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The cabinet and modules are all aluminum
designed to withstand and the test of harsh
environments and save energy.

Annual target: 20,000 PCs
Already Sold out: 5,216 PCs
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Indoor church screen with sample steel structure,
can be maintained from front side
Annual target : 300,000.0 PCs
Already Sold out : 53,267 PCs
Pixel pitch: P1.95 P2.604 P2.97 P3.91 P4.8mm
Advantage: Direct Connections; Detachable Power Supply.
Application: stage show/events/weeding/party/concert
Annual target: 100,000 PCs
Already Sold out: 16,324 PCs
Indoor church screen
with simple steel structure,
can be maintained
from front side directly
Magic screen -1
The most novel appearance design ,
weight please, installation speed, a variety of installation methods.
Outdoor fixed LED display
DIP lamp beads
high light
5 years warranty
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LEGIDATECH LED screen factory &EXCEL LED screen supplier

LED screen factory has more than 12 years export experience

LEGIDATECH LED Screen factory brought performance rental led displays, indoor fixed led screens and interactive dance floor LED screens to this exhibition.

The seamlessly spliced stage display, ultra-wide viewing angle and high definition  make the led display image more delicate and lifelike.

The indoor display panel is ultra-light and ultra-thin, and the magnetic suction design ensures easy installation and maintenance.

The dance floor led screen has quick installation, high load-bearing capacity, super wear resistance and ultra-high-definition picture quality, making people feel like they are inside.

Hot Product

LEGIDATECH LED screen supplier latest Products Research and Development :Church LED Display Panel, Outdoor LED display, rental LED display

Why Global Clients Trust LEGIDATECH LED screen factory

Direct sales from manufacturer
Direct sales from manufacturer
As long as you provide the real information of your company, LEGIDATECH LED screens factory can provide the lowest factory price. To provide you with the most authentic factory prices, improve your local product price advantage. And can provide samples of DIP outdoor advertising screen and church LED display.
2 to 5 years warranty
2 to 5 years warranty
For outdoor DIP advertising LED displays and church LED displays, we offer a 5-year long warranty. Other LED display accessories we offer a 2-year long warranty.
Transaction with local-based company
Transaction with local-based LED company
We actively cooperate with local companies, provide long-term technical support for local companies, and develop into our agents. Local storage of popular LED displays for agents.
Scale Productionof DIP LEDS
Scale Production of DIP LEDS
We have always adhered to LED DIP technology, developed DIP energy-saving technology, improved the service life of DIP outdoor advertising display, and saved electricity costs for customers. We have our own dualin line-pinpackage (DIP) production technology
Fast delivery with local inventory
Fast delivery with local inventory
LEGIDATECH led screen factory according to the needs of the local market, the most popular church LED display and DIP outdoor advertising display to the local agent warehouse or our factory direct warehouse, customers can get our LED display in the shortest time.
1600+ partners
1600+ partners
LEGIDATECH led screen factory adhere to R & D production, through many years to provide customers with quality assurance LED display, has been in the world has more than 1600 partners, sincerely for customers to solve problems, gain the trust of customers.

LEGIDATECH LED screen display manufacturer

Through many years of LED screen factory production experience and market research, our LED screen company provide customers with a variety of LED display products.

The main products of LEGIDATECH LED screen manufacturer provide are custom led display, special-shaped screen, indoor led screen, outdoor led screen and rental led display.

On the basis of these products, LEGIDATECH LED panel supplier are happy to provide customers with a variety of solutions for different scenarios for free. for example: LED screen for smart city, LED screen for church, LED screen naked 3d, led screen for hotel, LED screen for XR, LED screen for airport, LED screen for stageled screen for shopping centre and LED screen for club and so on.

These solutions We mainly provide customers with system solutions and steel structure installation solutions.

Where is LEGIDATECH LED screen factory

LEGIDATECH is China’s LED display factory, research and development leader.

LEGIDATECH LED manufacturer has a big factory of more than 1,000 square meters in Shenzhen, with a complete assembly line for human-machine cooperation to produce display screens.

Our team is strong, with sales and R&D teams in Shenzhen and Changsha. In addition, we have offices in the United States, Nigeria, South Africa, and Malaysia.

More than 1,600 projects, including outdoor advertising, churches, rental stages, etc. Many customers have feedback pictures and videos.

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