Flexible LED Display

Flexible LED Display

Flexible LED Display, using high-quality LED lamp beads, can provide bright and clear display effect. Its compact design and lightweight features make it easier to install and maintain. At the same time, the indoor LED module also has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection, which is suitable for the display needs of various places.
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Soft led module-320*160
Soft led module-240*120
Soft led module-320*160
soft-led-display-7soft led display-8
Soft led module-240*120
p3 soft led module-5p3 soft led module-6
Soft led module-240*240
p4 soft led module-6p4 soft led module-7
Soft led module-240*120

Outdoor LED Display Module

Flexible LED Display can be bent at different angles of LED display shapes, or it can be spliced arbitrarily.
Flexible LED modules appear frequently in shopping malls, exhibitions and event stages because they are creative and free to adapt to any shape.
Flexible LED Display has a good magnetic ability, which can be adsorbed directly on the steel structure and saves the cost of the box.
soft led display-9
Flexible LED modules appear frequently in shopping malls, exhibitions and event stages because they are creative and free to adapt to any shape.
p4 soft led module-8
No wiring required, easy installation, multi-functional operation, high energy efficiency, suitable for various occasions and needs.

Features of flexible led module

Flexible LED module, also known as soft led module, is the smallest detachable component unit at the application level of LED display. LED modules are generally composed of LED lamp beads, chips, PCB boards, and signal interfaces.
flexiblel ed display
The flexible led display is made of soft material and has good flexibility and plasticity. It can be bent, folded and installed on complex surfaces as needed, and is suitable for applications in various special shapes and special scenes.
Energy saving and high efficiency
The flexible led display uses LED lamp beads as the light source, which can achieve higher energy conversion efficiency, consume less power to produce brighter light, and save more than 80% of energy than traditional lighting equipment.
Easy to install and use
The flexible led screen is thin and lightweight, easy to install, and does not require complex fixed structures and brackets. It can be directly attached or installed on surfaces of various materials, making it very convenient to use.
Good radiation and heat dissipation performance
The lamp beads of the flexible led display are tightly arranged, the light is uniform, and the color reproduction is high. In addition, the heat dissipation of the flexible lamp board can effectively reduce the operating temperature of the LED lamp beads and extend the service life.
Good dimmable performance
The soft led screen can be dimmed as needed to achieve different brightness lighting, which can meet the lighting needs of different scenes.
Safe and reliable
The soft led display works at low voltage, does not produce high temperature and radiation, and is not prone to fire and other safety issues. At the same time, the flexible light panel is waterproof, dustproof and impact-proof, and can adapt to various harsh environmental conditions.

Flexible led display/Soft led screen

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