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LEGIDATECH is a display factory supplier from China, providing various pixel pitch LED stage screens for indoor and outdoor stages.

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How stage LED display can help your stage?

As a carrier that can display images and videos, the stage led wall brings convenience to the event stage.
The stage led wall is mobile. Its box is sturdy and can withstand being moved back and forth. It is modular in design, easy to install and can be quickly disassembled, which is consistent with the temporary nature of stage activities.

The stage led wall uses full-color lamp beads, with high refresh rate and clarity, and good display effect. As a background board for the stage, the performers can have a better feeling and devote themselves to the performance.

The stage led wall can enhance the atmosphere of the performance, make the entire performance more complete, enhance the level of the stage, and bring immersive viewing to the audience.

Whether the stage is good enough must be measured at the four levels of equipment, actors, audience, and the whole. The stage LED wall can play a supporting role in these four aspects.

Screen for Events

stage LED wall-magic

There are indoor and outdoor options. High resolution and clarity.

Never black screen – even if part of the cabinet is unplugged, it will still work normally.

led screen for stage-Enova pro series

P2-P2.6-P2.9-P3.9-P4 are available. Plug and play cabinet.

Magnetic module, full front maintenance display, saving installation and maintenance time.

Corner Protection, protect the corner lamp beads from being damaged. Removable power supply, easy to replace. Choose Novastar control system. Support curved screen

RA series

Dual maintenance methods at the front and rear, and more diverse installation methods. Pull out and plug in the back cover box, and it can be replaced in a few seconds.

Novastar system, 3840 refresh rate.

This is an economical stage screen, but it is also the most cost-effective.

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Product Feature Box

The brightness of the church LED display
High brightness
Easy to maintainance
Refresh Rate
High refreash rate
light weight

Indoor LED Video Wall Solution

Size: 14m×5m; 70 sqm      Product: Enova Series indoor P3.9        Location:  LED display in Australia

Solution:The stage scene is large and the audience is large. The first row of audience is more than 5 meters away from the stage display screen. It is recommended to choose P3.9. The colors are full and the clarity is high, and the effect is even better with a larger screen. 3840 refresh, equipped with Novastar’s controller and receiving card and video processor.

Most of the large screens are hoisted, so they are equipped with 14-meter hanging beams in case they need to be hoisted later.  At the same time, it is equipped with 110 modules, 40 receiving cards and 40 power supplies in proportion to facilitate future maintenance and replacement.

stage LED wall-8
stage LED screen

Rental Outdoor LED Display Solution

Size: 5m×2.5m;  11sqm    Product: Magic series outdoor P3.9     Location:  LED display in Mexico

Solution:  The stage scene is small, the audience is less than one hundred, but the audience is relatively close, it is recommended to choose P3.9. 3840 refresh, equipped with novastar controller, receiving card and video processor. Magic is recommended for outdoor screens – it is waterproof, has high brightness, and even if several power sources are unplugged, the entire screen can still light up as usual.

The screen is hoisted and equipped with a 14-meter hanging beam. At the same time, it is equipped with 110 modules, 40 receiving cards and 40 power supplies in proportion to facilitate future maintenance and replacement.

Why choose LEGIDATECH?

stage LED wall (2)
stage LED wall

Company Advantages:     LEGIDATECH is a pure display screen factory supplier with a single-building factory in Shenzhen and offices in Shenzhen and Hunan. In addition, there are distributor offices overseas in Nigeria, South Africa, the United States, Malaysia and other regions. In the past 13 years, we have cooperated with more than 1,000 projects in nearly 100 countries, bringing customers high-quality screens and expanding their businesses.

Product Advantages:      All stage led walls are made of strong die-cast aluminum, and the components are cooperated with well-known brands, such as nationstar, kinglight power supply, meanwell power supply, novastar control system, etc. In addition to providing high-quality materials to ensure product quality, LEGIDATECH also provides a two-year warranty, free installation training and after-sales service, freeing customers from worries.

Where can stage LED displays be used?

Weeding LED Display

The rental led video wall is very suitable for use as a background board at weddings. Unlike ordinary static background boards, it can provide great fun and atmosphere by playing wedding photos, memoirs, blessing videos of relatives and friends, etc.

LED Screen for Concert

The stage led screen can bring an exciting atmosphere to events and concerts. When combined with sound and lighting, the audience will be more relaxed and immersed in it, and passers-by will stop and stop.

Temporary conference/exhibition

The stage LED display can display meeting content, which is larger than a TV, allowing every participant to understand the key points of the meeting. Movies, science fiction and action videos are played on the large screen through the LED video wall, which can attract audiences even more.

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How do your products ship to my country?

LEGIDATECH are a professional foreign trade company with 13 years of experience. We have forwarder who can ship the product to your country port or even your address.

It is our duty to solve problems for customers,all you need to do is choose a good product

How is a stage display screen connected to the control system?

Stage displays are usually connected to the control system via cables or wireless connections. The control system sends visual information to the screen for display.
We will equip the control system together with the screen and provide training on how to use and install the LED stage panels.

Are stage display screens commonly used in all types of performances?

Stage display screens are commonly used in various types of performances, including concerts, theatrical productions, conferences, and live events.

They have become an essential tool for ensuring smooth performances and effective communication on stage.

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