A Detail Guide Of Outdoor P6 LED Screen For Advertising

Outdoor P6mm LED billboards are billboards composed of RGB LED lights that display videos, animated text and images with a pixel pitch of 6MM.

Mainly installed in densely populated areas such as shopping malls, pedestrian streets.

The advertising methods of static single pole billboards, light box advertising or backlit advertising can no longer meet the requirements. LED dynamic billboards have become the most efficient and popular way of outdoor advertising.

EXCEL LED & LEGIDA TECH is a leading LED display manufacturer with 15 years of experience. Today we bring youA Detail Guide Of Outdoor P6 LED Screen For Advertising.

Outdoor P6mm LED Billboard

Most of the outdoor LED billboards we make are outdoor P6mm LED screens.

Our outdoor P6mm LED billboards have excellent performance whether they are small or large size advertising screens. Some customers also choose them for public service purposes.

What are the benefits for using Outdoor P6 LED screen?

  • Contents Attractive of P6 LED screen

LED billboards are with colorful images and with high brightness that will easy attract people’s attention.

Excel LED and LEGIDA TECH outdoor P6mm LED billboard in good quality with excellent performance applied for many outdoor LED billboard projects.

It is suitable for all kind of the outdoor environment. You can display your product brand, product photos, product logo, product videos on the LED billboard, this will help people understand your product well, and extend more benefit for the company and advertising.

Outdoor P6mm LED Billboard-

  • No Contents Limits of outdoor LED display

LED Billboards can display a large number of the contents continuous. They can display one brand or several brands. It can help client get the investments back very quick.

  • Maximizing Visibility of outdoor LED screen

LED Billboard advertisements can reach out to a wide area and to thousands even millions of people each day.

And LED billboard advertising has proven to be a cost efficiency method of reaching out to consumers.

Since these advertisements are available for consumers to see day and night, this type of advertising works very efficaciously in conjunction with other advertisement alternatives.

  • Customized Sizes for More Options

LED Billboards are customized projects based on client’s requirement. It can be big size and it can be small size.

For some clients who are new into the LED screen business, they are going to start with a small size.

So clients can choose EXCEL LED and LEGIDA TECH outdoor P6mm LED billboard, outdoor P5mm LED billboard or smaller pixel pitch to get the best image quality.

And outdoor P6mm will serve for good quality with favorable prices. That is the best choice for most of the clients.

Outdoor P6mm LED Billboard-1

  • Stable and with low maintenance

The LED billboard for advertising has a lengthy durable feature. It can withstand adverse climatic conditions. Hence, the visual LED display board has an extended life span.

So, it gives a good return to the investor and business units. The maintenance cost is not too high for LED billboards’ content display.

  • Flexible Operative of outdoor LED screen

You can operate an LED billboard display with many ways and just find a way that is best for you.

For example, WIFI connection helps you to operate the LED billboard in a distant mode.

You shall control the display even many numbers of display boards at the same time. Display software fulfills your requirement for displaying content wherever you are.

Outdoor P6mm LED Billboard-2

Where can you get the quality Outdoor P6 LED screen ?

EXCEL LED & LEGIDA TECH are the professional LED screen manufacturer with 15 years of the experience.

They focus on providing the quality LED screens with the favorable prices. In EXCEL LED & LEGIDA TECH, the OK series outdoor LED billboards have sold to many countries in the abroad.

And they won the good reputation based on their quality LED billboard.

Outdoor P6mm LED Billboard-3 Outdoor P6mm LED Billboard-4

OK Series Production

What are the main features of EXCEL LED & LEGIDA TECH OK series

Outdoor P6 LED screen?

1) Cabinets explosive view

Outdoor P6mm LED Billboard-5

2) Special Voltages Supply Design

Power cables supply both 3.2V and 4.2V to interface board to reduce power consumption, Max power consumption is 650W/sqm.

Outdoor P6mm LED Billboard-6

3) Module Connection of P6 LED screen

Hub board connections for modules, super stable and safe.

Outdoor P6mm LED Billboard-7

4) IP65 waterproof for both front and rear side

Outdoor P6mm LED Billboard-8

5) Naked Eye 3D of P6 LED screen

Outdoor P6mm LED Billboard-9

Support the corner curved stitching, support right angle rotation stitching

For our OK SERIES, we have outdoor P4.44mm,P5.7mm, P6.67mm, P8mm and P10mm.

For any of your outdoor LED billboard projects, EXCEL LED & LEGIDATECH OK Series will be your best and most suitable choice.

Author: Cathy Qin


Q: What is the pixel pitch do you have for your OK series LED billboard?

A: We have outdoor P4.44mm, P5.7mm, P6.67mm, P8mm, P10mm.


Q: What is the size of your OK series outdoor LED billboard cabinets?

A: The standard cabinet size 960mm x 960mm, you can also choose 960mm x 640mm and 1440mm x 960mm based on your requirements.


Q: Is your OK series support outdoor curved installation?

A: Yes, our OK series support the right angle and curved installation.


Q: Do you supply outdoor 3m x 2m or 10ft x 6 ft LED billboard?

A: Yes. We make customized solution and price bases on client’s requirement.

Q: Is your outdoor OK Series LED billboard can work in the rainy days?

A: Yes. Our outdoor LED billboards are with high waterproof level.


Q: What is the software do you use for your outdoor P6mm LED billboard?

A: Mostly, we use NOVASTAR. It can be Synchronous And Asynchronous.

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