P10 LED display to Mecico

Preface: I am a technical engineer of LEGIDATECH. Today I will introduce the outdoor P10 LED display produced by LEGIDATECH LED display factory.

I will introduce the outdoor P10 LED display produced by a recent Mexican customer from our company. P10 LED display to Mecico as a case.

A detailed introduction to LEGIDATECH’s latest product P10 LED display from customer needs and production processes.

This allows customers to get a closer look at the P10 LED display.

1. Understand the needs of Moxigo customers’ engineering projects
2. Key technical parameters of P10 LED display screen
3.P10 LED module introduction
4.Introduction to P10 LED box
5.P10 LED display power supply introduction
6.10 Introduction to LED display control system
7. How do customers calculate the power of p10LED display.
8.Packaging and shipping of P10 LED display

1. Understand the needs of Mexican customers’ engineering projects

1.LEGIDATECH ASK: What is the display size of the P10 LED display?

Customer answer: The size of P10 LED display is 5.76M*2.88M

LEGIDATECH: We have a newly developed P10 LED display screen with a cabinet size of 0.96m*0.96m.

According to the size you provide, you only need to purchase our 18 P10 LED display cabinets.

2.LEGIDATECH ASK:P10 LED display Which direction is the front facing?

Customer answer: The front of the P10 LED display is facing west. There is a very tall building opposite the installation location.

The sunlight is basically not able to directly illuminate the P10 LED display.

LEGIDATECH: Depending on the direction in which your LED display is installed, the brightness of this LED display only needs 5000CD/square.

In this case, you should choose the P10 LED display with longer life.

3.LEGIDATECH ASK: How far is your computer control room from the outdoor LED billboard?

Customer answer: We do not have a control room or computers here.

LEGIDATECH: We recommend that you purchase our asynchronous control system, which can remotely control the LED display through 4G and does not require a computer for control.

Videos and pictures can be sent to the LED large screen through your mobile phone.

2.Key technical parameters of P10 LED display

  • Brightness: 5000CD/square
  • Refresh rate: 3840HZ
  • Waterproof level: IP65
  • Lamp bead model: nationstar 3535
  • IC model: MBI5153
  • Resolution: 1088 points × 832 points = 905,216 points
  • Best viewing distance: 25-300 meters
  • Viewing angle: 120 degrees horizontally, 120 degrees vertically
  • Ambient temperature: storage -40℃ ~ +85℃, operation -20℃ ~ +50℃
  • Relative humidity: 10%~95%
  • Maximum power: 1000W/㎡
  • Average power: 600W/㎡

  • Screen body thickness: 80cm according to structure (according to design requirements)

The brightness of the P10 LED display reaches 5000CD/square, fully meeting customer needs.

It can still display videos and pictures clearly under outdoor sunlight.

The refresh rate is 3840HZ, which prevents the viewer’s eyes from feeling tired and improves the advertising value of the outdoor P10 LED panel.

The waterproof level of this LED display reaches IP65, ensuring that outdoor billboards can play advertisements on rainy days.

3. Features of P10 LED display module

  • The module of p10 LED display is the most important component of P10 LED display.

Accounting for 50% of the cost budget of P10 LED panel

  • P10 LED Display module size  is 320mm*160mm, so a 960mm*960mm cabinet requires 18 P10 modules to be spliced together.

  • The signal line of LEGEDATECH’s P10 LED module is a color cable with high toughness.

The diameter of the signal line is 0.1MM. Ensure stable signal transmission between modules.

  • The diameter of the 5V power cord of LEGIDATECH’s P10 LED module is 1.78mm.

It can stably ensure the power supply needs of the LED module, thus ensuring the stable operation of the LED module.

  •  The P10 LED module has the characteristics of low power consumption and high brightness, and uses a highly integrated circuit board PCB.

The thickness of the PCB reaches 1.6mm. This ensures that the heat of the LED module can be dissipated evenly.

4.P10 LED display cabinet characteristics.

This Mexican customer customized an outdoor P10 LED screen.

LEGIDATECH LED display factory recommended a 960mm*960mm magnesium-aluminum alloy LED display box to the customer.

The biggest feature of this cabinet is that the weight of the cabinet is lighter than that of traditional cabinets.

