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  • Stage display is not only a technological medium, but also an innovative force that pushes performing arts into a new era. We always strive for excellence, just to make every performance of yours a splendid visual feast.
  • Our stage display adopts advanced LED technology to bring you stunning visual effects with its excellent picture quality and lifelike color rendering. Excellent brightness and contrast are maintained both indoors and outdoors.
  • At the same time, the design of high refresh rate and high gray level ensures the smoothness and fineness of the picture, bringing you a more realistic feeling.
  • Let us break the boundaries of imagination together and start a gorgeous stage performance! Stage display to help you dance your own light!

Renting Stage Display Screens is necessary

Stage display screens are essential in creating a visually captivating and immersive experience during performances, conferences, exhibitions, and other events. These screens provide a dynamic medium to showcase high-resolution images, videos, and animations to capture the attention of the audience. Renting stage display screens is a cost-effective and convenient choice for various event organizers.

One of the main advantages of renting stage display screens is affordability. Purchasing high-quality display screens can be a significant investment, especially for small businesses or organizations with a limited budget. Renting allows these organizations to access top-notch technology without the heavy financial burden. Moreover, renting stage display screens gives flexibility in terms of duration and quantity. Event organizers can choose the exact number and size of screens required for their event, reducing unnecessary expenses.

Another advantage of renting stage display screens is the convenience it offers. Rental companies provide professional installation and technical support during the entire duration of the event. They have a team of skilled technicians who ensure that the screens are properly set up and functioning optimally. This removes the hassle and stress of managing the technical aspects of the event and allows the organizers to focus on other important aspects.

Renting stage display screens also provides access to the latest technology. Rental companies frequently update their inventory to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in display screen technology. By renting, event organizers can take advantage of the cutting-edge features and ensure that their event remains visually impressive and engaging.

Additionally, renting stage display screens offers scalability. Whether it is a small conference room or a large auditorium, rental companies provide screens of various sizes that can be customized to fit the event space. This adaptability ensures that all attendees have a clear view of the screens, enhancing their overall experience.

In conclusion, renting stage display screens is a practical and cost-effective solution for event organizers. It provides access to high-quality technology at an affordable price, offers convenience through professional installation and support, grants access to the latest advancements in display screen technology, and allows scalability for any event space. By opting for rental services, event organizers can create a visually stunning experience for their audience without the financial burden of purchasing the screens outright.

Cases of This Solution

Size: 2m×5m

Product: Magic series p3.9

Location:  led display in Canada

Size:  6m×2.5m; 52 panels

Product: Rb sereis P3

Location:  led screen in Philphines

Size: 7m×8m×2; 448panels

Product: Ra rental screen P4.8

Location: led video wall in USA

Size: 5m×3m; 60 panels

Product: Magic p3.9

Location:  LED display in Australia

Size:  12m×3m; 120panels

Product: EFR series P3

Location:  led screen in Spain

Size: total 12sqm; 48panels

Product: R series p3

Location: LED rental screen in Nigeria

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The brightness of the church LED display
High brightness
Easy to maintainance
Refresh Rate
High refreash rate
light weight

A successful presentation of LEGIDATECH factory

Customer visit

Russian customers have been in contact all the time, and finally decided to come to China to visit LEGIDATECH factory and confirm the quality of our products. We also explain to them the details of each production step one by one.

Discuss long-term cooperation matters

After a series of visits and explanations, the customer thinks that LEGIDATECH are a trustworthy supplier and also has high-quality display screens, so they decided to talk about cooperation

Successful signing

After 2 hours of negotiation, we successfully signed a 3-year cooperation period, and LEGIDATECH became the customer’s only display supplier, and also provided customers with priority services and high-quality screens.

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How do your products ship to my country?

LEGIDATECH are a professional foreign trade company with 13 years of experience. We have forwarder who can ship the product to your country port or even your address.

It is our duty to solve problems for customers,all you need to do is choose a good product

How is a stage display screen connected to the control system?

A stage display screen is typically connected to the control system via cables or wireless connections.

The control system sends visual information to the screen for it to display

What are the main advantages of using a stage display screen?

The main advantages of using a stage display screen include improved communication and coordination between performers, clear visibility of important cues and prompts, and enhanced audience engagement through visual elements

Stage Display Screens: Enhancing the Visual Experience on Stage

In the world of entertainment and performance, stage display screens have revolutionized the way artists engage with their audience. These high-definition video walls and stage display panels not only add a visual spectacle to the stage, but also enhance the overall experience for both performers and viewers. Let’s explore how these technological advancements have transformed the stage.

First and foremost, stage display screens provide a larger canvas for artists to express their creativity. With vivid colors and stunning visuals, performers can captivate their audience and create immersive experiences. Whether it’s a live concert, a theatrical production, or a dance performance, stage display screens allow artists to bring their visions to life and transport the audience to different worlds.

Moreover, these screens enable seamless integration of multimedia elements into performances. From displaying lyrics, subtitles, and translations to showcasing graphics, images, and pre-recorded videos, stage display screens act as an extension of the artists’ storytelling. By combining various forms of media, performers can effectively convey their message and evoke emotions in the audience.

Not only do these led screens enhance the artistic aspects of a performance, but they also provide practical benefits to both performers and technicians. Stage display panels offer real-time monitoring options, allowing performers to view live footage and adjust their performances accordingly. This feature facilitates better synchronization, coordination, and synchronization among performers, leading to a seamless and professional production.

Additionally, stage display screens offer flexibility in terms of stage design. They can be seamlessly integrated into the overall stage setup, adding depth and dimensionality to the performance space. These screens can be customized and configured to fit any stage size or shape, providing endless possibilities for creativity and innovation in performance design.

Furthermore, stage display screens also play a vital role in improving audience engagement. With high-definition displays and crystal-clear visuals, every seat in the audience becomes a front-row experience. This ensures that every viewer feels connected to the performance, regardless of their seating position. Enhanced audience engagement leads to a more memorable experience and a stronger connection between the performers and their audience.

In conclusion, stage display screens have revolutionized the way artists and performers engage with their audience. These technological advancements provide a larger canvas for artists to express their creativity, facilitate the integration of multimedia elements, offer practical monitoring options, enhance stage design flexibility, and improve audience engagement. As technology continues to evolve, we can only imagine the exciting possibilities that lie ahead for the future of stage display screens.

Can a stage display screen be customized for each performance?

Yes, a stage display screen can be customized for each performance.

The content displayed on the screen, such as lyrics or stage directions, can be changed or updated according to the specific requirements of the performance.

Are stage display screens commonly used in all types of performances?

Stage display screens are commonly used in various types of performances, including concerts, theatrical productions, conferences, and live events.

They have become an essential tool for ensuring smooth performances and effective communication on stage.

How can a stage display screen enhance the audience experience?

A stage display screen can enhance the audience experience by providing visual elements such as live camera feeds, synchronized graphics, and dynamic lighting effects.

This helps to create a visually captivating show and improves the overall enjoyment for the audience.

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