Analysis | On the Practical Application of LED Poster Screen in Various Scenarios

In the era of consumption upgrading, consumption tends to be high-quality and high-quality, so it also drives the upgrading of LED display products. Among them, the LED poster screen as a new category of LED subdivision products, with its thin design, flexible screen display, intelligent cluster control and other characteristics, can meet the needs of supermarkets, stores, exhibition halls, corporate halls, performance venues, event venues, digital theaters and other scenes.

Let’s take a look at the practical application of LED poster screens under EXCEL LED/LEGIDATECH in various scenarios.

Counter display application

For clothing and shoes stores, counters and other stores, EXCEL LED / LEGIDATECH LED poster screen can be suspended in the form of fashion, simple, eye-catching, fully enhance the level of counters.

In the information display, the LED poster screen can realize the push of information and remote scheduling, and the application is more convenient and faster.

In addition, the LED poster screen can also realize the intelligent display of counter store brand background, product promotion, new product launch and other information, further focus on consumers’ eyes, and enhance the popularity of the counter.

The dynamic content display can also focus on consumers’ eyes and enhance consumers’ shopping experience through more impactive visual effects.

Restaurant application

In the increasingly fierce market conditions, the store environment has become an important part of soft services and consumer experience.

How to strengthen product service awareness and brand building is the key that stores in various industries should consider.

With the help of EXCEL LED / LEGIDATECH LED poster screens, it is possible to effectively achieve intelligent, high-definition, and highlighted display of information such as restaurant brand background, product promotions, and new product launches.

It can even present the delicious food in the store to the fullest, strengthen the visual appeal of the food to consumers, and comprehensively improve the shopping experience of consumers.

While ensuring timely updates of store promotions and food information, it can also effectively save the store’s sustained investment costs in manpower and materials.

Supermarket applications

In the face of increasingly personalized and evolving consumer demands, the supermarket industry is also constantly innovating and reforming, and paying more attention to the integration of “efficiency” and “experience”.

While providing consumers with a more diverse range of product categories, we will also provide consumers with more comfortable and convenient services in terms of supermarket space design, supporting facilities, etc., to enhance their shopping experience.

Applied in large-scale supermarkets, EXCEL LED / LEGIDATECH LED poster screens can scroll to display information such as new product launches, discounts and promotions, point redemption, and event preheating.

The more innovative and unique form of product display is also conducive to eye-catching, bringing consumers a better visual experience.

At the same time, the screen brightness can be adjusted according to the light intensity in the supermarket area, making the application more flexible.

Compared to traditional materials such as KT boards and flip flops, using LED poster screens can not only bring consumers a more intuitive and stunning visual experience, but also save sustained investment costs in large supermarket materials from a long-term operational perspective.

Digital cinema applications

As one of the daily leisure and entertainment scenes that people often go to, cinemas are known as the “gateway to another world”.

They not only provide people with wonderful audio-visual experiences, but also allow them to harvest valuable life memories.

At present, cinemas are constantly undergoing transformation and upgrading, and the emergence of digital cinemas has become increasingly common.

When applied to digital cinema scenes, it can effectively enhance the in store experience of cinema users, improve the efficiency of cinema management,.

And help traditional cinemas transform and upgrade towards smart cinemas through the multimedia information intelligent display, image and text rotation, and real-time information push functions of EXCEL LED / LEGIDATECH LED poster screens.

At the same time, under the control of intelligent clusters, remote real-time control can be achieved and control instructions can be issued.

Whether it is the need to temporarily insert the latest news about movies or cinemas, or to revoke certain broadcast information, it can be done in real-time, achieving real-time scheduling of display content. LED poster screen-2

EXCEL LED / LEGIDATECH LED poster screen can tailor integrated, convenient, and intelligent LED display solutions according to the actual needs of customers in different scenarios and industries!



What scenarios are LED poster screens mainly used in

Digital cinema, Supermarket, Restaurant,Store, Hotel/bank reception

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