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P2.604mm XR Virtual Stage LED Screen

XR Stage-EXR. In this XR Virtual Stage, we use 2sides, back screen we use 500x500mm p2.604mm led rental screen with curve locks, and the led dance floor we use p3.91mm interactive dance floor. The two screen combine together make the XR Virtual stage.

Step at the led dance floor and look front, you will feel like a bird and flying to enjoy the natural beauty.

XR Virtual stage are widely used in all kinds of stage, like TV , music concerts , studios, etc. Customers like it high refresh rate & resolution, it can help do the video taking more easy and labor & cost-saving. It has many pixel pitch options like p2.976, p3.91, p4.81, etc. You can choose based on the reality needs.

What’s the meaning of XR Virtual Stage?

XR is short for extended reality, its a virtual environment through combination of reality and controlled by computer. By integrating the visual interaction technologies of the three, it brings the “Immersion sense” of seamless transition between the virtual world and the real world to the experience.

XR Virtual Stage is using this technology, equipment by led screen creates a three-dimensional shooting environment for stage use. The XR Virtual Stage is widely used in TV dramas and movies shooting.

XR is a new technology. Some people may use it together with projectors or small tv, but they have limits too. Like lower brightness, limited size, small viewing angle, no clearly picture, all those factors make XR technology can’t perfectly shown.

But led screen can help solve the concerns well. What’s the features of XR Virtual Stage +led screen?

  • Led screen have higher brightness, what’s more, the brightness can be adjustable. We can adjust the brightness based on the
  • Led panels don’t have size limited. Led display the screen size can be customized, it can do curve installation. Thus we can set up the screen size based on the usage or function then together with the XR stage, making the immersive effect.
  • Led video wall have a wide viewing angle. It can show 360 degree immersive videos.
  • Led display have many pixel pitch options. The fine pixel pitch can be P0.8mm, P1.2mm, P1.5mm, P1.8mm, etc. The normal pixel pitch can be P2mm. P2.5mm, P3mm, P3.91mm, P4mm, etc. So we can choose the pixel pitch without limits.

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Product Feature Box

High refresh rate
More realistic
Save costs

A successful presentation of LEGIDATECH supplier

Customer visit

Russian customers have been in contact all the time, and finally decided to come to China to visit EXCEL LED factory and confirm the quality of our products. We also explain to them the details of each production step one by one.

Discuss long-term cooperation matters

After a series of visits and explanations, the customer thinks that EXCEL LED are a trustworthy supplier and also has high-quality display screens, so they decided to talk about cooperation

Successful signing

After 2 hours of negotiation, we successfully signed a 3-year cooperation period, and EXCEL LED became the customer’s only display supplier, and also provided customers with priority services and high-quality screens.

What’s the advantage of XR Virtual Stage?

  1. Labor cost & time saving

Compared to traditional green screen shooting XR Virtual Stage cost less time and save labor cost. Take sci-fi movies as example, most of the scenes were done in front of the green screen.  Thus the film team will do a stage set up and special effects editor, usually stage set up time cost more than several month, the same as editing too. That’s why it takes years for a film to go from filming to release.

XR Virtual Stage helps say goodbye to the costly traditional stage construction. What they need do is set up the stage based on the film need, using the fine pixel pitch led rental screen, and design the movie scene through software and display it on the led screen. The scene can be adjustable and changeable, not limited by time and space. And it will be more convenient and faster in post-production, saving the cost of filming.

  1. Sustainable reuse 

In traditional movies, green screens are disassembled and rebuilt according to the actual shooting conditions, and some are even used only once and then no longer used to some extent, it causes a waste of resources

XR Virtual Stage is more environmentally friendly and sustainable. When shooting each movie, it is only necessary to play the designed picture or video on the display screen, helping the actors perform immersive. What’s more,  according to the changes of the scene, the actors can adapt to the situation and perform different effects.

After the shooting of this movie is over, the display screen can be saved for the next shooter without disassembly, achieving the purpose of recycling and environmental protection.

In traditional green screen shooting, the scenes and materials that appear are all based on the imagination of the actors, plus post-production.

3. Short videos and live broadcasts. 

XR Virtual Stage is not only used for the shooting of movies and TV series, but also for short videos and live broadcasts.  Nowadays, social media is widely used and spread faster, even a little story-based skit will appear. The scenes are more diversified, XR Virtual Stage can adjust the background according to the development of the storyline of the skit, so as to achieve the effect of “Traveling all over the world without leaving home”.

Live broadcasts have higher requirements than short plays. With millions of viewers watching online at the same time, there is a need for smoother background transitions. In this way, the audience can follow the pace of the host and go deep into the content instead of jumping bluntly.

4. Cultural heritage 

XR Virtual Stage can help a country achieve cultural heritage. Every country has formed its own culture in the process of development. If people want to understand the cultural knowledge of the country, they will go to the library to find related document, or go to museums to see cultural relics. People can improve their cultural understanding through these forms. However, each person’s understanding about culture formed under specific historical conditions is different. XR Virtual Stage can solve this problem very well.

We all know led screen can display different contents, like videos , pictures, words, text, etc. When led display combine with XR Virtual Stage together, the advantages of led screen can display perfectly. By providing a series of immersive experiences, it can show the characters, customs and cultures, natural landscapes, etc. In different periods. Through these vivid descriptions, combined with the knowledge they have obtained from books, visitors can have a better understanding of the culture. At the same time, it is also a relatively novel way to attract visitors, no longer rigid words or language, this way can be easily accepted by men, women and children. XR Virtual Stage deepen the history and culture understanding , so the cultural and moves on with time.

Where we need XR Virtual Stage?

XR Virtual Stage is become more popular. There is no specific site, but where need the virtual effect, where can install the led screen to achieve it. Mostly the VR shops at shopping mall, the television station, the studios, schools, museums, use it frequently. The usage exits into daily life everywhere.

Studio is widely use led rental screen. Usually they use the fine pixel pitch led rental screen, like a cuboid, sometimes 2 sides, 3 sides, sometimes 4sides (depends on the needs). This forms a relatively sealed space, providing a better environment for shooting

How does the virtual capture display work?

The virtual shooting display uses mixed reality technology to integrate real-world images with virtual elements. It displays virtual elements through a high-resolution display, and captures user actions and environmental information in real time with the help of a camera, so as to accurately superimpose virtual elements on the real scene.

What does the future hold for virtual capture displays?

The virtual shooting display has a broad space for development in the future. As technology continues to advance, virtual shooting displays will become smaller and more portable. At the same time, we can expect more innovative application scenarios to emerge, such as applications in sports watching, film production, advertising and other fields. In addition, combined with virtual reality and augmented reality technology, it will create an even more superior experience

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