A comprehensive introduction to P10 LED display

With the development of the outdoor and indoor advertising industries, more and more customers have higher and higher requirements for energy saving and brightness of outdoor advertising P10 LED displays.

At the same time, with the continuous breakthroughs in new technologies in LED displays, energy-saving technology has been fully innovated in outdoor LED displays without reducing the brightness.

As a result, new outdoor advertising LED displays are constantly being developed. Such as energy-saving p10 LED display.

Today LEGIDATECH’s engineers with 13 years of production experience will give a comprehensive introduction to the p10 LED display.

3D P10 LED billboard

1. Key technical parameters of indoor p10 LED display:

Point center distance: 10mm
Pixel density : 10000 dots/㎡
Brightness : 3000cd/㎡
Refresh rate : 1920HZ
Protection level : IP30

Judging from the above-mentioned indoor technical parameters of P10, the brightness is relatively low and the waterproof level is not enough.

Therefore, this p10 indoor LED display can only be used in indoor environments, such as subtitle LED displays in indoor conference halls, or in indoor bars.

The resolution requirements for p10 LED screen are not high and only animation materials need to be played. Cannot be used in outdoor environments.

2. Key technologies of outdoor p10 LED screen:

LED:SMD3535 or DIP 346
Point center distance: 10 mm
Pixel density: 10000 dots/㎡
Brightness : 5500 cd/㎡-10000cd/㎡
Refresh rate :3840HZ
Protection level: IP65

Judging from the above technical parameters of the outdoor p10, since the waterproof level and brightness of the p10 outdoor advertising display fully meet the outdoor environment use, the p10 outdoor can still be used stably even in heavy rain and direct sunlight.

3.p10 LED screen is classified according to production process:

With the continuous development of LED display production technology, p10 can be divided into DIP P10 LED display and SMD P10 LED board.

The disadvantage of the DIP p10 LED board is: since the red chip, green chip and blue chip need to be packaged independently, the weight of the LED display is greatly increased.

Moreover, the gold wire packaging used by p10 DIP greatly increases production costs.

Advantages of DIP LED display:

The brightness of DIP p10 can reach 10000cd/㎡. With such dry brightness, the service life of the outdoor advertising LED display will not be reduced.

outdoor LED billboard-SMD MODULE

Advantages of SMD p10 LED display:

Since the red, green and blue chips are encapsulated in one LED lamp bead, the weight of the LED display is greatly reduced, which saves customers transportation costs and later steel structure construction costs.

At the same time, it also reduces production links, which also reduces production costs.

4. Maintenance method of p10 LED module:

There are two types: p10 rear maintenance LED display and p10 front maintenance LED display.

LED display screen maintained after P10 means that when repairing the P10 module, the maintenance staff need to remove the screws fixing the LED module from the back of the LED display screen body.

The advantage is that the production cost is reduced, but the disadvantage is that a large installation space is required during the post-production of the steel structure and a maintenance channel needs to be made to facilitate the maintenance staff to remove the p10 LED module.

outdoor LED billboard

p10 Maintenance of LED modules and rear maintenance of LED display cabinets

P10 front maintenance LED display is when replacing the p10 LED module.

Maintenance workers can use maintenance tools to replace the broken p10 LED module from right in front of the LED display.

Disadvantages of pre-P10 maintenance: high production costs
Advantages of P10 front maintenance: Maintenance is simpler and more convenient.

outdoor p10 LED billboard

p10 Front maintenance LED module and front maintenance LED display box

5.P10 LED display connection method:

Soft-connected p10 LED display

The soft-connected p10 LED display means that the signal interface of the p10 LED module and the signal interface of the system receiving card are connected through a 16p signal cable.

The advantage is that the manufacturing cost is low, and customers can buy a universal one at any time during maintenance. Replace the cable.

And the disadvantage is that the signal may be subject to electromagnetic interference or the signal may be unstable.

Hard-connected p10 LED display

The hard-wired p10 LED display means that the signal interface of the p10 module and the signal interface of the system receiving card are connected through a specially designed PCB integrated circuit board.

And it provides power drive to the p10 LED module through the PCB integrated circuit board.

The disadvantage of the hard-wired p10 LED display is the high manufacturing cost, but the advantage is stable signal transmission and strong signal anti-interference ability.

6.LED module for high quality p10 LED display:

SMD P10 LED module size:

LEDS:3535/2727 nationstar

outdoor p10 LED billboard-module
SMD P10 320mm×160 mm rear maintenance LED module

outdoor p10 LED billboard-module-
SMD P10 480mm×320mm front maintenance LED module

DIP p10 LED module dimensions:

160mm×160mm, 320mm×160mm, 320mm×320mm

outdoor p10 LED billboard module
P10160mm×160mm rear maintenance LED module

outdoor p10 LED display-
DIP P10 320mm×160mm rear maintenance LED module

outdoor p10 LED display-1
 P10 320mm×320mm rear maintenance LED module

7. Three common LED boxes for P10 LED billboard:

The 960mm×960mm or 1280mm×960mm iron cabinet is the most classic LED display cabinet in the LED display market.

