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LEGIDATECH LED screen has a complete range of indoor LED screen categories, high-definition and high-refresh screens, including small-pitch LED screens, COB LED and HOB LED.

  • Factory direct sales
  • Thin and light box
  • Multiple spacing options
  • Various installation methods and easy installation

What is an indoor led video wall?

Indoor LED video wall is a large screen used in indoor places that is spliced into boxes composed of LED lamps. It can be spliced into any size and shape to play text, pictures, and videos.

It is different from the role of a TV indoors. The size of a TV is limited and only rectangular, while the size and shape of the indoor LED wall are more free and can better meet the needs of large places.

In addition to excellent brightness and contrast, indoor LED displays are more energy-saving and have a longer lifespan. Indoor LED video walls are becoming more and more widely used in indoor environments.

Aluminum box small-pitch indoor screens are more suitable for indoor places such as conference rooms and close-range viewing.

High resolution and brightness images make content more vivid and clear.

EIC indoor LED wall

Front maintenance high-end small spacing indoor LED panel, double-sided flat, very suitable for wall installation

Cabinet size 500*1000MM, supports arc and right-angle designs

CHA Series indoor p2.5

Privately designed, weighing only 2.5kg, it is the world’s thinnest and lightest magnetic indoor LED screen with a unique shape.

It is a product that meets the demands of quality and is reasonably priced and very cost-effective.

Pixel pitch: P2.604/P2.97/P3.91mm Excellent product among regular pitches

Powerful magnetic module, easy to install and maintain; seamless locking, the entire screen is smoother and more seamless

Pixel Pitch: P0.78/0.93/1.25/1.56 & P1.87 4k HD pre-maintained professional small-pitch indoor screen

First choice for bidding and control room projects

Magnetic installation, plug-in interface, convenient installation

The most popular P3.9 indoor LED panel currently has 300+ cases with excellent results

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Features of Indoor Digital Display

Indoor digital display has become an increasingly popular media carrier, which is inseparable from its own characteristics.
High brightness and clarity

  • A wider perspective
  • Customizable, more flexible sizes
  • Ultra-thin design saves space
  • Energy saving and environmental protection, longer life

Digital display has gradually become a symbol of technology, and it is generating more and better indoor screens.

Unique advantages of Indoor LED Panels

LEGIDATECH’s indoor LED display wall all support COB (Chip on Board) and HOB (Hybrid on Board) processing technologies, which make LED screens more efficient and stable.

The LED screen cabinet is designed to be thin and light, making it easy to install and carry, while the magnetic module design makes maintenance more convenient.

In addition, LEGIDATECH’s indoor fixed LED display can be customized into poster screens and all-in-one conference machines to achieve multi-purpose functions on one screen and are suitable for a variety of scene needs.

Applications of indoor LED screens

Indoor LED screens have a wide range of applications and can be installed in almost all indoor places. The most common ones are various wall-mounted LED displays or ceiling-mounted screens in shopping malls.

It can also be installed in churches and conference rooms, choosing a more suitable size than a TV to assist in prayer and office work.

It can even be installed in bars, KTVs, banks, hospitals and other places where it is necessary to enhance the atmosphere, display information or promote publicity.

Why choose LEGIDATECH?

LEGIDATECH has a complete production line, mature LED technology, mid-to-high-end quality assurance and responsible after-sales service.

From customer ordering to production, shipment and transportation, we will let customers know the status of the goods through pictures or videos, and maintain close communication with customers and provide timely feedback.

  • Judging from experience, LEGIDATECH has been rooted in the research, development and sales of LED displays for 13 years.
  • It has completed more than 1,000 display screen projects with more than 80 countries around the world, and the quality is guaranteed.
  • LEGIDATECH has stores on Alibaba and Made in China. This is an honest supplier, not a shell company.

LEGIDATECH follows the principle of convincing people with heart and has always maintained good friendship with new and old customers.

How to Choose an Indoor LED Display?

Product Performance

First, you need to understand the performance of the product, including brightness, refresh, waterproof, etc. Indoor brightness is 800-1200 nits, refresh rate is 3840HZ, and waterproof IP40.

Secondly, you need to understand the product’s materials, lamp beads, control system, power supply, etc., as well as whether it is guaranteed and how long it will last.

Installation Way

There are several installation methods for indoor LED screens, such as wall-mounted installation, standing installation, hoisting installation, box-less installation, etc. Some even require arc-shaped installation.

However, a product may not necessarily support all installation methods, so you need to inform the supplier in advance of the installation method you need.

Check Price

Price is the third most important factor. It is not recommended to buy products according to your budget from the beginning to avoid buying inferior products.

After the first two elements are met, consider whether the price of the product is within the budget, or whether qualified products can be purchased through bargaining or by appropriately increasing the budget.

The prices of the same product from different suppliers vary greatly and need to be treated with caution.

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