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Stair LED Display
Staircase LED display is a kind of dance floor display which is usually used in public places such as bars, supermarkets and shopping malls.

Stair LED Display

LED staircase screen is a kind of LED floor tile screen, which is mainly used in stage, bar, shopping mall and other public places.

It can clearly watch all kinds of video images, making the seemingly ordinary staircase become wonderful and beautiful!

LED staircase screen has a 120 degree viewing angle, so you can clearly see the beating notes, fluttering leaves, homemade advertisement videos and so on.

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Cabinet size

1000mm*300mm*150mm, Can adapt to most conventional stairs. And can be used in conjunction with floor tile screens during events

LED Cabinet thickness 45mm, total 66mm, L type design,Fits the shape of the staircase perfectly.

Customized design

The stair LED screen is an innovative product that integrates cabinet, power supply, module and controller. stair led screen adopts a custom design with edge curve connections to ensure safety and reliability.

Advanced sealing technology is adopted to ensure that electronic components are not subject to external interference and damage during work.

The entire led screen part is designed in a modular manner to facilitate user parts replacement and maintenance.
IP54/IP45 waterproof protection rating, suitable for indoor applications

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high load-bearing capacity

The staircase led screen has been designed to take into account the effects of gravity as people move up and down the stairs, as well as the structural mechanical properties of the stairs themselves.

It uses high strength LED cabinet materials such as steel and aluminium alloys to ensure that the screen can withstand a lot of vertical and horizontal loads.

In addition, the structure of the led screen has been carefully designed to give it good load-bearing capacity and stability.

Unique Advantages

Perfect heat dissipation: specially designed heat dissipation channels enhance performance and prolong product lifetime

Good stability and protection: all connectors of stiar led display are gold-plated internally. Signal plugs and wire plugs are waterproof design

Patented mask technology: Selected LG material, patented technology ensures no color difference and better display effect

stair led display
stair led display cases

Stair led display cases

LED displays can be utilized on staircases in commercial settings such as shopping malls, science and technology museums, and other places where they can add value and enhance the atmosphere.

It can attract customers’ attention and leave a deep impression by improving the technological sense of the place.

Stair led display makes going up and down the stairs from an ordinary task into a fun activity. Therefore, stair LED display screens are becoming more and more widely used.

Pixel Pitch (mm) 2.97
LED Configuration SMD1415
pixel density(pixels/m²) 112896
Brightness (cd/㎡) 900-3000
Module Size(W x H x D)(mm) 250 x 150 x 21
Module qty 12
Module Resolution 84 x 50
Cabinet Resolution 150 x 336
Cabinet Size (W x H x D)(mm) 1000 x 300 x 150 x 66
Cabinet Weight (Kg/Cabinet) 19.5kg
Cabinet Material Iron
Max Load-Bearing 2200kg/m²
Gray level 14bits
Max./Avg. Power (W/Cabinet) 200/400
Refresh Rate 3840Hz
IP Rating (Front/Rear) IP54/IP45

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Stair LED display


STAIR LED DISPLAY It is a type of interactive floor tile display, but also different. It combines functionality and aesthetics by incorporating LED screens into an attractive system for stairs.
The stair LED display is a cutting-edge technology that transforms ordinary staircases into eye-catching visual displays. To create a mesmerizing visual experience, we can install LED panels on every step of the stairs.
With their unique features, these LED displays can light up your path and transform into dynamic pictures and videos while you navigate the staircase. Tcolorednels have small, colored lights. They can be used to illuminate each step with a clear image, pattern, or video. One of the great things about staircase LED displays is their ability to engage and involve the user.
LED screens for interactive communication with people, like dance floor LEDs. With stair LED displays going up and down stairs can also be turned into an unforgettable interactive experience.

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Led panels can display anything from artwork and adverts to informative content and even gaming interfaces. Stair LED display not only enhance interest and entertainment, but they also serve as a highly effective method for entertainment venues to keep their customers engaged and loyal. In addition to the entertainment factor, stair LED displays enhance safety and visibility. By providing illumination at every step, the display guarantees that users have a comprehensive view of their environment, thereby diminishing the chances of accidents or slips.
LED panels can emit brighter light in low light areas or emergency situations to guide users to safety. The staircase LED display can also be customized to suit your needs. The staircase LED display can be used in different architectural designs, such as modern buildings and historical landmarks. The LED panels have the capability to change colors based on the surrounding light or the time of day.
The visual display changes throughout the day, with lighter tones being less intense during the day and more vibrant at night. LED lights consume significantly less electricity than traditional lighting systems, helping to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint. In addition, LED displays have a longer lifespan, minimizing maintenance and replacement costs.

stair led display

LED displays on staircases are popular in public places like shopping malls, clubs/bars, airports, and museums because they are both commercial and technologically advanced. Customer favoritism and repeat business are fostered.
Contact LEGIDATECH for a free consultation on stair LED displays or similar LED screens for promotional purposes. They can provide a complete solution tailored to your needs.


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