

  • More and more KTVs and clubs are beginning to use high-definition displays to enhance the entertainment experience. These displays have amazing picture quality and powerful sound effects, making people feel like they are in a fascinating music world.
  • In KTV, these displays can play MV and lyrics, allowing singers to focus more on singing and customers to follow songs more easily. In the club, these displays can play gorgeous lighting effects and various visual effects, instantly igniting the enthusiasm of the entire dance floor.
  • No matter in KTV or in club, these displays have undoubtedly become an indispensable part of modern entertainment venues

Why KTV, bars need led screen?

Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the relaxation of mood and the venting of stress. They invite three or five friends to sing a song at KTV or go to the bar to drink heartily. They can not only enjoy delicious food, but also vent their stress. In this general environment, casinos such as clubs, bars, KTVs, etc. will also continue to improve their entertainment facilities to meet the diverse needs of customers. And the LED display screen is an excellent weapon to enhance the grade and brand image of entertainment venues.

As a technology product, led screen video wall has strong advantages and is also favored by the market.

  1. Long life and low maintenance cost

From the perspective of the display itself, LED is the display device with the longest service life. Its life is very long, up to more than 100,000 hours, and the chance of damage is relatively small. Even if it is damaged, since the display is a modular product, the color can be restored by simply replacing parts, which is something that TVs cannot do. Secondly, led display supports seamless splicing, good flatness, no frame effects, and unlimited splicing, which is a unique advantage of the display. And led wall has fast response speed and long viewing distance.

  1. Bright colors and strong sense of atmosphere

The most popular word right now is “atmosphere”. It means using the surrounding environment to bring people a good feeling. For customers entering KTV/club, the sense of atmosphere is very important, which can determine whether customers can really relax themselves. Just imagine, entering a bar surrounded by led screen, each screen is playing dynamic music and video, and there are interactive screens for playing games, don’t you want to participate in a pleasant physical and mental pleasure? If it is an ordinary bar, there is only music, and after customers enter, they may just want to sit down and drink and chat with friends, which will not achieve the real purpose of relaxing and releasing pressure

3.Low input, efficient and long-lasting output

From the merchant level, the display screen is not a one-time product, it is an investment product, which means it can be used to make money. Spend money in the early stage to purchase display screens for KTV/club, and more and more customers will be attracted by the colorful environment, so that they can continue to make profits. Moreover, the display screen can not only become the customer’s song-ordering station, but also can be used as the singing background, and even the birthday and marriage proposal background. This is also an important reason why more and more KTVs choose display screens.


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KTV, clubs and other places generally use indoor display screens. EXCEL LED is very experienced in this area. We recommend some indoor display screens, as well as some stage screens.

Product Feature Box

The brightness of the church LED display
The brightness of LED display

Indoor display brightness is generally only 500-800nits, but LEGIDATECH up to 1000nits.

Easy to maintainance

it can be attuched and removed to the strucre directly from front.

Refresh Rate
High fresh rate

The screens of LEGIDATECH are refreshed by 3840, which is twice as high as that of ordinary indoor screens.

Light weight

LEGIDATECH indoor screens are half the weight of others, only about 4.2kgs.


EXCEL smart workplace in ShenZhen

In order to improve the quality and quality of products, EXCEL LED ‘s main production equipment SMT machine is DECAN, a well-known brand. When producing LED modules, the pixel points of each module are more accurate. And then make the LED display uniformity.

Aging test

Before shipment, we will test each screen to check whether there is any broken light or lock, so as to provide customers with 100% high-quality screens.

Package and shipping

After testing and aging the screen, we will pack all accessories and screen separately. After counting the quantity, take pictures to perceive the customer, and then transport it to the forwarder’s address to wait for shipment.

LEGIDATECH ----your realiably supplier
How do your products ship to my country?

LEGIDATECH is a professional foreign trade company with 13 years of experience. We have forwarder who can ship the product to your country port or even your address.

It is our duty to solve problems for customers,all you need to do is choose a good product

We are not in the same country, how do I make sure the screen works?

I understand your concerns. Our screens provide a five-year warranty and life-long technical training. The display is a modular product that is easy to learn to operate. If you have any questions about installation, testing and maintenance, you can contact us to solve the problem for you remotely.

EXCEL LED’s purpose is to provide customers with high-end products, customer feedback is our important motivation, so there will be no situation where customers cannot contact us.

Where can I find your company?

LEGIDATECH LED has offices in Shenzhen and Hunan, overseas offices and partners in Nigeria, the United States, Malaysia and South Africa. We can receive visiting customers to see products.

New trend of display screens in KTV and bars

In recent years, the use of display screens in the entertainment industry has witnessed a new trend, especially in the KTV and club domains. LED Display screens, both large and small, have become an essential element in enhancing the overall experience for customers.

One of the emerging trends is the integration of display screens into karaoke rooms in KTV establishments. Gone are the days when customers would solely rely on a small television screen to view the lyrics of their favorite songs. Nowadays, KTVs are equipped with larger display screens that cover an entire wall, offering a more immersive and enjoyable singing experience. These screens not only display lyrics but also showcase music videos, allowing customers to feel like they are performing on a real stage. The high quality and vibrant colors of these screens enhance the visual impact and make the entire experience more exciting.

Similarly, LED display video walls are also revolutionizing the clubbing scene. In the past, club walls were adorned with colorful lights and disco balls, creating a festive atmosphere. However, with the advancement of technology, club owners have started incorporating large display screens into their venues. These screens serve multiple purposes, from showcasing mesmerizing visuals and graphics that synchronize with the music, to broadcasting live performances and DJ sets. These screens add a dynamic and interactive element to the clubbing experience, captivating the audience and creating an unforgettable ambiance.

The trend of using display screens in KTVs and clubs is not limited to just the big screens; even smaller screens are gaining popularity. In KTV lounges, individuals or groups can book private rooms equipped with a smaller display screen, where they can have a more intimate karaoke experience. Similarly, in clubs, smaller display screens are strategically placed around the venue, allowing patrons to watch live performances or DJs while enjoying drinks and mingling with friends.

The use of display screens in KTVs and clubs is transforming the way entertainment venues operate. These screens are not only providing an enhanced experience for customers but they also serve as a marketing tool, attracting more patrons to these establishments. With continued advancements in display technology, we can expect even more innovative uses of screens in the entertainment industry in the future.

How to choose the size of the display screen?

Generally speaking, we recommend that customers follow the ratio of 16:9, and it is better to choose a rectangular size, such as 4m:3m. For good results, we suggest that the size of the display screen should not be smaller than 3m:2m.

can I be your local distributor?


We welcome every friend who intends to cooperate with us. If you feel that our screen is very good after purchasing and using it, and want to discuss cooperation with us, we will show the greatest sincerity to reach a cooperation with you. You help us open up the market in your area, and we become your supplier and the support behind it, no matter in terms of price, quality or transportation, we will do our best.

Because in our opinion, your invitation is a manifestation of high recognition of our products.

I got an offer from someone else for a lot cheaper than your screen

Our company welcomes customers to compare our products with others, but I hope not only to compare prices, but also to compare quality, so that you can know why others are cheaper.

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