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Today we will learn about the brightness of led display. Hello, everyone. I am a technician from LEGIDATECH Company. If you have time, please carefully read my experience summed up over the years. thank you

The brightness of the Led display refers to the luminous intensity per unit area when the display is working normally. The unit is Candela per square meter of Honet. Generally in brightness, contrast, grayscale, color saturation and other series of optical parameters, brightness plays a decisive role, because only in sufficient brightness, the role of several other optical parameters can be reflected. It can be imagined that brightness is a very important parameter in the field of display.

Brightness calculation method:

(Brightness of red light per pixel + brightness of green light per pixel + brightness of blue light per pixel) /1000 (conversion of mcd and CD) x pixel points

A single LED lamp has a brightness range.

According to the minimum, average and maximum to calculate the maximum brightness and average brightness of the display! Moreover, LED display control software has a brightness adjustment function, the display has a brightness adjustment, making it suitable for the brightness of the environment!

How to test the brightness of LED display?

We LEGIDATECH, in the production of LED display, will according to the customer’s brightness requirements, through the luminance meter equipment to measure the brightness of the first sample, by adjusting the size of the current line can meet the customer’s LED display brightness requirements. The brightness ratio of red, green and blue is adjusted to 3:6:1, so that the white color of the LED display is more uniform.

LED brightness



Since brightness is so important, how to choose the right brightness?

LED display is self-lighting technology, as a light source, LED beads will inevitably exist after a period of use after the problem of brightness attenuation. To achieve high brightness, you need a larger driving current. However, under strong current, the stability of the LED lamp bead will be reduced, and the decay is faster. That is to say, the simple pursuit of high brightness is actually at the expense of the quality and life of the LED screen, so what brightness requirements do the ambient brightness have for the LED display screen?

The general brightness requirements are as follows:

(1) Indoor LED display: >800CD/ cd/m²

(2) Semi-indoor LED display: >2000CD/ cd/m²

(3) Outdoor LED display (sitting south facing north) : >4000CD/ cd/m²

(4) Outdoor LED display (north facing south) : >8000CD/ cd/m²

(5) Brightness of indoor rental display 800CD/ cd/m² to 1200CD cd/m²

(6) The brightness of the outdoor rental display is generally 3500CD cd/m² to 4500CD cd/m²

The above standards are theoretical values, and the brightness of the led screen can be adjusted according to the visual experience and the surrounding environment.


However, most of them are theoretical values, not very accurate, and different brands of lamp beads, different manufacturers of LED screens, the brightness is different.

But in practical applications, the brightness of the display product because of the use of different places, the difference is larger.

For example, the brightness of indoor business documents, the actual brightness is basically 200 to 300 nits. Indoor video and visual content playback is basically 400 to 600 nits. Indoor advertising is usually 600 to 1000 nits.

Outdoor advertising display installation direction determines the brightness of your LED display. Outdoor LED display east-west daily use basic 7000 nits or more. Outdoor facing south, the daily use is basically more than 6000 nits, if beyond or insufficient brightness range, just like in the hot sun to the darkest mobile phone, not only can not see the content, but also overuse the eyes. On the contrary, just like in the dark, the mobile phone is the brightest, which not only consumes electricity, but also hurts our eyes. So choose the display brightness suitable for our use, energy saving and environmental protection.


How to make the brightness of the led display change with the change of environmental brightness.

We need to connect such a multi-function card between the sending card and the receiving card, and then the multi-function card can be connected to one. I’ll attach the light sensor. In that case, this light sensor. It can automatically recognize the brightness of the environment, so that the brightness of the display automatically changes. Of course, the software also needs to select the option of automatic brightness change,


Through the outdoor LED display brightness automatic adjustment, you can save energy, to meet the requirements of environmental protection.



Summary: When buying LED display, we should understand the brightness of LED display in detail. In this way, you can buy the right LED display.


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