LEGIDATECH Certification

LEGIDATECH is a company specializing in the production of LED displays, and the products have passed the certification of ROHS, FC and CC certificates. ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) certificate is required by the European Union, which ensures that products do not contain harmful substances and environmental pollutants, and is of great significance for protecting human health and the environment. The FC (Flight Certification) certificate is required in the aviation field to ensure that the product is safe and reliable to use on the aircraft, and plays an important role in the development and safety of avionics equipment. The CC (China Compulsory Certification) certificate is required by the Chinese market to prove that the product complies with relevant Chinese regulations and standards, and is necessary for the sale of the product in the Chinese market.

The importance of these certificates is that they represent the high quality and compliance of LEGIDATECH products. The ROHS certificate ensures that the product is safe for the health of users and the environment, and it also reflects LEGIDATECH’s responsibility and concern for environmental protection. FC and CC certificates indicate the compliance of LEGIDATECH products in the aviation and Chinese markets, enabling the products to be widely used in related industries.

For LEGIDATECH, obtaining these certificates is an important guarantee for the quality and competitiveness of its products. These certificates not only provide assurance of product compliance, but also increase consumer and customer trust in LEGIDATECH products. In addition, in international trade, these certificates are also a necessary condition for entering various markets. Therefore, LEGIDATECH’s ability to obtain ROHS, FC and CC certificates not only proves that they have the production capacity required by relevant standards, but also enhances their reputation and market competitiveness in all aspects




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