A Comprehensive Introduction to P3.91 LED Screen-magic

Stage rental screens include many pixel pitch screens, the most popular of which is P3.91 LED Display.  Among LEGIDATECH’s many stage LED screens, magic series is very distinctive.A Comprehensive Introduction to P3.91 LED Screen-magic will show the features of stage rental LED displays.

What can you get from here?

Any stage LED screen or any complete LED display is composed of modules, cabinet and some components.

In order to give you A Comprehensive Introduction to P3.91 LED Screen-magic. This page will bring a complete introduction to the P3.91 LED stage LED screen from the inside to the outside.

From the kit, lamp beads, and PC board in the module to the materials, handles, and locks in the LED screen cabinet; the power supply, receiving card, and heat sink inside the box; as well as some small external designs, test buttons, and indicator lights And a complete set of introductions such as the screen installation process.

Let’s take a look below !

p3.91 led screen Video Center

Here you can see videos related to P3.91 LED Display -magic series, including application, installation, testing, etc.

p3.91 LED module mask

The p3.91 LED module mask is an accessory made of highly transparent materials, used to protect LED lamp beads from collision.

While increasing the color contrast of the lamp beads, it can maintain good light transmittance and will not affect the brightness of the LED module.

The P3.91 LED module mask and back cover can effectively prevent dust, water vapor, ultraviolet rays, etc. from damaging LED lamp beads and components, and effectively extend the service life of the LED module.

Masks are generally hard, and soft masks are used in special products such as stadium screens.

p3.9 LED Lamp Beads

LED lamp beads are the core component of the P3.9 LED module. The indoor screen of P3.9 stage LED display-magic series uses SMD2020, and the outdoor LED screen uses SMD1921.

LEGIDATECH uses LED lamp beads from well-known brands nationstar and kinglight, which have the advantages of low energy consumption, long life and high luminous efficiency. The LED module has excellent lighting effects and is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

PCB Board of P3.91 LED Panel

P3.91 The PCB board of LED Display is a circuit board made by printing technology. Various electronic components such as capacitors and resistors are assembled together through printing to form a complete circuit design.

The main types include 2-layer boards and four-layer boards. The more layers there are, the more complex the printing process will be, and the correspondingly more expensive prices will be.

The PCB board of P3.91 LED wall has good heat dissipation performance, high temperature resistance and circuit stability, ensuring that the LED module will not malfunction when working for a long time.

magic series-P3.91 LED Display-Panel

P3.9 LED Wall Cabinet

Magic series are made of aluminum-magnesium alloy. Its characteristics are: low density, high strength, large specific elastic modulus, good heat dissipation resistance, and good corrosion resistance to organic matter and alkali.

The characteristics of good shock absorption and large ability to withstand impact loads are very consistent with the mobility characteristics of stage LED screen.

Moreover, it is lighter than the traditional iron box, which is more convenient for stage screens installed with suspension beams, and the installers will save more effort.Because of this, the cabinets of P3.91 LED wall have basically all been made of aluminum-magnesium alloy cabinets.

In addition, LEGIDATECH supports OEM customization services and customized logos on the cabinet, which can help our customers expand their business influence.

P3.91 LED display handles

The installation handle of an ordinary stage LED screen is very small. Although the load-bearing capacity is sufficient to lift a box, the small handle will cause some effort for the installation personnel.

Whether it’s in terms of strength or protection of the palms.The handle of the magic series-P3.91 LED display takes the customer’s comfort into consideration, and the entire handle is fully edged.

Make the handle larger and easier to hold without pinching your fingers. This will speed up the installation process when installing the screen. There is no need to consider the comfort of the handle.

magic series-P3.91 LED Display-Handle

Quick Lock+Position Pin

P3.91 LED screen and P4.8 LED video wall screen are mainly used on the stage and need to be moved forward and backward and disassembled. Quick lock design speeds up installation and removal. And can provide stable connection between cabinets.

However, some screens on the market only have quick-lock installation, which cannot allow the cabinet to be installed flatly. In addition to quick locking, the P3.91 LED screen magic also adds positioning pins.

The positioning pins of the P3.91 LED screen are 8mm thick and are not easily overlooked during installation, making the entire screen truly seamless.

Inside of P3.91 LED Wall Cabinet

The main components inside the box include power supply, receiving card, heat sink, PCB board and its electronic components, etc. The power supply is a plug-in design, requiring no screws or wires for fixed connections.

