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LEGIDATECH offer all kinds of displays for Smart city

  • LEGIDATECH offer LED displays for Smart city with different products such as Small Pitch LED Display, Light Pole LED Display, Indoor Fixed LED screen, and Outdoor LED billboards.
  • In the Nigeria airport, our company’s indoor H3 LED display was successfully lit. The area of this airport display is 60 square meters.
  • In Thailand, 200 square outdoor P5 outdoor display was successfully lit.
  • In Austrian, 50 light pole LED displays installed on both sides of the roadway.
  • In German, 24 square indoor P1.8 video wall was successfully lit.
  • In Dominican Republic,8 square indoor P2.5 screen was successfully lit.
  • In United States of America,40 square indoor P2 display was successfully lit.

Why LED displays help smart cities? What is a smart city?

A smart city is a city that uses information and communication technology to sense, analyse and integrate key information of the core system of urban operation, so as to respond intelligently to various needs, including people’s livelihoods, environmental protection, public safety, urban services, and industrial and commercial activities. The essence is to make use of advanced information technology to realize intelligent management and operation of the city, thus creating a better life for people in the city and promoting the harmonious and sustainable growth of the city.
Connectivity: In terms of smart traffic, LED displays can provide real-time data to a central server, which updates information such as traffic density, temperature and brightness. Even better, all this data can be sent and controlled through an app that can use this information to reduce energy consumption in areas of lower density and regulate the temperature and brightness of light to increase the safety and comfort of roads and paths.

Efficiency: In e-government, LED displays can be used to launch video conferencing to create an efficient government. Not only can reduce the number of government on-site meetings, paperless office, improve government efficiency, but also can effectively achieve timely communication between various departments within the government to create a platform for people’s livelihood, to do the bridge between the government and the masses and the link.

Sustainability: LED display compared to other electronic display terminals, with waterproof, low energy consumption, high brightness, easy maintenance characteristics, compared to other display terminals, LED display in the smart city to play a better role.

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Cases of This Solution

In some highly creative and interactive venues, the flexibility and immersion of the LED display for airport of solution promotes the delivery of information and the establishment of the image of the smart city.LED display has also become a better media intermediary to bring a better visual experience to the audience.

The LED panel’s high resolution and frame rate provide real-time monitoring and quick response capabilities. It is slim and lightweight , whether used in command centers or monitoring facilities, the LED panel serves as a reliable and effective tool

The uncertainty of outdoor weather puts higher requirements on light pole LED displays. On the one hand, light pole LED displays can convey the most basic traffic information, and on the other hand, LED displays also bring advertising revenue for smart cities.

The use of LED displays in airports, stations and other aspects of the traveller’s satisfaction with the journey to a large extent, eye-catching lively LED display screen timely and accurate for travellers to provide the appropriate flight information, shaping the smart city.

Important government meetings, large-scale foreign exchanges can be installed flexibly, with anti-collision design of the display. Rental LED display timely response, large viewing angle, no dead angle and other advantages can be very good to help the development of the corresponding activities.

The emergence of 3D image technology breaks the insufficiency of LED display in the space display, outdoor advertising display with high brightness, durability and good to become the best carrier for large-area display of 3D effect, directly to the public to show the city’s vitality high-tech side.

Small pitch LED displays provide indoor meeting rooms and control rooms with advanced display terminals incorporating the latest in digital design, multimedia technology and IoT technology. Clear, high resolution small pitch LED displays maximise the presentation of important information.

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LEGIDATECH has various types and styles of LED video wall for smart cities to cope with different smart scenarios.

Product Feature Box

Human-screen interaction

More intuitive use of new technologies and immersive experiences.

Multi-screen interaction

Maximise the processing of information and get a full picture of it.

System integration

Focuses on the latest in digital design, multimedia technology and the Internet of Things.

Smart +

Make life easier for citizens and social development more sustainable. Government decision-making is more efficient.


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We co-operate with trusted raw material suppliers in the industry and use raw materials such as lamp beads, masks and accessories of well-known brands in the industry, and we also welcome you and your friends to visit our production workshop.

Human-machine cooperation

In every production position, there are our colleagues to adjust and supervise the production progress of the corresponding products in time, which provides a guarantee for the orderly and efficient production of LED displays.

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Workshop is clean and tidy, adequate equipment is the prerequisite for mass production, and is also the material support of the company’s continuous innovation and expansion

Smart city LED display

With the advancement of technology and the development of cities, more and more cities have begun to adopt the concept of smart cities to improve the management of cities and the quality of life of citizens. As an important part of smart city construction, smart city LED display plays a pivotal role.

First of all, smart city LED display plays an important role in information transmission. These displays can be installed in every corner of the city, such as streets, parks, shopping malls, etc. Through these displays, citizens can obtain the latest city information at any time, including traffic conditions, weather forecasts, public safety notices, etc. Citizens can accurately understand the dynamics of the city, make corresponding preparations, and improve the convenience and safety of life.

Secondly, the smart city LED display can also be used for city promotion. The city often hosts a variety of events, including cultural festivals, art exhibitions, sports competitions, and more. Through the LED display, the time, place and related information of these activities can be publicized to citizens and tourists, attracting more people to participate, and enhancing the cultural atmosphere and popularity of the city.

In addition, the smart city LED display can also play a warning role in emergency situations. In the event of an emergency or a natural disaster, the LED display can issue emergency notifications and instructions to citizens through the alarm system in time, including earthquake warnings, fire alarms, etc. This can help citizens take timely response measures to reduce casualties and property losses.

Finally, the smart city LED display can also be used for environmental monitoring and management of the city. Through the display of real-time data, it is possible to monitor the city’s air quality, traffic flow and other information, helping the city management department to find problems in time and take measures. At the same time, LED displays can also be used for energy management in cities, such as displaying information such as solar power generation, energy saving, etc., to remind citizens to save energy.

To sum up, the smart city LED display plays an important role in the city’s information transmission, publicity and promotion, emergency warning, and environmental monitoring and management. With the continuous evolution and development of smart cities, it is believed that these displays will have wider applications and greater influence in the future, making cities more efficient, intelligent and comfortable.

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