what is Linsn control system?

1.Brief introduction of  linsn Technology Company
2.Star Rain products
    2.1. Video Processor
    2.2  Senders
    2.3  Receivers
    2.4  AD Players
3.   Accessories
4.   software
5.   Advice

1. linsn Technology Company profile

Shenzhen Linsn Technology Development Co., Ltd. founded in 2000, is committed to developing and manufacturing high-tech products with tailor-made services.

The company has a solid base of technology and has powerful strength in large variety of fields: LED display, Net-work technology, Computer software, Multimedia technology, digital terminal products, Net-work communication, Auto-control, etc.

Especially in the aspects of the hardcore of LED displays technology–control system, no matter software or hardware both have become the actual criteria of the industry.

Linsn LED control system includes: full-color synchronism, full-color light decoration, full-color asynchronism, double-color synchronism, double-color asynchronism etc.

The system has been adopted by hundreds of domestic LED screen factories, and it becomes the first choice. Besides, it has being exported overseas by large amount.

The matching software of the Linsn LED control system—LED Studio, is highly praised by the users.

2.Linsn’s products

2.1.Video Processor

LINSN Processor product models have X8406 / X8408/8414 / X8212 X8216/8208 and so on. Illustrate the X8406

The technical parameters.



X8406 is a two-in-one (sender plus video processor) 4-layer-output controller designed and produced by Linsn, which supports up to 3.84 million pixels. It has 6 Gigabit outputs for up to 7680pixels in width or 4000pixels in height

Functions and Features:

Supports 4*DVI input;

Supports 6 gigabit outputs;

Supports 4-layer output which can be set in any position with any size ;

Supports fade in/out effects;

Supports easy and quick software control;

Supports up to 3.84 million pixels; up to 7680 pixels horizontally or up to 4000 pixels vertically;

Supports dual USB2.0 communication for setup or cascade;

Supports Linsn whole series receivers and multi-function boards.


The main function of Linsn’s sending card and sending box: it can convert image, text, video and other data signals into the control signals required by the LED dot matrix, and pass to the LED dot matrix through the signal line.

The traditional LED dot matrix uses DC power supply as the main control signal, and the LED send card can convert such control signals into serial interface data stream to achieve accurate control of the LED dot matrix.

Linsn senders of product model with TS802 TS901, TS16, TS12, TS8, TS952PLUS, TS962 and so on. Each product varies in load capacity. The higher the carrying capacity, the higher the price of the product.


2.3. Receiving cards

The main function of the receiving card: the receiving and sending card converts the video into the serial data signal that can be recognized by the receiving card, and sends a pulse signal to drive the LED module (also known as the light board) through the control unit MCU chip on the receiving card, and displays it on the unit module.

Linsn receiving card types have mainly MiNi913K, MiNi913ka, RV906, RV904, RV908H32, RV908M32, RV998 and so on.

linsn5        linsn6

2.4  AD Players

LED display asynchronous system: asynchronous system as the name suggests is that the information does not need to be updated synchronously in real time, and does not need to be synchronized with the content of the computer monitor.

The principle of LED asynchronous system is to first edit the content that needs to be played on the computer, and then send it to the control card of the LED display through the transmission medium (network cable, data cable, 3G/4G network, WIFI, U disk, etc.), then the control card is displayed.

Therefore, even if the computer is turned off, the display screen can also display the pre-set content, which is suitable for the place with low real-time requirements.

Linsn has developed a range of AD Players products. The main product models are L1,L2,L3,L4,L6. Take the technical parameters of L1 as an example:

Asynchronous Player

Supports up to 650 thousand pixels

Dimensions: 178*103*32 mm

L1 is an asynchronous player released by Linsn. It allows you to play program over WIFI, LAN or USB flash drive. It supports up to 650 thousand pixels and applies to advertising machine.

1.Supports up to 650 thousand pixels;

2.Supports importing program by WIFI, LAN, USB, USB flash drive;

3.Supports multiple media formats, like videos, pictures and animations;

4.Supports multiple content formats, like video/image files, word, and database;

5.Supports most of driver ICs;

6.Supports scan mode ranges from static to 32 scan mode (both real and virtual pixel type);

7.Supports customize gray scale, up to16bit,65536 levels;

  1. Refresh rate: up to 3840Hz for scanning display, up to 6000Hz for static display; 8. Refresh rate: up to 3840Hz for scanning display, up to 6000Hz for static display;
  2. Supports setting up LED screen over network;
  3. Supports up to 1920pixels horizontally or up to 1080 pixels vertically.                                                              linsn7

3. Accessories

Due to the distance between the installation position of the LED display and the control room, long-distance signal transmission and long-distance power off are required.

LINSN Company provides the corresponding solution and provides the corresponding product. For example, LED multi-function card EX902D.

EX902D has following features:

  1. LED Display Brightness Automatically Adjustment
  2. Internal and External Humidity and Temperature Detection
  3. Audio Data Output
  4. Remote Power Control

Device signal converters for long-distance transmission EX906, MC801, etc. • Supports auto-adjusting brightness• Supports turning ON/OFF LED screen remotely• Supports temperature/humidity monitoring• Supports 3.5mm Audio output• Supports turning on fan/air conditioner automatically

linsn8  linsn9 

4. software

The software for LINSN control system is LED Studio and LED set

linsn10 linsn11

1.Score manager

2.Support PPT format file

3.Edit file (Supported media file formats: Document: .txt .doc etc; Photo: .BMP .JPG .GIF .PCX .PNG etc; Video: .MPG .MPEG .MPV .MPA.AVI .VCD .SWF .RM .RA .RMJ .ASF etc.)Photo: display pictures in different effect and action; realize multiple picture display pattern: picture in picture etc. Web page: link the URL to show web page

4.Txt window: font, background, speed etc can be customized; show txt over the top of video

5.Table window

6.Database window: Used to play ACCESS database and ODVC driver data base

7.VCD/DVD window: play DVD/VCD in Showing Area

8.External EXE window: run a .exe program inside Play Window Video window: Read Video/audio source from capture card and show on Play Window

9.Date/Time window: design your own clock to show time

10.Temperature window

5. In summary, the linsn control system has the longest history of LED display system development in China, especially in the indoor LED display control system display effect is better and the color is more uniform. The stability of the product is also quite excellent, and the price of the product will be cheaper than the trailing NOVA control system. If you choose to buy an indoor LED display, I recommend you choose the LINSN control system better.
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