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Welcome to our church house of worship!

We are excited to introduce our new church display screens, designed to enhance your worship experience.

  • With our state-of-the-art display screens, we aim to create a more engaged and interactive environment. Our screens will enable us to display Bible verses, hymn lyrics, sermon points, and announcements in a clear and dynamic way. This will not only help us connect with the younger generation but also aid those with visual impairments, ensuring everyone feels included and connected during our services.
  • You can expect a visually captivating experience as the
    led wall for your church will engage congregations and bring sermons and worship songs to life with vibrant visuals and carefully selected imagery. Our aim is to create an immersive atmosphere that helps you connect deeply with the message and worship, allowing you to truly experience God’s presence.

Church led display screens are becoming more and more versatile

Church led display screens are becoming more and more versatile and are gradually becoming a modern device that many churches are gradually introducing. Church screen display  offer a wide believers with a better way to participate in church activities, and at the same time make the church’s information delivery more efficient.

First of all, church display screens provide believers with a better way to participate in church activities. In traditional church services, many believers will participate in normal worship activities through song scores or scriptures. However, for those unfamiliar with scripture and poetry, this can lead to a lack of engagement. With the church display screen, believers can easily follow the scriptures and song lyrics displayed on the screen, and better participate in church activities. This makes the church more inclusive and friendly, allowing people of all ages to get involved better.

Secondly, the church display screen also makes the church more efficient in delivering information. In the past, churches may have used traditional means of publicity such as posters, flyers, etc. to promote church events and messages.

However, these methods are difficult to attract people’s attention, and the information update is slow. The church display screen can flexibly display various information through text, pictures, videos and other ways, such as the time and theme of the worship service, the activities and services of the house of worship, etc. This not only improves the efficiency of information delivery, but also makes the church more modern and attractive.

Finally, the church display also provides more functions for the church. Modern church display screens can be linked with other equipment, such as sound systems, projectors, etc., making church activities more colorful. For example, when a concert or other performance is held in a church, the display screen can be used to play videos, display introductions of performers and performance information, etc., to provide audiences with a better viewing experience. In addition, the church can also use the display screen to broadcast live online, so that people who cannot attend church activities in person can also contact the church through the Internet.

In short, the introduction of church display screens makes church activities more modern and efficient. It provides a better sense of participation for the believers, improves the efficiency of the church’s message delivery, and provides more functions for the church. At the same time, the church should use this modern equipment flexibly to better meet the needs of the believers and further develop and grow.

Display solution

Size: 2m×3m×2, 48 panels

Product: H series

Pixel pitch: p3.9

Location: led screen in Greece

Size: total  124panels

Product: E-Pround

Pixel pitch: P2.6

Location:  led display in South Africa

Size: 6m×3m; 72panels

Product: E-Honor

Pixel pitch: P3.9

Location: led display in Spain

Size: 4m×3m; 3×2m×2; 96 panels

Product: EDI

Pixel pitch: P2.5

Location:  Led display in Italy

Size:  4m×3m,3m×2m×2; 96panels

Product: E-Pround

Pixel pitch: P2.9

Location:  led screen in Mexico

Size: 3.5m×7m

Product: H series

Pixel pitch: p3.9

Location: Led display in UK

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A successful presentation of LEGIDATECH factory

Customer visit

Russian customers have been in contact all the time, and finally decided to come to China to visit LEGIDATECH led screen factory and confirm the quality of our products. We also explain to them the details of each production step one by one.

Discuss long-term cooperation matters

After a series of visits and explanations, the customer thinks that LEGIDATECH are a trustworthy supplier and also has high-quality display screens, so they decided to talk about cooperation

Successful signing

After 2 hours of negotiation, we successfully signed a 3-year cooperation period, and LEGIDATECH became the customer’s only display supplier, and also provided customers with priority services and high-quality screens.

LEGIDATECH—more than 1000 church cases

What technology is generally used in church display screens?

Church display screens generally use LED technology, because LED screens have the advantages of high brightness, high contrast and long life, and are suitable for use in indoor or outdoor scenes with strong light.

How to install the church display screen?

Church displays can be mounted on the wall, suspended from the ceiling or on a stand, depending on the layout and needs of the church.

Can the church display be connected to a computer or network?


The church display can be connected to a computer or network, which makes it easy to update the displayed content, and can be operated by remote control.

How to Install a Church Display

Church display screen is one of the important equipment of modern churches, it can be used to play religious videos, display scriptures, provide images and other information required for various church activities and ceremonies. How to install the church display screen correctly is the key to ensure its normal operation and function.

First, we need to choose the right display. When choosing a display, we need to consider the size and layout of the church, as well as the expected audience size. Larger churches may require larger displays, while smaller churches may require correspondingly smaller displays. The display effect of the display should also be considered, high definition and wide viewing angle range will help provide a better viewing experience.

Second, we need to determine where to install the display. Generally speaking, the display screen should be located in the front or center of the church so that it can be easily seen by all the audience. At the same time, we need to consider the height of the display screen from the ground to ensure that the audience can clearly see the content on the screen whether they are sitting or standing.

Next, we need to prepare the required installation tools and materials. This may include screwdrivers, wrenches, anchors, hooks, etc. According to the structure of the church and the size of the display screen, we need to choose a suitable fixing method, such as hanging, wall mounting or bracket mounting.

Before installation, we need to make sure that the power cable of the display is accessible and connected to the power supply. Always check the power cord and plug carefully before plugging in for damage or short circuits.

Finally, follow the correct steps to install according to the installation instructions of the display screen or the guidance of professionals. During installation, handle the display with care and avoid bumping or dropping it to avoid damage.

After the installation is complete, we need to test the display to make sure it displays and functions properly. You can play some test videos or project scriptures and other content for inspection.

In short, the correct installation of the church display screen is the key to ensure its normal operation and function. Appropriate selection, reasonable installation location, and installation in accordance with the correct steps are all important factors to ensure that the church display screen can work normally. Through scientific and reasonable installation, we can provide a better viewing experience for churches, and enhance the appeal and sense of identity of religious activities and ceremonies.

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Can I be your local distributor?


We welcome every friend who intends to cooperate with us. If you feel that our screen is very good after purchasing and using it, and want to discuss cooperation with us, we will show the greatest sincerity to reach a cooperation with you.

You help us open up the market in your area, and we become your supplier and the support behind it, no matter in terms of price, quality or transportation, we will do our best.

Because in our opinion, your invitation is a manifestation of high recognition of our products.

Can church displays play video and audio?


Church led displays can play both video and audio, and can be used to show video content of religious services, or to show music performances by church bands.

Does the church display screen need regular maintenance and maintenance?


Church LED displays require regular cleaning, inspection and maintenance to ensure proper operation and longevity. At the same time, maintaining a good ambient temperature and humidity also helps to prolong the life of the display.

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