The advantage is that the production cost is low, and p10 LED displays of different sizes can be customized according to customer needs.
And the disadvantage is that the p10 LED billboard made of iron cabinet is relatively heavy.

outdoor p10 LED display-2

P10 Digital LED Sign Billboard

2> P10 LED display screen is made of magnesium aluminum alloy in three sizes: 1280mm×960mm, 960mm×960mm and 640mm×960mm.

The advantage is that the raw materials are relatively light, and the box is equipped with quick splicing locks, so the P10 display is light in weight and the installation speed is faster and more convenient.

The disadvantage is that the size cannot be customized, and the production cost is more expensive than the iron cabinet.

outdoor p10 LED display--3

Outdoor led screen-B series

3> 960mm×960mm front maintenance LED cabinet made of profile cabinet.

Advantage is that this p10 LED billboard is lighter.

Disadvantage is that the box size is only 960mm×960mm or 1000mm×1000mm.

The size of this LED display cabinet does not support the customization of LED display cabinets of multiple sizes.

outdoor p10 LED display-4

Digital signage LED billboard-OK series

P10 LED display energy-saving technology:

The p10 LED display screen produced by LEGIDATECH, whether it is DIP P10 LED billboard screen or SMD P10 LED display screen, our company has designed corresponding energy-saving p10 LED display screen.

How do we save energy?

Mainly by designing energy-saving control systems, developing energy-saving LED lamp beads and providing energy-saving power supplies.

This can ensure that the p10 LED display uses the least amount of power to work without reducing the brightness of the LED display to the maximum extent.

8.Power supply for P10 LED wall

Power input: 110V-240V
P10 LED display Power output: 5V60 A
Power supply: 300W

outdoor p10 LED display--5

For conventional non-energy-saving p10 960×960mm LED displays, we usually install three 300W switching power supplies.

outdoor p10 LED display-6

For the energy-saving p10 960×960mm LED display, we usually install two 300W power supplies.

We provide customers with high-quality power supplies of different brands, such as Shenzhen G-energy  power supplies, Changzhou Chuanglian power supplies and MEAN WELL power supplies, etc.

9.p10 LED display control system

LEGIDATECH has cooperated with many LED control system suppliers for many years and can provide customers with synchronous control systems and asynchronous control systems such as Novastar, LINSN and Colorligt.

outdoor p10 LED display--receiving card

10. P10 LED display packaging:

LEGIDATECH provides customers with two types of packaging, one is wooden box packaging and the other is flight case packaging.

If the customer installs the p10 in a fixed place for a long time, we recommend that the customer choose wooden box packaging.

And if the customer is renting it, such as customizing a p10 stadium LED display, we recommend that the customer choose flight case packaging.

outdoor p10 LED display--packaging

Wooden packing

outdoor p10 LED display--packaging
flight case packaging

11.Why choose the p10 LED screen produced by LEGIDATECH?

Because the LEGIDATECH LED display factory has developed LED displays with different characteristics for different P10 LED panel application scenarios.

LEGIDATECH has p10 LED displays that can produce naked-eye 3D, transparent P10 LED displays, floor tile p10 LED displays, stadium p10 LED displays, outdoor curved p10 LED displays, sphere p10 LED displays, etc.

It has the most complete p10 LED panel production system.

A comprehensive introduction to p10 LED display:


1. What are the advantages of P10 outdoor LED screen?
The P10 outdoor LED screen has the advantages of high brightness, high definition, waterproof and dustproof, and strong durability, and is suitable for outdoor use under various weather conditions.

2. What are the installation methods of P10 outdoor LED screen?
The installation methods of P10 outdoor LED screen include wall installation, column installation, ground installation, etc. You can choose the appropriate installation method according to specific needs.

3. What is the control method of P10 outdoor LED screen?
P10 outdoor LED screens usually adopt asynchronous control or synchronous control, and have the characteristics of remote control, wireless transmission, and strong interactivity.

4. What is the service life of the P10 outdoor LED screen?
The service life of a P10 outdoor LED screen is usually around 5-10 years, depending on screen quality, environmental conditions, frequency of use and other factors.

5. What are the application scenarios of P10 outdoor LED screen?
P10 outdoor LED screen is suitable for outdoor places such as squares, commercial streets, stadiums, stations, billboards, etc. for displaying advertising, information release, festival celebrations and other activities.

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