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LED Dance Floor

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What is LED Dance Floors?

LED dance floors also know as led floor tiles, floor led screen are a kind of LED display screen placed parallel to the ground. Its function is to display colorful animations and videos. The biggest feature is that people can interact with it through radar sensing or interactive chips.

Therefore, LED floor tiles are widely used in bars, dance halls, shopping malls, and KTV entertainment and interactive places. LED dance floors have become a trend.

LED Dance Floors By Interaction

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Radar Sensor Floor Tile LED is used to achieve interactive effect by installing sensors around the floor tile screen. However, it is required that there is no obstacle near the screen, the view is open and the signal is good.

led dance floor EDF Series

The interactive chip is an interactive coil built into the module, which is sensitive through gravity induction and supports multi-person interaction.

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LED floor tiles By cabinet size

  • LED Dance Floors

    LED floor tiles-EDF series is a standard interactive floor tiles screen, its size is 500*1000mm, more suitable for fixed installation, can save the installation time and cost!

  • LED dance floor-EDA

    LED floor tiles-EDA series are available in P3.9, P4.8 and P6.25 pixel pitches. 500*500mm box size is more flexible and can be designed in a variety of shapes.

  • LED dance floor-EDD

    LED floor tiles-EDD series 500*500mm box size is more flexible, more suitable for rental mobile floor tile screen, in the installation and dismantling of the time easier!

  • dance floor tie -EDM series
    Floor LED Screen-500*1000MM

    LED floor tiles-EDM series 500*1000mm box size is more stable and increases the force area of a single floor tile screen. And the articulation of the whole screen is more flat.

Strong load-bearing capacity

dance floor led disply has good load-bearing capacity. High-strength special material panels are frosted and non-slip to ensure pedestrian safety. No matter whether you are walking, running, or jumping on it, the screen and pedestrians will not be injured.

The led dance floor is designed with strong and durable materials that can withstand huge pressure without deformation or damage. Its maximum load-bearing capacity is 2200kg, so even driving on the LED floor tile screen is not a problem.

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dance floor led display-waterproof

Good waterproof effect

The dance floor led display has also made special treatment in waterproof, the waterproof coefficient is IP68, higher than the outdoor rental LED display.

In addition to this and also carefully add a waterproof rubber ring and sink design, double layer protection. Even in rainy days or wet season can also enjoy the joy of dancing.

Sensitive interaction

The dance floor led display uses radar infrared sensors or built-in interactive chips to sense pedestrians moving on the dance floor tiles.
Pedestrians can move, step and jump freely on the dance LED screen to interact with the images or animations on the LED screen to increase the fun.

dance floor led display-interactive
dance floor led display-installation

Easy installation

Dance floor led displayMultiple installation methods, can be packed in an air box, anytime and anywhere on the move.
Track mounting: directly placed in the track, can be dismantled at any time, easy maintenance.
Fixed installation: dig the floor, fix the bracket and then install dance floor led display.

Why choose LEGIDATECH?

LEGIDATECH has 13 years of experience in LED display production and engineering projects. LEGIDATECH has more than 1000 square meters of factory in Shenzhen, with a complete assembly line of man-machine co-operation in the production of displays.
Our company’s aim is to provide customers with LED displays of stable quality. We strictly control the purchase of raw materials, real-time supervision of the production process, to improve the production yield rate, to provide customers with stable products.

Applications of LED floor tiles

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Entertainment venues

Some entertainment venues such as bars/ clubs, cafes and concert venues will also use LED dance floors to create a unique atmosphere and attract customers to stop and visit or interact.

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Stage / Party

Some grand events or parties will also use floor led screen to increase the atmosphere of the stage/concert, bring a visual novelty, and allow guests to enjoy surprise and excitement.

dance floor led display-case6

LED dance floors are used in film shooting and TV broadcasts as XR led screen. They can be combined with the vertical LED screen to form a three- or even four-sided screen to create a virtual world and enhance the real effect of the shooting.

dance floor led display-case-3
Dance venues

LED dance floors can be used in dance studios, nightclubs, discos, dance floors and other places to provide dancers with a variety of light effects and special effects, increasing the visual effects and interactivity of dance performances.

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LED Floor tiles

led dance floor for sale

LED Dance Floor

What is Interactive floor tile screen?

Interactive floor tile screen is based on the LED dance floor with the addition of sensory interactive features, it has a touch-sensitive, can interact with people. For example, people walk on it, step on which the screen will appear explosion animation and so on.

How waterproof is the interactive floor tile screen? Can it be used outdoors?

LEGIDATECH’s led dance floor has IP65 and IP68 waterproof rating, which is the same as the outdoor display. Therefore, the interactive dance floor can be used outdoors, even in rainy days or wet seasons.

Where can led dance floor be installed?

Interactive LED floors are common in dance halls, bars, wedding auditoriums, and event stages, where they allow guests to immerse themselves in the joy of music. Even the interactive LED floor can be moved and dismantled at will, making tile screen hire a lucrative way to make money.

What are the installation options for led dance floor?

led Dance floor has multiple installation methods, can be packed in an air box, anytime and anywhere on the move.
Track mounting: led Dance floor can directly placed in the track, can be dismantled at any time, easy maintenance.
Fixed installation: dig the floor, fix the bracket and then install led Dance floor.

How do interactive floor tiles interact with each other?

There are two ways of interaction, the installation of radar sensor infrared sensing human behaviour; built-in interactive chip, through the feeling of people on the LED dance floor to exert gravity to generate interaction. Usually the built-in chip interaction is more accurate, the radar sensor needs no signal blocking around the interactive tile screen.

What are the types and sizes of floor tile LED displays?
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