The current is delivered directly through the current needle. When the power supply is damaged, you can quickly unplug the power supply and replace it without unnecessary actions.

The receiving card is in charge of the signal aspect of the cabinet. In order to ensure the good signal of the P3.91 LED screen, LEGIDATECH uses the control system of the well-known brand novastar.

A good receiving card can make the screen brighter and have a longer service life, providing quality assurance for the stage LED screen signal.

Heat Sinks of P3.91 LED display-magic

The lid of the P3.91 LED display-magic box also has heat sinks, which can prevent the box from being damaged due to overheating due to excessive power, thus extending the life of the box.

In addition, the biggest advantage of the P3.91 LED screen is that the screen never goes black! If the power supply of several boxes in the entire screen fails, it cannot be replaced in time. Stage activities will need to be interrupted, which is very disadvantageous.

Even if part of the power supply fails, the P3.91 LED magic screen can still distribute the current to the next box by sharing the current pin. This way activities can still continue uninterrupted.

Indicator Light of P3.91 LED Display-magic

The red light indicates power and the green light indicates signal.

When the red light is always on, it means that the screen power supply is normal; when it does not light up or flashes abnormally, it means that the power supply needs to be replaced or repaired.

Under normal circumstances, the green light flashes regularly. If the flashing frequency is too fast or too slow, it means that the power supply is faulty and needs to be dealt with in time.

The middle button is the test button of the P3.91 LED display. This is also a private design. A single box can be tested before screen installation to ensure that the lamp beads and display color of the box are normal.

magic series-P3.91 LED Display-indicator light
magic series-P3.91 LED Display-8

How to Install P3.91 LED Wall-Magic

In terms of installation, you need to know how to fix the cabinet locks and positioning pins, how to fix the cabinet to the steel structure, and how to build the entire LED screen.

The installation of the P3.91 LED display is very simple. First use quick locks to connect and fix several cabinets, then fix the structure to the cabinets with screws, and then install the cabinets one by one.

The wire connection starts from the first cabinet, and the other end is connected to the cable inlet of the second cabinet, and so on, press the S walking position until the last cabinet.

3 Processes of P3.91 LED Screen Wall

1. SMD (Surface Mounted Device): SMD LED display uses LED chips directly welded to the PCB board. It has the characteristics of high brightness, high stability, energy saving and environmental protection, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor environments.

2. COB (Chip on Board): COB LED display uses LED chips directly bonded to the metal substrate. It has the characteristics of high integration, uniform light source, and low energy consumption. It is widely used in commercial advertising, stage performances and other occasions.

3. HOB (Heat on Board): HOB LED display combines SMD and COB technology, and uses point-to-point welding and packaging technology. It has higher brightness and reliability, and is suitable for applications requiring high-definition display.

LED Screen Factory video

magic series-P3.91 LED Display-6
magic series-P3.91 LED Display-3

P3.91 LED Display Price -magic-Real Case

CASE 1 :  2 PCs of 3*2m magic series are used as outdoor advertising screens.


24 pcs 500*1000mm LED cabinets, equipped with a media player box and 24 receiving cards, as well as some spare parts (P3.9 LED modules, power supplies, receiving cards, lamp beads).

The price of steel structure accounts for 20%, the price of video processor accounts for 10%, and the price of accessories accounts for 5%.

Shipping Arrival Port: Calabar Port, Nigeria

Total solution price: $1*,850



7m*2.5m+2 pcs 1.5m*1m P3.91 LED screen -magic series are used as outdoor stage screens.  total 18sqm.


72 pcs 500*500mm LED cabinets, equipped with a novastar video processor and72 receiving cards, as well as some spare parts (P3.91 LED modules, power supplies, receiving cards, Kinglight lamp beads).

Shipping Arrival Port: Johannesburg, South Africa

Total solutionof LED display price : $20,***



12m*3m P3.91 outdoor LED screen -magic series are used as outdoor event screens.  total 36sqm.

144 pcs 500*500mm LED cabinets, equipped with 5 novastar video processor and 144 receiving cards, as well as some spare parts (P3.91 LED modules, power supplies, receiving cards, Kinglight lamp beads).


144 pcs 500*500mm LED cabinets, equipped with 5 novastar video processor and 144 receiving cards, as well as some spare parts (P3.91 LED modules, power supplies, receiving cards, Kinglight lamp beads).

Shipping Arrival Port: manila, philippines

Total solutionof LED display price: $5*,483

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