LED Signs play an important role in Parking Lots

As we all know, how important it is for vehicle drivers to have a sign in the parking lot that can provide us with complete and comprehensive parking direction guidance and parking conditions inside the parking lots.

Conventional Signs are static Signs that can only display a single piece of information and have certain limitations.

If traditional Signs want to display rich and diverse information, they can only be achieved by increasing the number of Signs and increasing the size of the Signs.

That makes it possible Limited by the site, it will also cause unsightliness, and may also cause confusing signs and cause trouble to drivers.

LED signs can solve these problems very well.

 What are the main advantages of LED signs?

 First, LED signs will emit light, while traditional signs can only emit light by adding a LED Strip light behind the sign, so the visibility of LED signs is better than traditional signs.

Secondly, one LED sign can display multiple information, and the displayed information can be changed anytime and anywhere.

led sign-1

Compared with traditional signs, LED signs have more information diversity and timeliness.

At the same time, they can reduce the number of signs, making the parking lot simpler and more efficient. It will give a sense of technology.

Third, in some parking lots, LED signs can not only bring convenience to drivers to obtain parking information, but also display advertisements, which can bring additional advertising revenue to parking lot operators.

Usually, the traffic flow in parking lots is relatively large, so for targeted advertising for some groups, such as car wash and repair shop ads, may bring good benefits.

Fourth, LED signs are combined with relevant information query electronic equipment, and parking lot operators can provide corresponding query information based on target groups.

We understand the advantages of LED signs.

So , How should parking lot operators plan LED signs reasonably?

We can first analyze and layout from the user’s perspective.

The users of the parking lot are the driver and the passengers in the car.

led sign-2


Generally speaking, for vehicle drivers, what do we hope to learn through LED signs?

1: Before entering the parking lot

1.1. Drivers hope to know where the entrance to the parking lot is through LED signs.

LED signs can not only provide guidance, but also give warm reminders, such as “the entrance may be crowded.”

1.2 Drivers hope to know through LED signs whether the parking lot allows outside vehicles to enter.

We know that some parking lots cannot allow outside vehicles to enter at will.

If LED signs can be used to prompt the driver, this will not give drivers cause unnecessary trouble

1.3 Drivers hope to know through LED signs whether vehicle registration is required to enter the parking lot.

In this way, LED signs can be used to broadcast the procedures required to enter the parking lo

1.4 Drivers hope to know whether there are free parking spaces in the parking lot through LED signs, so that drivers can choose to enter the parking lot according to their own circumstances and make parking plans in advance.

1.5 Drivers hope to know through LED signs that if the parking lot is full, are there any other nearby parking lots as alternative parking options or are there any other friendly reminders?

led sign-5

2: On the way into the parking lot

2.1 Drivers hope to know through LED signs which direction to go to the target parking area, such as parking area A, area B, etc.

2.2 Drivers hope to know whether there are free parking spaces in the target parking area through LED signs.

2.3 LED warning signs on downhill or curved roads to tell drivers to drive carefully, slow down, and pay attention to driving safety

2.4 Drivers hope to learn about emergencies in the parking lot through LED signs.

led sign-3

3: After parking the car

 3.1 Drivers hope to know through LED signs where nearby vehicle exits are, which exits are accessible, and which exits are closed.

3.2 Drivers hope to know through LED signs which direction to go to nearby target sites, where there is a pedestrian exit, where there is an elevator, etc.

3.3 Drivers hope to easily find their parking location through LED signs, such as area signs and parking space numbers.

If there is a medium that allows drivers to easily find their own parking space, that would be a great thing for drivers

led sign-4

3.4 Drivers hope that LED signs can help them understand some conditions around the parking lot, such as what roads are there, whether there are shopping malls, whether there are hospitals, etc.

The above are all considered from the user’s perspective to dig out the information or services that the user hopes to get.

It is easy for operators to know how to reasonably lay out LED signs.

For parking lot operators, what else should be considered when installing LED signs?

1: Whether need to  make an advertising LED Signs ? How to find an advertising agency to cooperate with?

2: Can LED signs be centrally clustered and controlled to achieve Central Cluster Control management and efficient transmission.

3: What size of LED sign is suitable for this parking lot .

4: Cost and total budget of LED signs .

5: Whether need to find sponsors .

The above parking lot operators can find suitable LED sign manufacturers or suppliers to solve their needs.

LEGIDATECH LED is one of the manufacturers of LED signs, and they can provide a complete set of customized solutions.

led sign-6

Conclusion : Nowadays  is the Internet age and the digital age. As a member of smart display, LED signs are also advancing with the times and are constantly being applied to our lives, bringing convenience to people’s lives.

We believe that with the development of time, smart parking lots will become more and more popular, benefiting more people.

Author: Sam Lee



 1: Are there fixed sizes for parking lot LED signs?


The LED signs in the parking lot can be customized according to the standard LED module size of the LED display manufacturer. Of course, if it needs to be exactly the size of the buyer request, it will need to be customized, and the cost will be relatively high.


2:What types of parking lot LED signs are there on the market?


From the perspective of color, the most commonly used are two-color LED signs and full-color LED signs.

From the perspective of application environment, there are indoor LED signs and outdoor LED signs. Outdoor LED signs have the characteristics of high brightness and waterproof.


3: What content can the parking lot LED signs display?


If it is a two-color LED Signs, it can only display text information. If it is a full-color LED sign, it can display text, pictures and videos.


4: For parking lot LED signs, how much content can each sign play?


How much content an LED sign can play depends on the storage space and control method configured inside the sign. For details, you can consult the corresponding supplier. Each supplier recommends something different and the display results are different.


5: Can the LED signs in the parking lot be divided into multiple sections to display different content ?


Normally, it is possible. LED sign suppliers will have corresponding software for users, which can be implemented through software.


6: Where can I buy suitable parking lot LED signs?


You can buy it through a local LED sign supplier or a professional LED sign manufacturer in China. The local LED sign supplier can provide installation services.

Of course, the price may be a little more expensive than buying it directly from a manufacturer in China. Users can make choices based on their specific needs.


7: How to choose the resolution of LED Sign ?


Usually the supplier will choose and recommend the appropriate resolution based on the size of the LED sign that the user needs. If the size is relatively small, the supplier will recommend a high-resolution product.


8: If you purchase LED signs from China, what should you pay attention to as a user?


1: You need to choose an LED sign suitable for the voltage of your country

2: You need to choose LED signs certified by your country’s quality standards.

3: It is necessary to purchase an appropriate amount of spare parts to prepare for emergencies.


9: For outdoor parking lots, are there any solar LED signs on the market?


There are solar-powered LED signs on the market, and the solutions are very mature.

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