Outdoor Circle LED LOGO Display

Outdoor SMD P4.68mm Double Sided Circle Shape 600mm Diameter Outdoor Circle LED LOGO Display

  • IP65 waterproof
  • Double-sided/Single-sided
  • Anti-corrosion and anti-rust steel
  • Shape: round(circular)/oval
  • Pixel Pitch: outdoor 4.68 for now
  • Size(mm): 600/640/960
  • Remote (cluster) control

LED logo display Features and details

The LED  LOGO display adopts seamless splicing and dynamic scanning technology.

The picture is smooth, stable and free of noise. The image effect is clear, the animation effect is vivid and diverse, and the video effect is smooth and lifelike;

With temperature control, display control, brightness control technology, and circuit with PFC design, the overall energy saving effect is achieved;

Available models: only P4.68 at present.

LED Logo Display Design

Round design, specialized in outdoor LED LOGO display  advertising.

High resolution. 160,000 pixels per square meter. Viewing distance from the screen from 2.5 meters to 100 meters can be obtained excellent viewing effect.

Ultra-long life. Epistar chip, NationStar LED light and MBI 5124 IC.

Widely used: commercial catering, optical stores, sports, transportation, special places, theme parks and so on.

LED LOGO Display Features

LED LOGO Display Waterproof case design, high protection level IP65.

 High brightness, no need to spell the whole LED screen. Just install the device in the right position/place.

Low power consumption, high refresh driver IC can save energy by more than 20%.

LED logo display Remote Control

The biggest feature of LED logo display is that it has great commercial value and can be installed on the store wall to display the store logo.

LOGO LED Display can also be controlled remotely via mobile phone, Wi-Fi, network or USB flash drive.

The LOGO Screen also supports computer and tablet remote control.

LED Logo screen stallation and Packaging

Simple operation. Simple structure, easy to operate, so that the customer saves money, labor and worry.

Steel cabinet material. Coated with black paint.Overall design, easy to install, just use screws to fix it where you need to install it.

LED LOGO Display Packing: shockproof wooden cabinet/airline box/sturdy cardboard box

LED Logo screen parameter

Value P4.6
Pixel Composition 1R1G1BLED    (SMD1921)
LOGO LED display  Pixel Pitch 4.6  mm
Module   Size(mm) 300×300
LOGO LED display Module Resolution 64×64
Display Density 128×128dot/side
Maximum White Balance Brightness ≥4500cd/m²
Gray Level red, green,and blue2256 levels, up to 65536 levels
Out of Control Points ≤1/10000
Optimal Viewing Distance 24.68M
Viewing  Angle Level2120°/Vertical2120°
Device Driver 1/8 scan
Chang  Frame  Frequency ≥60Hz
Refresh Rate 21920Hz
Control Method Asymchromous / Synchronous (wifi /4G Cloud sevice / computer etc)
Waterproof Grades and Materials IP65
Lifetime 2100,000 hours
Input Voltage(AC) 100-240
Environmental Temperature and Humidity Temperature:-20℃-+60C.  Humidity:  10%-95%
Smoothness adjustment image between s 0.5mm; module splicing gap s 0.5mm
Power Consumption  (max/aver) 400W/Pcs
Maintenance  Method Front-maintenance
Screen Weight ≤16Kg/pes
Switching Power Supply 5V/60A


Information available for reference and download

LEGIDATECH provides all the LED screen data customers need

Why use a LED screen to display the logo?

The LED LOGO Display is a shape widely recognized in almost all cultures, representing wholeness, circulation and permanence. A logo screen is more than a simple design, it is a powerful symbol that embodies the brand’s values and beliefs.

Whether you are a small startup or a large multinational group, this round logo screen can bring unique personality and recognition to your brand. Whether you want to show innovation, social responsibility, quality assurance or customer care, this logo screen can convey your brand’s core values and let your customers and audiences remember your name.Let this round logo screen become the symbol of your brand, adding more charm and influence to your business.

Recent hot case projects and products

What is LED logo display?

LED logo display is a display technology that uses LED lamp beads to display brands or logos. It can present numbers, letters or graphics as LED lamp beads with variable brightness and color. It has the characteristics of high brightness, long life, energy saving and high efficiency.


 In what situations can LED logo display be used?

LED logo display is widely used in commercial advertising, brand display, outdoor venues, sports events, large-scale activities, exhibition displays and other occasions. Common applications include shopping mall door advertising, booth background walls, theater stage backgrounds, sports venue signs, etc.

What are the advantages of LED logo display compared with traditional logo display methods?

LED logo display has the advantages of high brightness, bright colors, strong variability, and remote control. Compared with traditional logo display methods, LED logo display can achieve richer and more diverse display effects, and has the characteristics of long-distance visibility, high reliability, energy saving and environmental protection.

Can the display effect of LED logo display be customized?

Yes, the display effect of LED logo display can be customized according to customer needs. You can choose different sizes, colors and brightness to achieve personalized display effects. In addition, dynamic effects, flashing effects, etc. can also be achieved through programming control to attract more people’s attention.

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