It is also equipped with a quick lock to facilitate seamless splicing by customers.

5.P10 LED display power supply

Considering that customers need to play LED displays 24 hours a day, the power supply provided by LEGIDATECH to customers is a 5V 60A power supply.

An LED display box is equipped with three switching power supplies of the same power. as the picture shows:


6.P10 LED display NOVASTAR TB50 control system

LEGIDATECH led display factory provides Nova system according to customers’ usage habits of the system.

The customer’s request does not require a computer to control the P10 LED screen. So we configured NOVASTAR TB50 asynchronous playback box for Mexican customers.

Videos and pictures can be published on the NOVASTAR cloud publishing platform through 4G network.



  • Simple connection: no need to connect to computer or sending card
    Cascading method: HD sync card iB series card + receiving card + display
  • Simple operation: automatically enters working mode after power on
  • High stability: Designed according to the industrial control model, higher stability than PC
  • Low cost: save computer and sending card, low cost solution
  • High-quality images: Overcoming the shortcomings of asynchronous cards with low gray levels and poor image quality, the image quality is matched with synchronous high brushing
  • Remote control possible: Remote control and information release can be performed by accessing the network
  • With stereo audio output: can play video programs with sound

7. How do customers calculate the power of p10LED display.

When customers install the outdoor P10 LED board, they need to know the total power of the LED display.

Next I will tell you how to calculate the power of the LED display.

P10 LED display power calculation:

LED display screen: The screen design is 16.58 square meters, and the maximum power is 16.58*900W=14.922KW

The average power is 14.922*0.3=4.47KW.

8. Customers must know the maintenance knowledge of P10 LED board

Keep the humidity of the environment where the outdoor LED display is used, and do not let anything with moisture properties enter your outdoor LED display.

Applying power to an outdoor LED display containing humidity will cause corrosion of components and cause permanent damage.

  • To avoid possible problems, we can choose passive protection and active protection.

Try to keep items that may cause damage to the outdoor LED display away from the screen.

When cleaning the screen, wipe it as gently as possible to minimize the possibility of damage.

  • Outdoor LED displays have the closest relationship with our users, and it is also very necessary to do a good job in cleaning and maintenance.

Prolonged exposure to wind, sun, dust, etc. in the outdoor environment will easily make it look dirty.

After a while, there will definitely be dust on the screen.

This requires timely cleaning to prevent dust from covering the surface for a long time and affecting the viewing effect.

  • The power supply is required to be stable and the grounding protection is good.

Do not use it under harsh natural conditions, especially strong lightning weather.

  • It is strictly forbidden to allow water, iron powder and other metal objects that are easily conductive to enter the screen.

Outdoor LED displays should be placed in a low-dust environment as much as possible.

Large dust will affect the display effect, and too much dust will cause damage to the circuit.

If water enters due to various reasons, please cut off the power immediately and contact maintenance personnel until the display panel inside the screen is dry before use.

9. When customers install the outdoor P10 LED screen, they need to know the total power of the LED display.

Next I will tell you how to calculate the power of the LED display.

P10 LED screen power calculation:

LED display screen: The screen design is 16.58 square meters, and the maximum power is 16.58*900W=14.922KW

The average power is 14.922*0.3=4.47KW.

10 LED Display Budgets

name Specification Quantity/m2 Remark Unit price/yuan Subtotal/Yuan
   1   P10 outdoor led display(7000mcd)  






Simple box







Main control system NOVASTAR T 1set TB50 2600 2600
System receiving card NOVASTAR


18 pcs MRV208-1 135 2430
air conditioner 1.5p 6 optional 2500 Self-configured
computer Lenovo 1set 4800 Self-configured
audio amplifier Mainstream configuration set prepared by customer
Infrastructure National standard  


The outer frame has one side edge of 60cm

(Welding and installation of steel structure materials, etc.)



steel structure m x m
3 Distribution box voltage regulator Determine according to the site 1 pc smart system 5200
Installation and transportation labor costs Crane fees  erection fee Depends on site
4 Transportation costs (customs declaration and warehousing) Debon or Xinbang 1 set Customers can specify logistics
Total Total cost budget of the display screen project: 10,000 yuan (excluding installation, construction, transportation, and debugging; excluding tax stamps and 8 points of value-added tax)


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