Indoor LED Module

Indoor LED Module

Indoor LED module, using high-quality LED lamp beads, can provide bright and clear display effect. Its compact design and lightweight features make it easier to install and maintain. At the same time, the indoor LED module also has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection, which is suitable for the display needs of various places.
Indoor LED Module-P2.5
LED module-P2.5
LED Module-P2.604
LED module-P2.976
LED module-p3
LED module-p3.076
LED module-P3.91
LED module-P3.9

Indoor LED Modules Components

LED module, also known as LED light panel, is the smallest detachable component unit at the application level of LED display. LED modules are generally composed of LED lamp beads, chips, PCB boards, and signal interfaces.
LED Lamps
LED lamp, that is, light-emitting diode, is the display light source of LED display screen. Compared with lighting bulbs, it has higher brightness, lower energy consumption, longer service life and more environmental protection.
IC Driver
The main function is to control the on and off and luminous intensity of the LED lamp beads by receiving the control signal output by the card control system. By precisely controlling tens of thousands of pixels on the LED display, the desired image can be displayed.
PCB Board
As a hub platform for signal transmission, its function is to connect control chips, LED lamp beads, signal input and output interfaces, and power input and output interfaces through PCB lines.
LED Mask
Usually made of plastic, it is mainly used for the fixation and protection of LED modules. It can fix the LED module to the LED box structure or directly to the steel structure for splicing large LED display screens.
Signal input/output port
The display module is equipped with a variety of signal output and input interfaces and can be connected to various devices. Through the high-definition HDMI interface, high-quality data transmission and image display functions can be achieved.
Power input/output port
The display power input and output interface provides continuous and stable power transmission to ensure the normal operation of the display. Simple and practical design, convenient for users to plug in and out, saving space.

led display module for indoor

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