Outdoor P10 LED Screen Billboard for Advertising

During conversations with customers, we found that a lot of them were aware of their need for an outdoor advertising LED screen. However, they lacked knowledge about the specific type of screen they required.

And we have several kinds of outdoor P10 LED displays. How to choose the right P10 led display has become a problem for many users. Here are some tips to help you choose a good outdoor P10 display.

First, let’s explain the definition of P10 outdoor display. “P10” refers to pixel pitch, which represents the distance between individual pixels on the LED panel. The P10 has a 10mm pitch, which is good for outdoor advertising because wider pitch means better visibility from far away.

If your project screen is far from the ground and big, choose P10.

outdoor led display-6

Let’s discuss it later. When you are preparing to purchase a display screen, pay attention to the brightness of the display screens. Outdoor led displays need to see the content clearly under strong sunlight, so brightness is a very important indicator.

Our outdoor advertising screens are very bright, with a minimum brightness of 6000 nits or higher. This ensures that you can easily see the display even in direct sunlight. We also pay attention to the waterproof performance of our screens. Outdoor displays frequently encounter humid and windy environments, requiring them to possess specific waterproof and dustproof properties.

Good led P10 displays have strong casing and sealing to keep out moisture and dust, ensuring they work properly. It’s also crucial to select the right LED chip. The LED chip used in the P10 display is a key component that affects the display effect.

Good P10 displays often use popular LED chips, which are bright and show colors well, giving a more lifelike visual experience.

Finally, consider after-sales service and warranty policies. Good after-sales service can provide users with better support and repair services. Before purchasing a P10 screen, it is crucial to be aware of the manufacturer’s warranty, after-sales policy, and maintenance services. This will help in promptly resolving any issues that may arise.

If the temperature is right and the light isn’t too bright, we suggest considering the B series.

outdoor led billboard-b series

This screen has a brightness of 6500 nits and can have a good display effect. It is waterproof and made of a strong aluminum-magnesium alloy.

It is lighter and easier to install and maintain compared to an iron box. Our customers in Africa also choose this model and have given positive feedback after installation. The price is very affordable, more than 600 US dollars per square meter.

If you have a limited budget but still desire a high-quality screen, we offer iron boxes with the same setup. These iron boxes are available at a price of approximately $550 per square meter.

If neither of the above two products meets your desired requirements, we recommend looking at the B pro series.

outdoorleddisplay-b pro

It is an improved version of the B-Series. It has all the functions of B series, but the size is smaller and can adapt to different project sizes. And it is more suitable for large size outdoor advertising screens, such as 30 square feet or more.

They are made of high quality materials such as aluminium or stainless steel and are rigorously tested to ensure durability. The lamp beads are also made with more durable 3-in-1 DIP lamp beads.

It also has energy saving features and low power consumption which reduces energy costs and minimises carbon footprint.

A 5-year warranty gives the billboard display a longer lifespan.

outdoor led display-ok series

For a brighter and higher quality advertising screen, check out the OK series. It has a brightness of up to 10,000 nits. And its cabinet is very thin and fully protected from the front. There are pull tabs on each module to assist in maintenance.

It is the best outdoor advertising screen of LEGIDATECH. It has better waterproof, moisture-proof and fire-proof capabilities. Its main features include energy saving and environmental protection.

Additionally, you can transform it into a right-angle 3D large screen. The price is about US$770-850 per square meter.

All LEGIDATECH outdoor advertising screens use popular lamp bead brands like Nationstar and Kinglight. LEGIDATECH outdoor advertising screens use popular lamp bead brands like Nationstar and Kinglight.

We provide free pre-sales and after-sales services. These services include providing system and accessories quotes, structural drawings, screen connection and maintenance guidance, and a 5-year quality guarantee.

LEGIDATECH aims to attract more customers by offering high-quality screens. We are dedicated to this goal and have been putting in a lot of effort.

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