P6 LED screen to UK

I am a LEGIDATECH technical engineer. Today we have produced P6 LED screen outdoor front maintenance board for British customers!

This outdoor LED screen-B series is made of cabinets with dimensions of 960×960mm spliced into 5.76m×2.88m! The effect is very surprising!

Key technical parameters of P6 LED screen before maintenance:

We use Nationstar brand 27/27 LED lamp beads for customers, with a brightness of up to 6500CD per square meter.

And the module size is 320*320 front maintenance module, and the refresh rate of the LED display is as high as 3840HZ, which ensures that the p6 outdoor advertising LED display will still have wonderful effects under the sunlight!

High quality p6 front maintenance LED module

LED Module size 320×320mm

Refresh rate: 3840HZ

High-precision p6 LED display cabinet:

In order to ensure the accuracy of the splicing of LED display cabinets, we used an aluminum cabinet that can form in one piece for this customer!

And the cabinets are firmly spliced together through high-precision quick locks.

Besides, outdoor front-maintenance p6 LED display has multi-functional uses:

Our outdoor led video wall has two main uses. One is that it can as an LED billboard sign, the other is it can  used in sport stadium as a stadium LED display or perimeter LED screen.

p6 outdoor LED display-
High stability control system:

We provide British customers with receiving cards for the well-known brand control system NOVASTAR-MRV328.

Highly stable output power supply:

We provide our customers with Taiwan’s well-known brand, MEAN WELL Power Supply.

P6 front maintenance installation structure diagram:

CAD -outdoor screen

P6 LED screen to UK:

Front maintenance P6 outdoor LED display we use wooden box packaging.

outdoor screen PACKING

Thank you to our customers for their strong support and trust in LEGIDATECH. We will continue to work hard to continuously create value for our customers!

Please believe in the power of brand! We hope that our front-maintenance P6 LED screen will create more advertising value for our customers!  Thanks!


1. ) What is P6 LED screen?
P6 LED screen is a kind of full-color LED screen with a pixel pitch of 6MM. There are indoor and outdoor areas.


2. ) How much does P6 LED screen cost?
The material costs of each supplier are different, there is no unified selling price, and the prices of P6 LED screens in different usage environments are also different. Please consult LEGIDATECH.


3. )What can P6.67 LED screen be used for?
Commercial billboards, stadium screens, transportation hub screens, square large screens, etc.

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