Maintenance problem of LED display module

Why don't LED modules light up?

First: module power supply line is not open

Second: module signal line is not open

Third: the signal amplifier IC(245 for short) of this LED module has burned out, and the IC(245) needs to be replaced.

LED module does not have bright LED lamp bead?

Find the model of the LED module lamp bead, and use a heat gun or soldering iron repair tool to replace the LED lamp bead that does not shine. We have a detailed video of the repair of the lamp bead, if you need to contact us.

A highlighted line appears in the LED module and keeps displaying the highlighted line.

The problem of bright line is caused by the short circuit of an LED lamp bead in the bright line, or the short circuit of the IC that drives this series of lamp beads.

A square or rectangle with a steady color appears in the LED module.

This is caused by short circuit of the LED module driver IC. Specifically, the IC of the LED module needs video guidance.

LED display cabinet is not displayed

Check whether the signal cable is good?

Check LED display box power supply is good?

Check whether the receiving card in the LED display box is good?

About the LED display control system

How to choose LED display control system?

China, LED display control system brands include LINSN,NOVASTAR,COLORLIGHT, etc. LINSN control system has been developed for the longest time in China. Generally, LINSN system can be selected as the control system of indoor display screen, because the indoor display effect of LINSIN is quite uniform and stable.

NOVASTAR control system has a large market share in China. Generally, NOVASTAR system can be selected for outdoor display control system, because NOVASTAR mainly improves the brightness of the display screen. Under the condition of improving the brightness of the display screen, the display effect is still very good.

For a cheap and stable control system, the best option is a Colorlight system.

How to choose video processor for LED display?

In China, the video processor brands are RGB,VDWALL,NOVASTAR and other manufacturers.

RGB video processor is the best color display. If you are interested in the display effect, select a video processor with RGB screen.

If stability is important, choose VDWALL video processor.

For ease of operation and stability, choose NOVASTAR video processor.

Please contact our salesman for the specific type and specification of the video processor.

How long is the warranty time for your products?

I came with a three-year warranty for the LED display screen and a one-year warranty for the control system. Because our LED display manufacturing factory.

How to choose the type of the display?

e should according to the customer LED display use scenario, if it is outdoor use, we choose outdoor waterproof LED display. If it is used indoors, we should choose indoors.

We need to determine the model of the display based on the viewing distance. For example: for example, the outdoor viewing distance is 10 meters, then we choose the outdoor P10 LED display.

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