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Outdoor Pole LED Display
Outdoor advertising LED signs have replaced static posters and become the mainstream of advertising. Small-sized roadside LED signs are particularly popular in the United States.
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Outdoor Pole LED Display

A new type of outdoor advertising LED screen installed on a light pole

  • Pixel Pitch : 3.3mm/4mm/5mm
  • LED Lamp : SMD
  • Cabinet Material : Iron
  • Module Size : 320x160mm
  • Cabinet can be customized with standard module : 640x1440mm/960x1600mm/960x1920mm
  • Smart on/off function automatically
  • IP65 Proof :The screen can be used outdoor even against bad weather
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High protection level

Automatic adjustment of brightness. The device adjusts brightness automatically.6500 nits of high definition and high brightness. High definition, high brightness 6500 nits. Automatic brightness adjustment.

Outdoor dust-proof and IP65 waterproof,can adapt to harsh outdoor environments to ensure normal operation.

Intelligent temperature control.

The outer shell of the outdoor light pole display is made of waterproof, dust-proof, and anti-corrosion materials.

Unique design

The pole LED display comes with a heat sink to help keep the display running cooler and extend the life of the display.

here are 8 independent latches, every two control a door, high security.

Through the light-sensitive device, the light pole screen can automatically sense the external environment to adjust the brightness.

This helps save energy consumption and prolong the life of the light pole screen.

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pole LED display.-smart control

Intelligent Control

It can be controlled synchronously or asynchronously via PC, U disk, WIFI, 4G/5G, etc. for centralized management of multiple displays.

Remote release, cyclic playback, built-in speakers, automatic brightness adjustment, multiple functions, intelligent enjoyment.

Simple and fast operation, content release, insertion, timing, update can be completed with one click.

Customized services

Support back installation ,  side installation and stand installation.

Size and mounting can be customized, thus adapting to various application scenarios

It can be used in commercial plazas, such as shopping centers, pedestrian streets, etc.; it can also be used for governmental propaganda, such as road traffic instructions, urban public services, etc.

Tourist attractions and public places, display guide maps, public service information, etc.

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Value P3.3 P4 P5
Pixel Pitch 3.3mm 4mm 5mm
Brightness 5000-6000nits 6000nits 6000nits
Pixel Configuration SMD SMD SMD
Gray Scale 65536 65536 65536
Refresh Rate ≥1920Hz 21920Hz 21920Hz
Pixel Matrix Per Sq.M 90.000 62,500 40.000
Viewing Angle(H/V) 140/140 deg 140/140 deg 140/140 deg
Power Consumption (Max/Avg) 800/300 800/300 800/300
IP Rate IP65 IP65 IP65
Input Voltage (AC 100~240 100~240 100~240
Operating Temperature -20~+60°℃ -20 ~+60℃ -20 ~+60℃
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Outdoor Pole LED Display

Outdoor light pole LED display is a new type of advertising outdoor LED screen , which is generally installed in outdoor environments such as urban streets, squares, commercial centers, and scenic spots.

It is a device that integrates the functions of an LED display and a light pole. It can display images, videos, text and dynamic advertisements. It is widely used in fields such as outdoor advertising display, city information release and scenic spot guides.

Features of outdoor light pole display

1. High brightness: Using LED light source, it has high brightness, which can ensure that the picture is clearly visible even under direct sunlight.

2. Waterproof and dustproof: Using special waterproof and dust-proof treatment technology, it can work normally under various harsh weather conditions and has high stability and reliability.

3. Energy saving and environmental protection: Using LED light source can effectively reduce energy consumption, reduce energy waste, and be more environmentally friendly.

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4. Wide viewing angle: With a large viewing angle range, it can achieve a full range of information display and improve the effect of information transmission.

5. Display content variability: The display content can be updated at any time according to actual needs to meet different advertising needs.

What is the function of light pole screen?

The main function of outdoor light pole displays is for advertising and information display in urban environments. Compared with traditional outdoor advertising forms, outdoor light pole displays have stronger visual impact and communication effects, and can attract more eyes and attention.

By displaying various images, videos and dynamic advertising content, products and services can be effectively promoted and brand awareness increased.

At the same time, it can also be used for urban information release, public welfare promotion, subway navigation, etc., to provide convenience and services to citizens and tourists.

What control is used for the light pole screen?

In terms of control, outdoor light pole displays generally use wireless communication technology, and the display can be remotely controlled and managed through the wireless network.

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Users can edit, publish and adjust the advertising content on the display screen through computers, mobile phones or dedicated control terminals to achieve flexible and diverse advertising displays.

What are the installation methods?

In terms of installation methods, outdoor light pole displays can be installed by hoisting, pole insertion or flip pole installation.

Hoisting is to hang the display screen directly on the light pole, while pole mounting is to install the display screen on a special pole and insert it into the light pole to fix it.

Flip-pole installation is accomplished by flipping the display from the side into the light pole. Different installation methods can be selected according to actual usage scenarios and needs.

How to choose the pixel pitch of pole LED screen?

It depends on what viewing distance you want. Generally speaking, the minimum viewing distance for a 4mm pixel pitch is 4 meters, and 8-12 meters is the best distance. The viewing experience is not good if it exceeds 12 meters.

The P8 screen has a minimum viewing distance of 8 meters and a maximum viewing distance of 24 meters.

It can be understood as: the minimum visible distance of the pixel spacing is one times the spacing number, and the maximum distance is three times the spacing number.

pole LED display.-9

In addition, the larger the screen, the more pixels it has, the better the clarity, and the longer the viewing distance.

Therefore, the selection of pixel pitch also needs to refer to the size of the LED screen.

The smaller the size, the smaller the pitch should be selected to ensure the clarity of the display effect. The larger the screen, the larger the speed limit spacing can be selected.

For example: select P5 pixel pitch for a 4x2m screen, and select P8/P10 pixel pitch for an 8x5m screen.

In short, outdoor light pole displays have become an indispensable part of modern cities through their unique functions and advantages.

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