p2.604 500×500mm Indoor Front Maintenance Rental LED Display to Malaysia-Quick Guide

I am the editor of LEGIDATECH Technology Engineering. There are many customers who want to know about our company p2.604 indoor front maintenance rental LED display.

Today, I will introduce in detail the p2.604 rental LED screen that Malaysian customers ordered from our company.


I hope you will patiently follow the article of p2.604 500×500mm Indoor Front Maintenance Rental LED Display to Malaysia Quick Guide and learn about p2.604 Rental LED Display in a short time.

1. P2.604 Key technical parameters of pre-maintenance rental LED display:

Indoor rental LED display pixel pitch:3.91mm
Rental LED display size: 6m×4m

Indoor rental LED display LED module size: 250mm×250mm
The best viewing distance for indoor rental LED display: 3.91m

Rental indoor LED display refresh rate: 3840HZ
Indoor rental LED display brightness: 1200CD/㎡

P2.604 LED display modules

From the picture above, you can see that there are many powerful magnets arranged on the p2.604 LED module.

2. Front maintenance method P2.604 rental display cabinet

LEGIDATECH provides customers with a final aluminum box with a size of 500×500mm.

The LED display cabinet provides a cabinet for maintenance in front of the LED module.

P2.604 LED display module-positive and negative
p2.604 LED module

P2.604 LED display -cabinet

p2.604 E-nova pro stage rental LED display

3. High quality power box

We designed an independent power box. The power supply is fixed in a box and supplies power to the LED module through the PCB board.

The input voltage of the power supply is 220V, output: 5V 40A

P2.604 LED display -Individual power supply box

P2.604 LED display -1

4. High quality control system

Because customers use it for performance rental activities, they need to switch video source signals back and forth.

So we provide our customers with the RGBlink video processor X1GPRO.

The control system of the LED display is Nova system, and the receiving card is Nova A5S.

P2.604 LED display -videoprocessor

P2.604 LED display -2
novastar A5S receiving card

5. P2.604 Display of LED display production details

Under normal circumstances, our LED display products will age for 72 hours to ensure the stability of the LED display.

Thank you to Malaysian customers for their trust and support in LEGIDATECH. We will continue to work hard to ensure quality for our customers.

P2.604 LED display -3

We are waiting for the customer’s video inspection and are preparing to send the p2.604 500×500mm indoor rental LED display to Malaysia.

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